Friday, February 13, 2009

nothing creative to title this one!

I know I haven't updated much here, but my journey is at a continued 'stalling' time. Boredom, I suppose.. and the fact I am long overdue for a break.

I had an excellent appt with my natural doc.. she's asked me to send her all the info to start LDN tx ... which is odd for me to experience a doc who trusts my research enough to tell me to send her the doseages, compounding mixture, etc! The LDN (Low dose naltrexone)has been reported as a new treatment for autoimmune diseases. Some tx I can do only stop the pain, but not the disease. Some tx stop the pain, but progress the disease. Other tx only create other problems in my body. LDN is reported to be at such low doses that side effects are nearly non-existent. And this has shown to stop diseases and reverse many (chron's, aids, cancer, hiv, ms, etc). I am very anxious to start this and within 6 weeks, I may be pain free! I cannot imagine what that would be like for me!

My doc also thinks my double monthly cycles (TOM) are from hormones & thyroid issues so we're working on adjusting medications. I have an appt set up on Monday to start the allergy elimination NAET program with her accupuncturist.

I also had a VA psych eval that has finally proved and documented I suffer with depression secondary to my inflammatory spondylitis...and that I am not a psych bastketcase... so. now to get on with the paperwork to get things finalized with the VA...

Other than that I've stalled again for several days at 155.0 and after allergy elimination I may go on p3 break. I don't know. I may just start losing again! I'm just so tired of focusing on food & diet! ugh! I'm not used to doing this outside of pregnancies where my midwife made me keep track of protein intake! LOL! my 'ADD' says 'enough already' on to a new thing!

But I do realize the last 20 lbs are the most difficult as my body adjusts and conquers this fat. I suppose pictures are due sometime soon as well...

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