Saturday, February 14, 2009

Video on YouTube!

Below is a video put together by our support group.. showing the changes some of our members have made using this protocol! I am the 3rd & 4th picture (the second set). I cannot believe the CHANGES of everyone...especially in ME!!! (I cannot believe I had any fat pictures of me anywhere! LOL! I usually deleted them or refused to be photographed!)

I am going to go on break awhile.. again.. now that I don't have to worry about any particular physical or anything coming up. I believe my recent issues of hunger & stalling are because my thyroid is going hyper. Most people lose weight when they are 'hyper' thyroid... I am constantly hungry and end up eating over calories or off protocol and the hcg is causing me to retain 'weight'. Actually, all that is happening is my body retains increase of water/blood volume to deal with the increase of calories. I am planning on staying on this resting phase until my thyroid gets settled down... hopefully it won't take long.

I also have an appt on Monday to start the process of NAET allergy elimination technique thru my natural doc's clinic. Another gal on our support group has had phenominal changes to her protocol after going thru a similar process because she was sensitive to EVERYTHING... like me. I am very excited to get these taken care of so I can be more successful on protocol & off protocol again!! I'm also going thru,.. I think.. another emotional period. It seems once I fit into the size 6 jeans I started becoming afraid to lose again. I've not ever been under a size 6 or 150 as an adult. I showed pictures in an earlier post of what I looked like at this weight. But now, I have a LOT of abnormal fat & less muscle mass, which means I will get to a much lower weight than I ever dreamed! I am overwhelmed & somewhat 'scared' to get to this next level of 'virgin' weight territory.


Mollie said...

Hi there!

Just wanted to pop in and say hello. I just started the hCG injections today, and decided to blog about it myself. I'll be reading your blog for info and support. I hope that's alright! :)

Have a great night!

- Mollie

Trudi said...

No problem Mollie! I'm always glad to meet another hcg 'loser'! LOL! I've found blogging to be an inspiration for me & in the process, became an inspiration for others! I am here to help anyone in whatever capacity they need. If you want, you can visit and join their forum where you can get a lot of support from a vast group of people. I am a moderator on that group (which means I am 'qualified' by the owners as being enough of an expert to help others and to keep my eye on 'rogue' members!).. you need to sign up for free, get 15 posts, then you'll gain access to people's personal journals and progress pictures!

Anonymous said...

hi i was on it but grew very tired alot sleeping in the chair and some one told me they did to. wish i had some one to help me out thur this. thanks for letting me post renee from michigan