Monday, March 2, 2009

more yo-yo

yesterday I was 155.2, today I am 154.8 ... continually yo-yoing. Often, I've found, this is typical.

Hubby is at 146.6!! His belly just went POOF! only showing fat on the love-handles areas now!

NAET for me: I blew the cold test today so I had to re-do it. I've noticed slight changes for the positive in my whole body and even how I feel after I eat. YEA!!

Hubby went in today and he's got issues in chemical, food & environmental sensitivities. He is a Gulf War Vet & suffers Gulf War Syndrome. His exam showed he's got issues with liver & kidney and had problems with his polarity reversing during testing. He has to avoid all processed sugars, corn and wheat for today. Doc tried to add fish & shellfish, but his body would not allow the extra so that will be another day!

DD#2: still weak on corn sugars and is adding wheat, grapes, cukes, melons (signalling a mold issue here)

DD#3: is still weak on milk and is adding rice, wheat, onion, food colors & additives.

New information today: Bromide family of 'ingredients' is highly toxic. Food companies have used it to replace iodine... they are the same family on the periodic table, but Bromide coats our nerves and mimics iodine...end result is our bodies do not get the important nutrient iodine and we get sick. Fluoride is the same family too and does the same as bromide. Odd thing here... hubby (& other gulf war vets) were given NAP pills.. (Nerve agent pills) to build up their body's tolerance for if they become exposed to nerve agent... guess what the main part of the pills were??? Bromide!! Hubby is going to do a 'chelation' of sorts using iodine which in high amts will push out and clean out the bromide that is 'stuck' in his body.

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Amie said...

Hokey pete! Good luck getting all the nasties out!