Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New year

Today is the 2nd and we had to leave our friend's house last night, a day or two early because hubby & I were not feeling well.... some sort of food poisoning or intestinal illness. We're not sure what happened, but had to go home. I didn't want to puke at my friend's house! Thankfully, nothing came up that way and we left our 3 daughters there with plans, hopefully to go back later this afternoon. I'm feeling better today.. .not 100% but able to move without feeling sick! Sad things is I cannot eat soda crackers to help my stomach!! ugh! I am sensitive to gluten... I'm drinking vitamin water (no high-fructose corn syrup like gatoraide has!) and it feels good and seems to be hydrating me pretty well.

All that happening, I wasn't sure how my weight would be today with all the dehydration going on. hCg tends to hold onto water when you become dehydrated or don't drink enough water. Thankfully, I was down .2 today from the 31st. I am pleased because I wasn't sure what damage New Year's eve would have done to me. I didn't eat much, but had some wine & ate some chips & nuts late in the evening. Plus some fudge... ohhhh yum... FUDGE!!!!! I have been waiting a loooong time to eat fudge!!!

I finally found a couple pictures of me at 150 skinny pounds in a swimsuit... I'll have to scan them and upload to show everyone that I was really skinny at that high weight!! LOL! I look at myself.. only 6 pounds higher and REALLY, REALLY fat when I compare the pictures with me now. The mystery of what weight I'll finally get to is getting more & more interesting!

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