Thursday, January 8, 2009

Anchor's Away!

down 0.6 am 154.8! Photobucket

Today I got inspired and tried on my old Navy uniforms and was STUNNED that they FIT!!! OMG!!! My waist and chest are larger than back then, but my rear looks.... oooo!! Fantastical in those dungarees!! LOL! I would have NEVER thought I'd say that! Back then they were not the fashion because they are flared legs, but now they look GREAT!!!

I cannot believe it! I AM SOOO GEEKED!!! And feeling GOOOOOOOOD!Photobucket

I joined the US Navy in Feb. 1995... weighing 150 lbs and had to get measured constantly because I was over the weight limit for my height. They'd take measurements of my neck, waist & hips and do some specific math and come up with body fat composition. I always was within the limits at that weight. I'm sure if I went back in now, I'd be over those limits because of the higher body fat I am still carrying! I was trainging to be a hospital corpsman (Navy medic) when I received a medical discharge. (I miss it so much!)

I am 1.8 away from hitting the 50 lb mark... can I do it??

It seems my belly is taking the longest to reduce but I can for sure say that it is reducing! A couple months ago I could get my uniform pants on but there was 4-5 inches before I could close the button. Since my waist measurements haven't changed much since then, I didn't expect to be able to close them!!

Now hcg.. start working on sculpting my belly!! PRONTO!Photobucket

Oh and I am nearing what hubby weights. He's gained since his last hcg dose that was before Thanksgiving. He weighed in at 154.2. He's pretty stable around that weight so we've not been too worried. He's been eating what he pleases and is starting the bad habit of night time munchies. But his body has been doing fine maintaining. Although, he has gained some girth in his belly which is something we & my friend have noticed on hcg. That it seems almost like a bloating in the belly kind of gain. Our theory is that the bloat happens first and if we continue to over-eat or eat all the wrong things, it will start packing into abnormal fat reserves. That is our theory, anyhow. Hubby will start hcg when I hit 150, he says.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I found your blog while researching the hcg diet, and it looks like it has been working for you! Good job!!! I'm desperate to try it, but I'm currently nursing my 11 month old baby. I have not found very much information on the hcg diet while you have any ideas? I nursed another one of my children through an entire pregnancy --- and the hcg levels are much higher in that situation. should be okay? I also worry about the toxic release that come from losing fat as that is where most of our toxic load is housed. Anyway, I appreciate you blogging your journey!!

Valentijn said...

Talk to a doc first! Or wait til the breastfeeding is done, but talking to a doctor is still good.

Trudi said...

I left my thoughts in my post....