Thursday, January 29, 2009

On again

I started hcg again on Sunday, I think.. days go by so quickly recently! UGH! I've been 'stalled' at 155.2 awhile... today I hit 155.0 and am hoping I'm thru this slow time. I'm not worried because I can feel the fat is loosening up around my belly & things are shrinking. It's a period of 'losing inches' that I've been waiting for!

I've decided to not worry about the upcoming needed weight for our new life insurance policy. I am supposed to be at 146 to get a cheaper plan. I have noticed that I seem to slow down as I anticipate a particular weight! So I'm telling my body that it doesn't matter and what will be will be.

I'm still having heart palpatations or something odd going on with my heart or lungs. My heart doesn't really thump.. just seems to take my breath away if I get to moving too much. I don't have the money for a dr visit right now, but on calling her she said it sounds like my thyroid is going hyper and to reduce meds after taking a couple days off to clear my system quicker. I did that and am still experiencing them. It is kind of a freaky experience for me. That could very well have messed up my recent hunger and slower losses. I've also had more pain this week which has always caused slower losses.


Katie said...

I have loved reading your blog and seeing your results on HCG. I tried the diet, but unfortunatly I didn't have a good reaction. I have a friend who wants to try it now but where she lives HCG is really hard to find, and the doctors who do have it want to charge her 900.00 for a vial to fill her own shots. I know you get your HCG online and was wondering how you feel about it and if you had researched where you are getting it from. I think she is leaning to getting it online, but is nervous she will get scammed or not really get quality HCG. If you could let me know what you think or if you have any insight that can put her at ease I would really appreciate it! Keep up your amazing loses!

HCG Girl! said...

Potassium & magnesium! Girl- You need mag & potassium! I always get like a heart palp thing going on when I start a new/strict diet. It's from your body being striped of electrolytes! Just my 2 cents. It always goes away after a BIG drink of H20 w/a mag/potassium chaser! : ) Good luck!

Trudi said...

the source I posted to the right in my blog guarantees it's product. and will re-ship for free if it gets stalled at Customs or if anything is broken on the way. I don't know of any other supplier that does that. Also, maybe you would do better if you and your friend did the protocol together? Sometimes it is a matter of the right timing in life and/or mental frame of mind to succeed properly. I know I've had a LOT of bumps on the road because I wasn't in the mind to do it right! She can do sublingual or injections with the same hcg. Both are equally successful.

And you both are correct to be wary.. there are a lot of scam sites out there! And a lot of suppliers that don't guarantee their shipments!

HCG Girl: I will take note. Thanks! I have stopped my thyroid meds and the feelings seem to be simmering down. A couple gals on my support group have had to stop thyroid meds up to 6 weeks after finishing hcg for the same reasons. sometimes the hcg reverses the hahsimoto's.. like pregnancy reverses some autoimmune diseases.

Katie said...

Trudi, Thank you so much for answering my question! We are really excited to start HCG and hopefully will have as great results as you have had! Hope you are starting to feel better. I love the blog and check it all the time!