Saturday, January 10, 2009

breastfeeding question

I've been asked about breastfeeding while on protocol. It is highly suggested to talk to your doctor first.

My thoughts & ramblings.. (I am not a doctor and cannot give medical advice.. what is written are my thoughts)

..... but 99.99% of doctors don't know about this protocol. If you join the group on, you can ask questions and do a lot of research there. We have a lot of veterans with experience & research under their belts to give advice & help. You need 15 posts before you can view the personal blogs & pictures, so say hi & ask questions.

I personally know a gal who did protocol while breastfeeding and had no problems. Yes, toxins are released while losing fat and you will go thru detox symptoms. Some people detox more severe than others. Detox can be anything from headaches to flu-like symptoms.

When you are pregnant and not eating enough for you & baby... you will lose abnormal body fat, just like on this protocol. It is all part of the mechanism of our bodies.

A better option would be to start preparing yourself by changing your eating habits before starting the hcg protocol... start eating more raw fruits & veggies and increase your good fats (dairy, eggs, coconut oils, meats, etc). Stop eating processed foods and junk. It will help you be more successful on protocol in the long haul.

You can always order some hcg now and hang onto it. We've noticed the prices are starting to explode higher & higher so it is best to get it now while it is cheaper. It will store many years before it is mixed. It will also take up to 6 weeks to receive your shipment.

Baby comes first.. you will have a lot of time afterwards to lose the weight. Everyone goes thru times of frustration & stress while on protocol because it will slap you around quite a bit. It will show you your weaknesses, it will take you down some healing paths that can be quite 'traumatic' but good. It will frustrate the dickins out of you.. You will deal with temper tantrums because you can't eat something you want... you'll deal with 'depression' because you deviated AGAIN and the scale found out the next morning.. or the day after that...

It is a journey that could possibly stress you out enough to where you could lose your milk production. If you are ok with weaning now if that should happen.. then go for it. Many gals have weaned their babies to start protocol and were filled with regret but happy with starting to lose weight. Kind of a sweet, double edged sword. But they soon got over it.

If you decide to wait... sit back, join the group and READ, read, read so you can become a pro before you start!


I'm visiting relatives accross the state this weekend. We drove over last night and will be coming home Sunday or Monday. I brought my scale, but it appears the bathroom floor is uneven and may be giving an inaccurate reading.

155.4 is what the scale said here.

We'll see what happens though. I took magnesium today to get my bowels moving. It's been quite a while of no movement and traveling always slows things down too. There's signs that I may be starting TOM already again (WAAAY early). Finances are tight & my food options are limited. I'm sticking to eating a lot of salad and have decided to eat all natural turkey breast slices on my salad. No scale and no other options right now. I'll make due.

Tomorrow is a new day.

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