Tuesday, January 6, 2009

work to be done

Today is the day we've decided to take down Christmas stuff and put it away. We're going to move the kids' computer upstairs to the homeschool room so we can finish painting downstairs while I have the energy. It's got one wall painted and that is all.. since this summer! I'm tired of a half-finished looking room!

School has started and the kids are not really into it yet so we're working on getting back into the schedule of things, esp with the oddness of hubby being home since he got laid off.

Today I am down a bit and have weighed in at 157.0.


mylife2008 said...

So, I'm curious, now that you have lost as much as you have, how has it affected the stretch marks? I remember reading in one of your posts that you had stretch marks and you were hoping they would be less noticeable. I have a ton and just curious how it's affected them.

Trudi said...

I will answer in my blog today!