Wednesday, January 7, 2009

sooo close to 50 lbs!!

I am 2.4 lbs away from hitting the 50 lbs lost!! I was down 1.6 today... my weight is 155.4!! Photobucket

I was hoping for a nice loss after going up & down so much lately!! That is typical as the body gets ready to lose... it sometimes 'gains' first.

I had a question asked about my stretch marks and how they are faring as I lose. I am very pleased with how my belly is changing. While the marks are not gone or will not go away, the fat that surrounded each one is going, and making my belly look smoother. The 'grand canyon' effect is definitely going away!!! Photobucket (this is my emoticon for the day! LOL!) Hopefully that makes sense! I'm not sure how the stretch marks will finally end up but I am hopeful. I was a little concerned awhile when my skin was all stretchy and my belly looked like a cat was using it for a scratching post. yuk!

Once I hit 150 lbs, I will be the same weight I was when I met hubby and joined the Navy. But back then I had barely any fat on me. I did find a picture of me and will scan it to show the difference of my 150lb body then & now. It is obvious that I have lost a LOT of muscle mass since then! Once I get the fat off and I get my flares under control, I intend on working out and getting some muscle mass back!

so one more time now..... Photobucket


Valentijn said...

Wow, so close to your goal! Keep up the great work :-) I remember when I first got my fat stretch marks and thought they were vericose veins or something. Doctor took a look and said "Nope, those are stretch marks." Didn't know those things could appear pretty much overnight :-P Anyhow, I can't wait to lose mine too!

Trudi said...

Thanks! my stretch marks happened mostly during my last 3 pregnancies. My midwife believed I went into pre-labor because of not eating enough so she made me eat a LOT and I gained a LOT. After reading Dr S's manuscript about pregnancy & such, I now know that to be untrue. I do believe, however, they were correct in making me aware of high protein intake to keep a strong pregnancy.

Now I realize my first pregnancy with them started pre-term labor at 25 weeks because that daughter was born with a genetic defect called Turner's Syndrome. We didn't find out about that until this past year. I recently found out that nearly half of Turner's babies miscarry around 25 weeks. So everything adds up.

I'm very excited to be close to my goal ... but I am not completely sure what my end weight will finally be! A fun mystery!