Friday, February 20, 2009

hubby is loading

Hubby has been loading for the past day and I believe, will start VLCD today. He has gained about 10 lbs since Thanksgiving. I think his weight this morning, after going thru loading, is at 157. Once he comes home, I will update his ticker with the appropriate weight.

I may join him after next week's allergy elimination sessions. I notice all my sensitivities now that candida is completely under control in my system! I have an immediate drippy nose within minutes of eating something I know I am sensitive to (that haven't been treated yet). I have dealt with chronic sinus pain for 12 years and that is now healed. I'm sure it has something to do with the Candida causing my sinuses to flare!

I am very excited about this new journey towards health. My sensitivities being dealt with for 24 hours after treatment: milk (again), wheat, nuts, floride, beans, alcohol.... I cannot touch or eat those items for 24 hours after treatment.

I notice after treatments this week, I don't have nearly the bloating and pain in my gut I used to have. It makes sense that the foods I was eating would cause so much pain & problems in my body's digestion & absorption of food...which probably caused me to store fat as a protective measure! Everyone on our group that has gone thru allergy elimination has had greater success maintaining and losing on protocol. And their horrendous cravings have gone away!

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