Saturday, February 28, 2009

a new day

I am down 1.4 today
hubby is down 0.8 today

Feb 26, 2009 Allergy Elimination Technique day 4 (Thursday)...

For some reason, I've been having 2 cycles a month and we are working on trying to figure it out.

During NAET, the doc showed my liver & pancreas was not 'right' which contributes to more blood flow of the uterus. He balanced that so we'll see what happens!

I held all my recent 'allergies' ... woohooo!! and no sign of candida!! yes! We talked about my flares & the biggest causes seem to be weather changes and cold. I don't flare nearly as bad in the summer and when I do, I lay in the sun on my deck & it makes me feel better. So the doc tested me on cold & pressure changes with my joints & ligaments & cartiledge and it showed I was weakened during those times! (He used a glove blown up and I squeezed it to represent pressure change and filled another glove with ice to represent cold. I tested fine with the glove).

Lots of odd things working together today and I have to avoid pressure changes & cold for 24 hours... The best I can do is keep as warm as possible and do not breathe cold air and we'll see on Monday how my body responds!

Here's an explanation he gave me about this whole process...... using Lead as an example (my dd tested weak with lead & he balanced her)

.... our bodies are full of energy... everything has an energy signature. When our body is at one frequency and something else like Lead, or wheat, or nuts, etc.. is at another frequency, our body recognizes it as 'bad' and rejects it, stuffing it somewhere so it doesn't have to deal with it. (this is why allergies come out as joint pain, sinus problems, fatigue, weakened organs, glands, tissue, etc)

What NAET does is forces our bodies to accept the offending item/s as 'OK' instead of 'invader' so it can properly deal with it. It helps create harmony between our body & those items.

I know that one big side effect I'm noticing is a greater sense of peace inside me. Hubby's up for an appt on Monday.... muahahahahaha

Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 3 of allergy elimination (NAET)

Today was visit 3 on NAET... all my previously treated allergies were stable! whoot! I noticed that when I ate some wheat & dairy, I did not get drippy nose anymore.

Today I tested weak on
all pesticides (we will take care of them at another time),
melons (could be a mold connection)

the nightshade family:
bell peppers
(nightshade is notorious for causing joint pain..hmmm...)

I think there's a couple I left out but I cannot find my paper right now! ugh!

and all those allergies above do cause issues with my tendons, cartilage and ligaments and nothing else in my body (no organs, glands, etc).

Since the accupuncture needles caused me pain in most places, the doc used a maching using microenergy.. or whatever.. that he uses on children or people afraid of needles. He did treat my belly with needles.

I am very anxious for my next appt!! I am also having my 7 yo start treatment next week. I'm very curious to see what will come up with her. She is toxic with lead, mercury, etc but her body does not seem to be able to absorb nutrients to get her physically strong enough to go thru chelation.

My 10yo daughter went thru first tx and found she is deficient in minerals but they make her weak, so we have to get that one taken care of before we can build up her body to accept the minerals! So she has to drink distilled water, no bathing, no touching water or metals or eating of anything grown underground (peanuts, potatoes, carrots, etc). The doc also showed her how to go thru EFT to help her deal with some emotional issues relating to some of her pain.

That's my blurb for today about NAET....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I lost 2.2 lbs today after 'loading' on hcg for a day... I went up to 159.8 and back down to 157.6. Since hubby started, I felt it would be easier to cook for him and me instead of us separately. He doesn't do so well when he cannot eat, but I can...

Hubby went down to 150.2 (WHOOT WHOOT!)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

hubby is such a LOSER!

hehehehhe.... his last loading weight was 154.4, yesterday he was 153.8 and today he is!! He hasn't been on hcg since Thanksgiving!

His losses are making me anxious to start again. I've been off hcg for a week and would like to go longer just for a rest from protocol, but I'm scared to stay off hcg for much longer because I am not stable and cannot get back to where I stopped. But I also started a higher flare this week too.. yesterday I could hardly move so swelling causes weight too.. sigh... I just wanna be DONE already! LOL! Patience is soooo hard sometimes, eh?!

Friday, February 20, 2009

hubby is loading

Hubby has been loading for the past day and I believe, will start VLCD today. He has gained about 10 lbs since Thanksgiving. I think his weight this morning, after going thru loading, is at 157. Once he comes home, I will update his ticker with the appropriate weight.

I may join him after next week's allergy elimination sessions. I notice all my sensitivities now that candida is completely under control in my system! I have an immediate drippy nose within minutes of eating something I know I am sensitive to (that haven't been treated yet). I have dealt with chronic sinus pain for 12 years and that is now healed. I'm sure it has something to do with the Candida causing my sinuses to flare!

I am very excited about this new journey towards health. My sensitivities being dealt with for 24 hours after treatment: milk (again), wheat, nuts, floride, beans, alcohol.... I cannot touch or eat those items for 24 hours after treatment.

I notice after treatments this week, I don't have nearly the bloating and pain in my gut I used to have. It makes sense that the foods I was eating would cause so much pain & problems in my body's digestion & absorption of food...which probably caused me to store fat as a protective measure! Everyone on our group that has gone thru allergy elimination has had greater success maintaining and losing on protocol. And their horrendous cravings have gone away!

Monday, February 16, 2009

1st day of Allergy Elimination

Today was my first appointment to start the process of allergy elimination. The accupuncturist determined, thru muscle testing, the general things that cause weakness in my body. Looking at my history he said that since my symptoms cross every area, that typically means food sensitivities. Which is the only thing I did test positive.. foods! Today was the first round of milk, eggs, fish, candida, bacteria, parasites, wheat... and I cannot remember anything else.. lol! I was weak with candida, milk, shellfish, fish, brewer's yeast, and soy. He did his thing to balance my body and I have to avoid touching those things for 24 hours and repeat the process 3-4 times within the next 2 weeks to get the best long-term results. He also agreed with me that caprylic acid and grapefruitseed extract are two of the BEST candida killers! woohooo! I was right in my research!

My next appt is on Thurs. I've never done accupuncture and found that part of his treatment quite interesting. He did some points along my hip & spine to try to relieve some of my pain. The jury is still out and we'll see what happens!

As for the hcg protocol.... I did not weigh myself this morning and am not going to be concerned for a couple days. I know I'm losing inches because I went bra shopping a couple weeks ago and they fit totally different than when I tried them today. I was happy enough with the fit that I bought a couple. What a difference a couple weeks makes!

That is all for tonight. I am excited to be seeing my belly roll continuing it's decline!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Video on YouTube!

Below is a video put together by our support group.. showing the changes some of our members have made using this protocol! I am the 3rd & 4th picture (the second set). I cannot believe the CHANGES of everyone...especially in ME!!! (I cannot believe I had any fat pictures of me anywhere! LOL! I usually deleted them or refused to be photographed!)

I am going to go on break awhile.. again.. now that I don't have to worry about any particular physical or anything coming up. I believe my recent issues of hunger & stalling are because my thyroid is going hyper. Most people lose weight when they are 'hyper' thyroid... I am constantly hungry and end up eating over calories or off protocol and the hcg is causing me to retain 'weight'. Actually, all that is happening is my body retains increase of water/blood volume to deal with the increase of calories. I am planning on staying on this resting phase until my thyroid gets settled down... hopefully it won't take long.

I also have an appt on Monday to start the process of NAET allergy elimination technique thru my natural doc's clinic. Another gal on our support group has had phenominal changes to her protocol after going thru a similar process because she was sensitive to EVERYTHING... like me. I am very excited to get these taken care of so I can be more successful on protocol & off protocol again!! I'm also going thru,.. I think.. another emotional period. It seems once I fit into the size 6 jeans I started becoming afraid to lose again. I've not ever been under a size 6 or 150 as an adult. I showed pictures in an earlier post of what I looked like at this weight. But now, I have a LOT of abnormal fat & less muscle mass, which means I will get to a much lower weight than I ever dreamed! I am overwhelmed & somewhat 'scared' to get to this next level of 'virgin' weight territory.

Friday, February 13, 2009

nothing creative to title this one!

I know I haven't updated much here, but my journey is at a continued 'stalling' time. Boredom, I suppose.. and the fact I am long overdue for a break.

I had an excellent appt with my natural doc.. she's asked me to send her all the info to start LDN tx ... which is odd for me to experience a doc who trusts my research enough to tell me to send her the doseages, compounding mixture, etc! The LDN (Low dose naltrexone)has been reported as a new treatment for autoimmune diseases. Some tx I can do only stop the pain, but not the disease. Some tx stop the pain, but progress the disease. Other tx only create other problems in my body. LDN is reported to be at such low doses that side effects are nearly non-existent. And this has shown to stop diseases and reverse many (chron's, aids, cancer, hiv, ms, etc). I am very anxious to start this and within 6 weeks, I may be pain free! I cannot imagine what that would be like for me!

My doc also thinks my double monthly cycles (TOM) are from hormones & thyroid issues so we're working on adjusting medications. I have an appt set up on Monday to start the allergy elimination NAET program with her accupuncturist.

I also had a VA psych eval that has finally proved and documented I suffer with depression secondary to my inflammatory spondylitis...and that I am not a psych bastketcase... so. now to get on with the paperwork to get things finalized with the VA...

Other than that I've stalled again for several days at 155.0 and after allergy elimination I may go on p3 break. I don't know. I may just start losing again! I'm just so tired of focusing on food & diet! ugh! I'm not used to doing this outside of pregnancies where my midwife made me keep track of protein intake! LOL! my 'ADD' says 'enough already' on to a new thing!

But I do realize the last 20 lbs are the most difficult as my body adjusts and conquers this fat. I suppose pictures are due sometime soon as well...

Monday, February 2, 2009

moving on

Today I am down again to 154.8 and am hoping I will be onward down again. I am in a big flare now and am disappointed it has started up again. but I am thankful for the nearly 4 week relief of lesser pain! I had a long cycle again. Or I should say a normal one. The first several months of being on hcg caused me to have super short cycles and that made me happy!!