Thursday, January 29, 2009

On again

I started hcg again on Sunday, I think.. days go by so quickly recently! UGH! I've been 'stalled' at 155.2 awhile... today I hit 155.0 and am hoping I'm thru this slow time. I'm not worried because I can feel the fat is loosening up around my belly & things are shrinking. It's a period of 'losing inches' that I've been waiting for!

I've decided to not worry about the upcoming needed weight for our new life insurance policy. I am supposed to be at 146 to get a cheaper plan. I have noticed that I seem to slow down as I anticipate a particular weight! So I'm telling my body that it doesn't matter and what will be will be.

I'm still having heart palpatations or something odd going on with my heart or lungs. My heart doesn't really thump.. just seems to take my breath away if I get to moving too much. I don't have the money for a dr visit right now, but on calling her she said it sounds like my thyroid is going hyper and to reduce meds after taking a couple days off to clear my system quicker. I did that and am still experiencing them. It is kind of a freaky experience for me. That could very well have messed up my recent hunger and slower losses. I've also had more pain this week which has always caused slower losses.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

New size in pants today

Today I accompanied my friend shopping today to have a girl's day out. JCPenny's had awesome sale of their clearance things.. buy one clearance item, get the second one free! $55 Jeans were marked down to $14.99!!(so I got the jeans for $7.50!!) I went to the jr section and was looking around as she tried on jeans and though, what the heck, why not try on a pair just for fun. Normally I am traumatized because I have difficulty finding jeans that I like and that fit well. I picked a size 9... thinking it would be too tight, so I grabbed a 13 as well since jr sizes tend to be small. I tried on the 9 and found they fit LOOSELY!! wow!! *insert BIG smile here*.

I went back and thought.. what the heck, let's try on a 6 and see how far I have left to go. I trudged back to the fitting room and was so shocked I nearly fell over. They FIT and I could even button them up with no issues!!! No kidding!! I do have a good muffin top hanging over, but the fat is sooo lose, I could still button up my pants with no pain or issues of strength! LOL! I am soooooooo geeked about this! SIZE 6 PANTS! But then I should have expected it because I have 2 pair of size 6 shorts in my drawer from years ago that I am able to fit too. I didn't know if sizes have changed over the years or not. I really hate these styles where the waistband comes across my hips... the fattest part of my body and makes the muffin top even larger! Oh well.... SOON it will be GONE!!!

That is my update for today. I am still on break. I went up to 155.0 and not sure why other than I need to do some intestinal releasing. I peed constantly yesterday and woke up feeling very thin... it's hard to explain, but there's some days I feel very fat & bloated & other days I feel like I had a good loss. I'm not worried anymore. The more I stress about it, the longer it takes to lose it.

Friday, January 23, 2009

First day of phase 3

Today is my first day of Phase 3 eating... full calories but concentrating on healthy fats, clean protein, veggies & fruits.

I've been dealing with a strange heaviness feeling in my chest that seems to happen when I get moving too much, like cleaning or shopping, or when I get scared. It's like my heart is always a flutter! I called my doc because it hit me that it is probably my thyroid. She said to stop my Armour thyro meds for 2 days to clear my system and then to lower my dose. This is a good thing because maybe my thyroid has had enough rest & support that it is starting to function better on its own! The feeling is very odd and I cannot imagine what people with Grave's diseases (hyper thyroid) deal with!

Hopefully I'll be able to start hcg after a short break. I am waiting for specific support from the online group to see if I am going to try the High Fat Experient or not. Eating a specific ratio of fat to protein to carbs will help me lose to my lowest hcg weight, maintain or gain. I'm not confident to do it myself so I am waiting for help.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

another break

I am taking a break from hcg.. I am suffering too much hunger and cannot eat so I need to stop a bit. I start taking a few bites and feel sick. (I am not pregnant! LOL!) So I am working with my friend, Biz, (off the happily thinner after support group) to get back to my lowest weight on hcg which was 152.8 by doing a 'high fat experiment' as what we call it. It is still in testing phase, but basically, it is testing to see how people respond to a specific amt of fat, protein, carbs, calories, etc during phase 3 to lose that weight above the lowest hcg weight. It is like a glorified steak day Dr Simeon's talks about.

I am hoping this break will give my body a rest and continue the losses. I am hoping to be to 146 quickly because we are getting new life insurance and I am considered higher risk if I am above 146 lbs. Which is sad that they do that. Even when I was 200 lbs, I did not look obese. And now, I look normal to most people, even though my numbers consider me highly overweight. They need to come up with a new system!

So that is my story... the challenge is to do a high fat with all the food sensitivities I have. If I indulge in them, I run the risk of not losing or not losing as fast. I am basically stuck with eating almonds, avocados and olive oil for my fats!! oh joy...! LOL!

Friday, January 16, 2009

I hit the big 50!

Actually, it was yesterday since right now it is 12:30 am Friday morning... egads! time flew today!!

My weight this morning was a constant 152.8 . . .making me 50.2 lbs GONE!!! WOOHOO!!

I have completely lost my appetite. I'm not sure if this candida detox is doing it, but I cooked a steak for me & hubby & I could only eat about 3 bites. I made fish for supper and could only eat a few small pieces. I hope this doesn't damage my weigh-in tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

49.8 lbs lost....

Today I am down .4 and weighed in at 153.2 ..... I have .2 until I hit the 50 lb mark!

I am going to push thru as much as possible because we talked with a life insurance company & I have to be at 146 to get their xtra premier policy. We will have a medical team visit us within 2-3 weeks so I am hoping to get there by then! I may do a mini-load day to 'shock' my system if things go too slow here on week 4. I typically do not do so well after this time on protocol. But each round is different and who knows what will happen.

I've not been eating full protein lately and have had not much of an appetite at all. I am going to work hard today to get the full protein cooked & eaten.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

belly pooch lost more

Today I went down 0.8

I got on & off the scale several times while re-setting it between weights and got the numbers 153.4 and 153.2 several times..... I am so excited to be getting thru the 150's in good time!! MAYBE tomorrow I will hit the 50 lb mark!

I noticed that overnight I lost a pooch on my belly!! woohoo!! Now, with such a loss, it looks like a battle ground again.. loose skin like crazy which is making the stretch marks look like a cat clawed on my belly. But I KNOW it will go away as protocol continues to work and tighten everything up!

I am very glad to see that my belly fat is being extracted now. My waist has not changed for nearly 20 lbs!! But it is known that the older fat in your body is harder to break down and get rid of it. And the last 20 lbs tend to be more challenging to get off too.

Hubby weighed himself today & was STILL lower than me! LOL by .2! He is geeked! For awhile he was getting worried as his weight was going up & down between 3 -4 lbs and one day I did weigh less than him. So he started eating better to keep below me! LOL! the goober!! He said when I hit 150 he will start protocol with me for a final round.

My dilema: I have one day left for this cycle.. I've done better with 3 weeks on hcg, 1 week off, 3 weeks on hcg, 1 week off... etc. It gives me a break and my losses are better. That seems to be the general concensus of many on the support forum too so I'm not alone in that department!.... So... I have not decided yet if I want to push thru the rest of the week and get to 150 or stop at exactly 3 weeks. I am feeling great and have not been struggling with deviations like I normally tend to do. I suppose I will take it one day at a time. I really, really want to get to 150 before stopping. But usually what I want to happen is soo different from what my body wants to do!

Monday, January 12, 2009

home again

We are back home now. I weighed myself this morning and the scale said 154.4 ... or something like that. I forgot the number and jumped back on the scale ... it said 153.8...!!! woohoo!! I'm doing WELL for having traveling issues!!! I'm very dehydrated today & am sucking down as much water as I can to try to get my lips from being so dry. This is a good sign that the hcg is using water to break down more fat. I will see more good losses over the next couple days!! I am going to look for a possible gain as the hcg makes my body retain water to do it's work. Or it may have already happened this weekend when I bounced between 155 & 154 a couple times.

The future looks GRAND!!!! And please... feel free to become a follower of my blog!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

OLD pictures of me at 150

Today I am up a bit.... 155.4 .... I'm having strange spotting again today.. not sure what is going on. I know my up & down weight is from traveling & not being in my own home. I am not worried.

Here are some pictures of me at the beach when I was 20 and weighing 150 lbs.. I know the pictures do not show that much, but maybe it shows enough to get an idea of what I looked like....
Photobucket 1995:150 lbs Photobucket

I will post my fat pictures too.. I was 220 when I delivered my 5th child. I believe I went down to 205-210 within a couple months of nursing. When I get time I will put together a YouTube video showing my changes and get it ready for the final reveal picture of me.

Today I visited some old church friends I haven't seen in 3 years. Most of them didn't recognize me!! It was GREAT!!! Several of them have seen my updated pictures on Facebook and said I looked so much better in person!! I am still glowing from all the praises!! WOOHOOO!!

I got to meet with one of my best friends here who is a homeopath and into natural things as much as I am! She showed me how to do the allergy muscle testing which worked and showed exact same results as my blood test. I am excited because I am able to test my kids without having to waste time with an elimination diet that can take up to 6 months per food item. I have found my one daughter is for sure sensitive to wheat & watermelon and not milk, and my other is sensitive to milk and not wheat and not yougurt! So now I'm going around testing everyone on everything! LOL! Oh what fun I am having!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

breastfeeding question

I've been asked about breastfeeding while on protocol. It is highly suggested to talk to your doctor first.

My thoughts & ramblings.. (I am not a doctor and cannot give medical advice.. what is written are my thoughts)

..... but 99.99% of doctors don't know about this protocol. If you join the group on, you can ask questions and do a lot of research there. We have a lot of veterans with experience & research under their belts to give advice & help. You need 15 posts before you can view the personal blogs & pictures, so say hi & ask questions.

I personally know a gal who did protocol while breastfeeding and had no problems. Yes, toxins are released while losing fat and you will go thru detox symptoms. Some people detox more severe than others. Detox can be anything from headaches to flu-like symptoms.

When you are pregnant and not eating enough for you & baby... you will lose abnormal body fat, just like on this protocol. It is all part of the mechanism of our bodies.

A better option would be to start preparing yourself by changing your eating habits before starting the hcg protocol... start eating more raw fruits & veggies and increase your good fats (dairy, eggs, coconut oils, meats, etc). Stop eating processed foods and junk. It will help you be more successful on protocol in the long haul.

You can always order some hcg now and hang onto it. We've noticed the prices are starting to explode higher & higher so it is best to get it now while it is cheaper. It will store many years before it is mixed. It will also take up to 6 weeks to receive your shipment.

Baby comes first.. you will have a lot of time afterwards to lose the weight. Everyone goes thru times of frustration & stress while on protocol because it will slap you around quite a bit. It will show you your weaknesses, it will take you down some healing paths that can be quite 'traumatic' but good. It will frustrate the dickins out of you.. You will deal with temper tantrums because you can't eat something you want... you'll deal with 'depression' because you deviated AGAIN and the scale found out the next morning.. or the day after that...

It is a journey that could possibly stress you out enough to where you could lose your milk production. If you are ok with weaning now if that should happen.. then go for it. Many gals have weaned their babies to start protocol and were filled with regret but happy with starting to lose weight. Kind of a sweet, double edged sword. But they soon got over it.

If you decide to wait... sit back, join the group and READ, read, read so you can become a pro before you start!


I'm visiting relatives accross the state this weekend. We drove over last night and will be coming home Sunday or Monday. I brought my scale, but it appears the bathroom floor is uneven and may be giving an inaccurate reading.

155.4 is what the scale said here.

We'll see what happens though. I took magnesium today to get my bowels moving. It's been quite a while of no movement and traveling always slows things down too. There's signs that I may be starting TOM already again (WAAAY early). Finances are tight & my food options are limited. I'm sticking to eating a lot of salad and have decided to eat all natural turkey breast slices on my salad. No scale and no other options right now. I'll make due.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Anchor's Away!

down 0.6 am 154.8! Photobucket

Today I got inspired and tried on my old Navy uniforms and was STUNNED that they FIT!!! OMG!!! My waist and chest are larger than back then, but my rear looks.... oooo!! Fantastical in those dungarees!! LOL! I would have NEVER thought I'd say that! Back then they were not the fashion because they are flared legs, but now they look GREAT!!!

I cannot believe it! I AM SOOO GEEKED!!! And feeling GOOOOOOOOD!Photobucket

I joined the US Navy in Feb. 1995... weighing 150 lbs and had to get measured constantly because I was over the weight limit for my height. They'd take measurements of my neck, waist & hips and do some specific math and come up with body fat composition. I always was within the limits at that weight. I'm sure if I went back in now, I'd be over those limits because of the higher body fat I am still carrying! I was trainging to be a hospital corpsman (Navy medic) when I received a medical discharge. (I miss it so much!)

I am 1.8 away from hitting the 50 lb mark... can I do it??

It seems my belly is taking the longest to reduce but I can for sure say that it is reducing! A couple months ago I could get my uniform pants on but there was 4-5 inches before I could close the button. Since my waist measurements haven't changed much since then, I didn't expect to be able to close them!!

Now hcg.. start working on sculpting my belly!! PRONTO!Photobucket

Oh and I am nearing what hubby weights. He's gained since his last hcg dose that was before Thanksgiving. He weighed in at 154.2. He's pretty stable around that weight so we've not been too worried. He's been eating what he pleases and is starting the bad habit of night time munchies. But his body has been doing fine maintaining. Although, he has gained some girth in his belly which is something we & my friend have noticed on hcg. That it seems almost like a bloating in the belly kind of gain. Our theory is that the bloat happens first and if we continue to over-eat or eat all the wrong things, it will start packing into abnormal fat reserves. That is our theory, anyhow. Hubby will start hcg when I hit 150, he says.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

sooo close to 50 lbs!!

I am 2.4 lbs away from hitting the 50 lbs lost!! I was down 1.6 today... my weight is 155.4!! Photobucket

I was hoping for a nice loss after going up & down so much lately!! That is typical as the body gets ready to lose... it sometimes 'gains' first.

I had a question asked about my stretch marks and how they are faring as I lose. I am very pleased with how my belly is changing. While the marks are not gone or will not go away, the fat that surrounded each one is going, and making my belly look smoother. The 'grand canyon' effect is definitely going away!!! Photobucket (this is my emoticon for the day! LOL!) Hopefully that makes sense! I'm not sure how the stretch marks will finally end up but I am hopeful. I was a little concerned awhile when my skin was all stretchy and my belly looked like a cat was using it for a scratching post. yuk!

Once I hit 150 lbs, I will be the same weight I was when I met hubby and joined the Navy. But back then I had barely any fat on me. I did find a picture of me and will scan it to show the difference of my 150lb body then & now. It is obvious that I have lost a LOT of muscle mass since then! Once I get the fat off and I get my flares under control, I intend on working out and getting some muscle mass back!

so one more time now..... Photobucket

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

work to be done

Today is the day we've decided to take down Christmas stuff and put it away. We're going to move the kids' computer upstairs to the homeschool room so we can finish painting downstairs while I have the energy. It's got one wall painted and that is all.. since this summer! I'm tired of a half-finished looking room!

School has started and the kids are not really into it yet so we're working on getting back into the schedule of things, esp with the oddness of hubby being home since he got laid off.

Today I am down a bit and have weighed in at 157.0.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday is today

There is a big front blowing thru... I know... I know.. you probably don't want to hear of my flares .. again. ... but it is here and I hadn't recovered well from the flare from getting sick earlier. Sigh...The roads are very icy here and hubby had to help a neighbor get out of a snow bank because they do not plow or salt our roads. The neighbor said it is like an ice-rink out there!

Today my weight is 157.0. I'm up again. A number of things could be the culprit: inflammation and slow reaction to things I had eaten the other day. Thankfully, tomorrow is a new day.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New year

Today is the 2nd and we had to leave our friend's house last night, a day or two early because hubby & I were not feeling well.... some sort of food poisoning or intestinal illness. We're not sure what happened, but had to go home. I didn't want to puke at my friend's house! Thankfully, nothing came up that way and we left our 3 daughters there with plans, hopefully to go back later this afternoon. I'm feeling better today.. .not 100% but able to move without feeling sick! Sad things is I cannot eat soda crackers to help my stomach!! ugh! I am sensitive to gluten... I'm drinking vitamin water (no high-fructose corn syrup like gatoraide has!) and it feels good and seems to be hydrating me pretty well.

All that happening, I wasn't sure how my weight would be today with all the dehydration going on. hCg tends to hold onto water when you become dehydrated or don't drink enough water. Thankfully, I was down .2 today from the 31st. I am pleased because I wasn't sure what damage New Year's eve would have done to me. I didn't eat much, but had some wine & ate some chips & nuts late in the evening. Plus some fudge... ohhhh yum... FUDGE!!!!! I have been waiting a loooong time to eat fudge!!!

I finally found a couple pictures of me at 150 skinny pounds in a swimsuit... I'll have to scan them and upload to show everyone that I was really skinny at that high weight!! LOL! I look at myself.. only 6 pounds higher and REALLY, REALLY fat when I compare the pictures with me now. The mystery of what weight I'll finally get to is getting more & more interesting!