Saturday, March 14, 2009

busy month, no time to blog

Sorry it's been so long since my last update. This month has been over-flowing with 2 NAET visits a week for 4 of us in the family and 2 visits a week for me to physical therapy sessions. It all wears me out immensely! The cold front that came thru this week threw me into another spondy flare.. .. ugh... messes up my losses too!

I seem to have gotten most of my sensitivities taken care of except pesticides and cold, pressure changes, and possibly our cat & dog. I am wondering if I am sensitive to splenda since every time I eat ice-cream that has some in it I get a drippy nose! It is either the artiicial sweetener OR the cold. My doc says cold dampens the fire in my belly (which does not help my constipation issues) add sweet to it and it creates problems for my spleen... sigh... oh well. Finally, ice-cream does not have the same 'pull' on me it used to have.

My 10yo daughter has finished with all the NAET and it is wonderful to see her pink and smiling again! She's been so withdrawn and pale/grey colored I was getting worried about her. My 7 yo is slowly getting her sensitivities straightened out and her nose is not quite so stuffy anymore! So we are onto a good path of health even for her! Hubby has gotten over his sensitivities to food & vegetable fats and recently has been treated for eggs, food color and food additives (msg, etc... which we already knew about).

I tried accupuncture again and have finally realized my body is rejecting treatment. It causes me such pain in the areas... and seems to cause a flare! so we will be looking into the possibility that I am sensitive to needles or metal at our next appt. Doc also suggested I start EFT on dealing with my disease on the cellular level and on the level that I forgive myself for any 'thoughts' that I deserved to be sick.... after physical therapy on Friday, I really felt the urge to do some EFT while driving and I think I got a breakthru cuz the tears were flowing! I definitely need some more 'work' in some areas!

As for protocol... hubby & I are taking a break since it's been 3 weeks. I'm not sure how long the break will be. My thyroid is starting to going hyper again and it is creating havoc with my losses. I am so hungry I feel nauseous and dizzy. So I deviate over calories and end up gaining & losing the same couple pounds. I started Iodine on Thurs., since I am deficient and will see if that will balance things out.

Hubby is 7 lbs under his goal weight and it is amazing to see his muscles so defined!! He looks RIPPED without even working out! woohoo! Our plan is to start going to the gym to get some toning workout going during this next p3 break and see what happens. I am hoping the last of the cold fronts are finished coming thru so I don't get so flared when they happen!

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Amie said...

Omg... Don't even mention 'colds' to me. We've been passing the same one around for a month! :P I hope that clears up for you all with the warmer weather! I understand your decision to end protocol now - it will be so much better to do a P2 when you don't have other health issues interfering! Good luck and have fun at the gym! ~*~