Friday, January 23, 2009

First day of phase 3

Today is my first day of Phase 3 eating... full calories but concentrating on healthy fats, clean protein, veggies & fruits.

I've been dealing with a strange heaviness feeling in my chest that seems to happen when I get moving too much, like cleaning or shopping, or when I get scared. It's like my heart is always a flutter! I called my doc because it hit me that it is probably my thyroid. She said to stop my Armour thyro meds for 2 days to clear my system and then to lower my dose. This is a good thing because maybe my thyroid has had enough rest & support that it is starting to function better on its own! The feeling is very odd and I cannot imagine what people with Grave's diseases (hyper thyroid) deal with!

Hopefully I'll be able to start hcg after a short break. I am waiting for specific support from the online group to see if I am going to try the High Fat Experient or not. Eating a specific ratio of fat to protein to carbs will help me lose to my lowest hcg weight, maintain or gain. I'm not confident to do it myself so I am waiting for help.

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