Monday, April 20, 2009

rain, cold plus overworked=stalls

This past week we've had some unexpected heavy yard-work that was very physically overwhelming. And a rainy, cold-snap is here and causing a flare. Somehow I have to learn to stop over-working my body! I have appeared to stall with slight gains after those days of physical work of digging and raking for many, many hours to fill some deep holes in my yard has caused my body to retain water.

My hip is in severe pain today so I get to sit and be bored. sigh. I have recently gotten some great books on herbs & gardening and such interesting to me things to keep me busy. Although, the kids are none to happy to see mom sitting on the job! LOL!

I stopped my LDN because I broke out in a rash and didn't want to create more problems with my body healing right now. I am taking Silica (homeopathic remedy) and it's job is to go deep and push out things like viruses, tumors, infections, disease, etc. I started breaking out with cold sores that crusted over as quickly as they formed. Now the 'sores' are on my arms, chest, and slowly making their way down my body. I learned today that we heal from top to bottom and that is how this rash is forming. It itches but not as bad as when I had the shingells. I believe my body is pushing everything out properly and I didn't want the LDN to interfere. I may start again next week.

Otherwise, hubby is the same as me... stalling with slight gains after so much physical work this past week. Well there goes my goal. sigh. someday soon this will be OVER!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

more losses

I lost 1.4 today: 157.8
Hubby lost .6: 143.6 (virgin territory for him!)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

down 1.6 today!

We are both down 1.6 today! woohoo!!

I crashed really, really hard yesterday and did not feel well. I didn't have a lot of severe pain, more mental exhaustion and I was stiff. A pressure change occured which was the source of my pain. I took some Milk of Magnesia to get things moving and they moved very quickly. Day 3 of LDN and I love it because it makes me sleep soooo well. Nothing like when I've taken muscle relaxers or anything. I have great, restful sleep but do not wake up groggy at all! There's a chance that being on LDN will help my weightloss. I am crossing my fingers!!

I believe my weight 159.2 is back to my last hcg dose. I'm down 5.2 lbs since last Tuesday when I started loading.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday Deviations

Easter Sunday had some deviations. We were weak but knew we'd gain or stall because of it. we both are up 1 lb today. No biggie. We deviated but very, very little.

I'm on day 2 of LDN and am doing well with peace of mind. Pain is lessened ever so slightly and I am excited to continue therapy. Here's a video about LDN for anybody with auto-immune problems:

Part One

Part Two
Part Three

TOM started again today... sigh... hormones out of balance, or it could be a side-effect of hcg too. Only one week of no bleeding.....hopefully it will settle down after I am finished with protocol.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

18 days left

Today I am down to 159.4 ... that is a loss of .6 today.
Hubby went up .2. We are busy moving loads of soil around, digging up huge roots and a lot of labor outside. Hubby did most of the hard stuff and I just raked mostly. We figure hubby gained from so much hard work.

My youngest is sick and I was not able to sleep very well. He is very, very moody when ill so it takes a LOT to deal with him! Thankfully my homeopathis friend was home so we chatted awhile to figure out what remedy to give him to get his body on the right path towards healing. We also talked more about LDN and she agreed that I should try it and continue my silica remedy and see what happens. I need relief from pain in a major way and this is the only option for me right now. All other options are too damaging in the long-term and I am not willing to go that route. So far silica has been reducing my abdominal pain (gall bladder area), it's been making my intestines start moving more (YEEEHAW!!) and helping my mental stamina. I am very excited to see these changes for the better! I'm also getting grips on more childhood healings that have been holding me back in life & on protocol.

I am so very thankful!
18 days let of p2! trying to make 15-20 lbs by then!

Friday, April 10, 2009

BIG loss! woohoo!!

I loaded to 164.4 lbs (YIKES!)

Yesterday I was down to 162.2
Today I weighed in at 160.0

I don't recall hubby's stats but he is losing well too. I'm really surprised he is going so far now. Initially he wanted to stop at 150 and then 'work out' to get the rest off if he needed. Now his goal is to get ALL his abnormal fat off! gah! too funny! lol! I keep looking at him in shock at how small he has become! I think this is the weight he was when he was in his early 30's and running 10 miles a day in the Marine Corps.

I did some EFT yesterday to help myself get over the sabotage issue I keep having. I've got issues of getting close to finishing and can't seem to make it. I realized that as soon as I wrote a goal down, I'd never make it. So I stopped making goals of weightloss. Yesterday I realized why this is my problem. It stems from a crazy childhood. My mom would allow me to be involved in things, but never let me finish. I'd take a class but was not allowed to take the test to get the certification. Or I'd start a project for competition and she'd take it over and finish it for me. My ability was never good enough and I never realized how it has held me back in my adult life. I didn't even finish my 6 years in the Navy!! And I still have regret & dreams of going back to finish. Fear of success and fear of failure are also a biggie for me. My friend is a homeopathist and we FINALLY figured out my constitutional remedy of Silica. This will help my mental and physical issues as well.

I am praying and striving to not deviate already. I am so dry I drink TONS of water and am still thirsty! Funny thing is water does not taste good to me this round. Normally I LOVE water! It could be some more healing going on. We stopped NAET tx because the last of my VA back-pay ran out so now we're determining what next to do.

We are working slowly on our back yard to get the old huge garden dug out. It was a box garden with crappy soil and too big to grow anything in. Too big means too many weeds to keep up with. We are converting everything to square foot gardening to conserve space, time, energy, produce, etc. I am very excited my hubby is on board to this paradigm shift of planting! We are also gathering scrap wood to build a shed-of sorts for our outside rabbits & chickens. Sigh.. the work never ends! I am happy that warm weather reduces my spondy flares enough so I can push thru & get some work done!

It is nearly noon and I've wasted half my day already! gah! get back to work already! LOL!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Loading day 2!

Loading day 2 for me.. first day for hubby. I am soooo dehydrated I cannot drink enough water!!! YES! A good sign that I am losing some FAT! I loaded today on a taco salad...a bowl of cheerios.... a small piece of birthday cake & ice cream.. and not sure what else I will be eating today. It is almost 9 and thankfully I am only thirsty, not hungry. My thyroid is flipping my heart out today again... bleck... I hate when that happens and I am hoping it won't mess with my losses this round.

The whole family is processing some germs that include symptoms of sore throats & a cough. I feel scratchy and the kids are coughing on occasion. I hope I was able to treat everyone in time to not break out in full sickness! We spent too many nights visiting friends and not getting enough sleep last week. It was all worth it to see old friends again!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

still up on p3

I'm consistently weighing in at 160!! ugh! I spent 6 days with a friend who's family is going thru a specific detox diet that only allowed raw fruits & veggies & nuts plus occasional lentil soup. So we ate SUPER healthy all week and I did not lose a pound. So I am thinking that the weight training has caused muscle gain instead of fat gain. I am right on track with not being over 7 lbs last hcg weight.

Looking at a p3 break of nearly 4 weeks I am amazed at how long I have been on this phase! This is the longest and I have really kind of enjoyed it. I am happy that for the first time I am not anxious about moving forward quickly. But my birthday is coming soon and I am thinking I'd like to get down to 150 or lower by then for a b-day goal. I started protocol almost a year ago and am disappointed I haven't reached goal yet, but looking back, I think I've done well esp when considering all the things I have gone through on this journey. A lot of healing happened too!!

so... hubby and I are discussing when to start loading for possibly our final round. It will for sure be his final round. I may need one more after this, but who knows.. I may surprise myself an have a whopper of a good round this time!! lol!