Wednesday, March 18, 2009

to the gym and we have bunnies!

Yesterday's visit to the gym went wonderfully! I found I'm not nearly as weak as I was last time I was a regular gym attender about 7 years ago! Pfwhew! At least I could keep up most of the time with hubby! I was worried about injuring my weak joints, esp in my hips ... but today I felt fine and not too sore! YES!! I noticed that today I do not have nearly the energy I would have liked... but I feel some kind of bug coming on. Flu-ish feeling hitting me in the lungs & other places so I took several doses of Airborne & Emergen-C fizzies to combat it before it gets out of control. Hubby was sick the other day with fever & achey so I'm working so I don't get it!

Today we finally got the house bunnies for the kids! Not exactly what we were 'planning' on but everyone is happy with our choices. Our 95 lb dog and 2 semi-feral cats are doing well with their new house friends. One cat is terrified and will not go near them! LOL! One is supposedly a french-mini-lop (not sure if they really know, though) one is supposed to be a mini-rex and the other little one is supposedly a satin but I think it is a mini-satin because it is so small. But that last one (Polly) is a brave and curious little gal! Not afraid of the dog who's nose is bigger than she is! I grew up with rabbits outside & showing for 4-H and never thought about having them run around the house. This is quite the experience even for an ol' farm girl like me!!

Weight-wise, I forgot to weigh today so I don't know where I am at in that department. I expect to gain like crazy while my body increases muscle mass. I had ovulation pain this month, the first time since Thanksgiving, I believe so that is causing me to swell today.. ugh! Hubby & I have been doing very well on not indulging too much into the sweet cravings. We have eggs & bacon (nitrite-free kind) in the morning, fruit smoothie that includes a couple raw eggs, cream cheese, yoghurt and milk. And we've been on a fish kick lately. Mostly because we recently went shopping at Costco and got a lot of fish! And because we're pretty tired of chicken and beef.

I am happy that my craving for ice-cream is nearly gone. I've given in to the habit a couple times, but found that I didn't need to eat a lot. There were times I'd eat and want more & more. But not anymore. I think it has something to do with the NAET sessions.

My last NAET showed I did clear the cold & pressure changes FINALLY!! My Monday's list was chemicals in relation to my joints, ligaments & tendon weakness:

small pox,
PVC plastic,
terylene (is a polyester fabric or a PET plastic)

I seem to be too sensitive for accupuncture since every time he's applied it, I go into a flare. I may be sensitive to needles..

Well, I could write a book about my other family member's NAET tx as well, but I am really, really tired and am anxious to get to bed. This is like a miracle for me! My normal bed time is 2 am or later! It is nearly midnight and I have been struggling awhile now to stay awake. I was having too much fun with the lop bunny who was starting to make her way around the dining room with confidence.

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Amie said...

omg HOUSE bunnies?? That is TOO sweet, and right before Easter! ;) Ummm... how do you control the "pellet" situation? lol

Big congrats on the successful gym visit AND being clear of your cold & pressure sensitivity!! What a relief! ~*~