Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Loading day 2!

Loading day 2 for me.. first day for hubby. I am soooo dehydrated I cannot drink enough water!!! YES! A good sign that I am losing some FAT! I loaded today on a taco salad...a bowl of cheerios.... a small piece of birthday cake & ice cream.. and not sure what else I will be eating today. It is almost 9 and thankfully I am only thirsty, not hungry. My thyroid is flipping my heart out today again... bleck... I hate when that happens and I am hoping it won't mess with my losses this round.

The whole family is processing some germs that include symptoms of sore throats & a cough. I feel scratchy and the kids are coughing on occasion. I hope I was able to treat everyone in time to not break out in full sickness! We spent too many nights visiting friends and not getting enough sleep last week. It was all worth it to see old friends again!

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