Saturday, January 24, 2009

New size in pants today

Today I accompanied my friend shopping today to have a girl's day out. JCPenny's had awesome sale of their clearance things.. buy one clearance item, get the second one free! $55 Jeans were marked down to $14.99!!(so I got the jeans for $7.50!!) I went to the jr section and was looking around as she tried on jeans and though, what the heck, why not try on a pair just for fun. Normally I am traumatized because I have difficulty finding jeans that I like and that fit well. I picked a size 9... thinking it would be too tight, so I grabbed a 13 as well since jr sizes tend to be small. I tried on the 9 and found they fit LOOSELY!! wow!! *insert BIG smile here*.

I went back and thought.. what the heck, let's try on a 6 and see how far I have left to go. I trudged back to the fitting room and was so shocked I nearly fell over. They FIT and I could even button them up with no issues!!! No kidding!! I do have a good muffin top hanging over, but the fat is sooo lose, I could still button up my pants with no pain or issues of strength! LOL! I am soooooooo geeked about this! SIZE 6 PANTS! But then I should have expected it because I have 2 pair of size 6 shorts in my drawer from years ago that I am able to fit too. I didn't know if sizes have changed over the years or not. I really hate these styles where the waistband comes across my hips... the fattest part of my body and makes the muffin top even larger! Oh well.... SOON it will be GONE!!!

That is my update for today. I am still on break. I went up to 155.0 and not sure why other than I need to do some intestinal releasing. I peed constantly yesterday and woke up feeling very thin... it's hard to explain, but there's some days I feel very fat & bloated & other days I feel like I had a good loss. I'm not worried anymore. The more I stress about it, the longer it takes to lose it.

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