Monday, February 16, 2009

1st day of Allergy Elimination

Today was my first appointment to start the process of allergy elimination. The accupuncturist determined, thru muscle testing, the general things that cause weakness in my body. Looking at my history he said that since my symptoms cross every area, that typically means food sensitivities. Which is the only thing I did test positive.. foods! Today was the first round of milk, eggs, fish, candida, bacteria, parasites, wheat... and I cannot remember anything else.. lol! I was weak with candida, milk, shellfish, fish, brewer's yeast, and soy. He did his thing to balance my body and I have to avoid touching those things for 24 hours and repeat the process 3-4 times within the next 2 weeks to get the best long-term results. He also agreed with me that caprylic acid and grapefruitseed extract are two of the BEST candida killers! woohooo! I was right in my research!

My next appt is on Thurs. I've never done accupuncture and found that part of his treatment quite interesting. He did some points along my hip & spine to try to relieve some of my pain. The jury is still out and we'll see what happens!

As for the hcg protocol.... I did not weigh myself this morning and am not going to be concerned for a couple days. I know I'm losing inches because I went bra shopping a couple weeks ago and they fit totally different than when I tried them today. I was happy enough with the fit that I bought a couple. What a difference a couple weeks makes!

That is all for tonight. I am excited to be seeing my belly roll continuing it's decline!

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