Tuesday, January 13, 2009

belly pooch lost more

Today I went down 0.8

I got on & off the scale several times while re-setting it between weights and got the numbers 153.4 and 153.2 several times..... I am so excited to be getting thru the 150's in good time!! MAYBE tomorrow I will hit the 50 lb mark!

I noticed that overnight I lost a pooch on my belly!! woohoo!! Now, with such a loss, it looks like a battle ground again.. loose skin like crazy which is making the stretch marks look like a cat clawed on my belly. But I KNOW it will go away as protocol continues to work and tighten everything up!

I am very glad to see that my belly fat is being extracted now. My waist has not changed for nearly 20 lbs!! But it is known that the older fat in your body is harder to break down and get rid of it. And the last 20 lbs tend to be more challenging to get off too.

Hubby weighed himself today & was STILL lower than me! LOL by .2! He is geeked! For awhile he was getting worried as his weight was going up & down between 3 -4 lbs and one day I did weigh less than him. So he started eating better to keep below me! LOL! the goober!! He said when I hit 150 he will start protocol with me for a final round.

My dilema: I have one day left for this cycle.. I've done better with 3 weeks on hcg, 1 week off, 3 weeks on hcg, 1 week off... etc. It gives me a break and my losses are better. That seems to be the general concensus of many on the support forum too so I'm not alone in that department!.... So... I have not decided yet if I want to push thru the rest of the week and get to 150 or stop at exactly 3 weeks. I am feeling great and have not been struggling with deviations like I normally tend to do. I suppose I will take it one day at a time. I really, really want to get to 150 before stopping. But usually what I want to happen is soo different from what my body wants to do!


HCG Girl! said...

Helllooo! Congrats on your loss! So that's interesting to me that you feel like you do better on a 3 week on 1 week off cycle. Are you skipping a shot one day a week? I did a 23 day cycle on round one (no skipping shots) and then took 2 weeks off for x-mas & new years (low carb type thing) and now I'm back on... The nurse at the clinic suggested that this time I skip a shot one day a week. Do you think that is neccessary? Tomorrow is supposed to be my "skip" day and I really don't want to skip. Thoughts? Thanks Trudi~!

Trudi said...

Many people skip one day a week if they are on the long, 6 week round. Dr S says to skip a dose to help reduce chance of immunity. And immunity is the reason he says to take such long breaks. but recent studies have shown the 'immunity' issues are more mental than anything physical. It's really up to you, but make sure you talk with your clinic because you may be paying by the round instead of by the shot and if you don't skip the days they say, you may lose a week or whatever by the time you are finished.
I have missed days here & there just because I forgot or had to go somewhere. No problem. It just makes the hcg last longer.

HCG Girl! said...

hey. thanks for the quick reply. Yeah, I just paid for a 40 day (assuming you skip a day) round. "cause it was less expensive than paying for 2 23 day rounds. So obviously I'll ge short a few shots, she just said I can pay for those extra shots at the end. I'm just going to go day by day and see how it's going. If the weight loss continues to slow the way it has I may just finish out with this round- wait a couple months and do another 23 day round.
But thanks again for your reply!