Wednesday, January 21, 2009

another break

I am taking a break from hcg.. I am suffering too much hunger and cannot eat so I need to stop a bit. I start taking a few bites and feel sick. (I am not pregnant! LOL!) So I am working with my friend, Biz, (off the happily thinner after support group) to get back to my lowest weight on hcg which was 152.8 by doing a 'high fat experiment' as what we call it. It is still in testing phase, but basically, it is testing to see how people respond to a specific amt of fat, protein, carbs, calories, etc during phase 3 to lose that weight above the lowest hcg weight. It is like a glorified steak day Dr Simeon's talks about.

I am hoping this break will give my body a rest and continue the losses. I am hoping to be to 146 quickly because we are getting new life insurance and I am considered higher risk if I am above 146 lbs. Which is sad that they do that. Even when I was 200 lbs, I did not look obese. And now, I look normal to most people, even though my numbers consider me highly overweight. They need to come up with a new system!

So that is my story... the challenge is to do a high fat with all the food sensitivities I have. If I indulge in them, I run the risk of not losing or not losing as fast. I am basically stuck with eating almonds, avocados and olive oil for my fats!! oh joy...! LOL!

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