Saturday, April 11, 2009

18 days left

Today I am down to 159.4 ... that is a loss of .6 today.
Hubby went up .2. We are busy moving loads of soil around, digging up huge roots and a lot of labor outside. Hubby did most of the hard stuff and I just raked mostly. We figure hubby gained from so much hard work.

My youngest is sick and I was not able to sleep very well. He is very, very moody when ill so it takes a LOT to deal with him! Thankfully my homeopathis friend was home so we chatted awhile to figure out what remedy to give him to get his body on the right path towards healing. We also talked more about LDN and she agreed that I should try it and continue my silica remedy and see what happens. I need relief from pain in a major way and this is the only option for me right now. All other options are too damaging in the long-term and I am not willing to go that route. So far silica has been reducing my abdominal pain (gall bladder area), it's been making my intestines start moving more (YEEEHAW!!) and helping my mental stamina. I am very excited to see these changes for the better! I'm also getting grips on more childhood healings that have been holding me back in life & on protocol.

I am so very thankful!
18 days let of p2! trying to make 15-20 lbs by then!

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