Saturday, February 28, 2009

a new day

I am down 1.4 today
hubby is down 0.8 today

Feb 26, 2009 Allergy Elimination Technique day 4 (Thursday)...

For some reason, I've been having 2 cycles a month and we are working on trying to figure it out.

During NAET, the doc showed my liver & pancreas was not 'right' which contributes to more blood flow of the uterus. He balanced that so we'll see what happens!

I held all my recent 'allergies' ... woohooo!! and no sign of candida!! yes! We talked about my flares & the biggest causes seem to be weather changes and cold. I don't flare nearly as bad in the summer and when I do, I lay in the sun on my deck & it makes me feel better. So the doc tested me on cold & pressure changes with my joints & ligaments & cartiledge and it showed I was weakened during those times! (He used a glove blown up and I squeezed it to represent pressure change and filled another glove with ice to represent cold. I tested fine with the glove).

Lots of odd things working together today and I have to avoid pressure changes & cold for 24 hours... The best I can do is keep as warm as possible and do not breathe cold air and we'll see on Monday how my body responds!

Here's an explanation he gave me about this whole process...... using Lead as an example (my dd tested weak with lead & he balanced her)

.... our bodies are full of energy... everything has an energy signature. When our body is at one frequency and something else like Lead, or wheat, or nuts, etc.. is at another frequency, our body recognizes it as 'bad' and rejects it, stuffing it somewhere so it doesn't have to deal with it. (this is why allergies come out as joint pain, sinus problems, fatigue, weakened organs, glands, tissue, etc)

What NAET does is forces our bodies to accept the offending item/s as 'OK' instead of 'invader' so it can properly deal with it. It helps create harmony between our body & those items.

I know that one big side effect I'm noticing is a greater sense of peace inside me. Hubby's up for an appt on Monday.... muahahahahaha

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