Wednesday, March 25, 2009

workin' out!

We worked out again yesterday. Sadly, we've only been able to make it once a week. Timing with the gym and when we can leave the kids in their appropriate places is difficult. We did well. I recently read somewhere on the forum about those trying to maintain and work out at the same time. The words of 'wisdom' were that expect to have gained at least 5 lbs when working out muscles... water retention AND muscle mass increase. So, add that 5 to the allowed 2 lbs above our last hcg weight and it looks like I'm well in the 7 lb limit. I was 158.2 this morning.

This is the first phase 3 where I am happy to be here. Normally, I was anxious to get back on p2. We are not sure how long we will maintain here... it all depends upon how NAET, working out at the gym & our attitude as things get warm & we feel the need to lose again! lol!

I am looking thru my info & will be posting the info I've found on sourdough recipes and lacto-fermented foods. These are excellent, healthy ways to get our bodies back on a good track to health. My kids who were gluten sensitive were able to eat the sourdough pancakes with no problem! They are sooooo yummy & fluffy! We usually eat them with our homemade blueberry or peach jam (I use honey as sweetener in my jams).

I'll post later when I have something else to say!

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