Tuesday, April 14, 2009

down 1.6 today!

We are both down 1.6 today! woohoo!!

I crashed really, really hard yesterday and did not feel well. I didn't have a lot of severe pain, more mental exhaustion and I was stiff. A pressure change occured which was the source of my pain. I took some Milk of Magnesia to get things moving and they moved very quickly. Day 3 of LDN and I love it because it makes me sleep soooo well. Nothing like when I've taken muscle relaxers or anything. I have great, restful sleep but do not wake up groggy at all! There's a chance that being on LDN will help my weightloss. I am crossing my fingers!!

I believe my weight 159.2 is back to my last hcg dose. I'm down 5.2 lbs since last Tuesday when I started loading.

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Mo2Lose said...

WTG on the loss! Congrats.