Sunday, January 11, 2009

OLD pictures of me at 150

Today I am up a bit.... 155.4 .... I'm having strange spotting again today.. not sure what is going on. I know my up & down weight is from traveling & not being in my own home. I am not worried.

Here are some pictures of me at the beach when I was 20 and weighing 150 lbs.. I know the pictures do not show that much, but maybe it shows enough to get an idea of what I looked like....
Photobucket 1995:150 lbs Photobucket

I will post my fat pictures too.. I was 220 when I delivered my 5th child. I believe I went down to 205-210 within a couple months of nursing. When I get time I will put together a YouTube video showing my changes and get it ready for the final reveal picture of me.

Today I visited some old church friends I haven't seen in 3 years. Most of them didn't recognize me!! It was GREAT!!! Several of them have seen my updated pictures on Facebook and said I looked so much better in person!! I am still glowing from all the praises!! WOOHOOO!!

I got to meet with one of my best friends here who is a homeopath and into natural things as much as I am! She showed me how to do the allergy muscle testing which worked and showed exact same results as my blood test. I am excited because I am able to test my kids without having to waste time with an elimination diet that can take up to 6 months per food item. I have found my one daughter is for sure sensitive to wheat & watermelon and not milk, and my other is sensitive to milk and not wheat and not yougurt! So now I'm going around testing everyone on everything! LOL! Oh what fun I am having!

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