Sunday, December 20, 2009

had to miss today

We had to miss Friday's gym time due to exhaustion. I had to get up early to bring my hubby to work by 6 am, and Friday I had to take my 3rd child to the neurologist for a 3 hour appt & EEG. The stress of finding out she has epilepsy, lack of sleep and everything just took me out. Today I crashed hard and could hardly move or talk most of the day. Sleep was all I could do. My spine was seriously inflammed.

I hate those kind of days.

Hopefully tomorrow we will pick up and get back to the gym.

I am also upset the usual thyroid support supplement I got at my chiropractor was changed and is NOT effective. I think it makes me sick too. It has hoodia in it. Yuck! I don't need anything to suppress my appetite!

I'm not too worried about missing a day. Technically, we are supposed to only work out 3 days a week and we've been doing every=other-day. So this break is good.

We shall see what tomorrow brings. My hubby printed out some new HIIT workouts and is determining on what changes we need to make as we transition from the break-in workouts (to get used to training) to a regular routine. Hopefully he will be kind!! LOL!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Michigan Left turns are really stupid

This is coming from a non-Michigander. I grew up in Minnesota. A place where people know how to plow and keep ice off of sidewalks and parking lots. And a place where there are a LOT of lights visible at intersections AND where you can turn left at intersections. Not here. To go left at an intersection, you have to make a right turn, cross to the fast lane of traffic to get to a U-turn, then turn the opposite way (again into the fast lane) to go the direction you initially wanted to travel.

Very insane. Very dangerous, in my opinion. But statistics tell us that once they have started these michigan lefts, there are no longer any left-turning accidents at intersections!

DUUUHHH! If there are no more left turns allowed, of COURSE there will no longer be accidents!

So my rant is all about one of these lovely turns. We are driving home from picking up my hubby from work (we are sharing vehicles right now) and it was dark. Hubby was in the left lane and coming up to a Michigan u-turn. For some reason, the person in that u-turn decided to drive forward as we were passing her and she hit us. THANKFULLY, it was a glancing blow that only did minimal damage to our van. Her car was not so lucky, though.

We got home and went to the gym. The myofascial release therapist put me in some pain to fix my body, so I wasn't able to push too hard at the gym with my abs/low back. I worked pretty hard on my upper body/arms and succeeded in hitting 10 reps of 95 lbs on a bench press! I was surprised!

After workout, we went home and I watched "Night at the Museum II". Near the end of the movie my neck started getting a crick.. traveling my whole traps area. UGH. I hate when that happens. I'm not sure if it is from the MRT (myofascial release therapy), the accident, the workout or whatever. Doesn't matter. It hurts. I got to the chiro this evening and he made sure things are doing good with my spine and no damage. Told me to take specific care on my next workout day. I'm feeling slightly better right now and I hope all is well tomorrow.

Gotta get up early to bring my middle daughter to a neurologic appt at 7:45 am to get her brain scanned to see if she has a seizure disorder... ahhh the stress of it all.

My goal is still to get in a good amt of calories to keep my body from storing fat.

I've purchased and downloaded more training tips and found some very good tips/techniques to keep training interesting. One in particular: is a blog where you can receive "Top 8 Fat Loss mistakes" for free. Every tidbit helps! His information is on par with what I 'believe'. And his image is pretty inspiring!! His workout program looks... HORRIDLY painful! But, what is gain without pain! LOL! His 6-week workout system is specific HIIT for cardio and body workout without using machines or anything expensive. All that is needed is your bodyweight, some stamina and barbell/dumbells.

Well, sorry for blabbing so much today. But then, that is the joy of blogging!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Results after first week

Week 1 done... and I have, I believe, gained ALL the muscle I had lost over the past 6 (maybe more) years in dealing with many pregnancies and disability.

I am IMPRESSED and SHOCKED! Today I actually, jokingly at first, found I really REALLY did lift my husband off the floor! LOL! 2 weeks ago I couldn't. I thought he 'jumped' a little to help me. But he said *Wow, you're getting STRONG!* I'm like, 'yeah, you jumped up'. He said 'Nope. I didn't'. So I reached around him and did it again!! WOW~ ROFLOL!

For me to have my strength back is something that brings a tear to my heart. I've always prided myself on my strength. Not sure why, must have been the farm girl in me .... Something in me gets a little smug when I can keep up with the males in physical activity and when other females are so.... weak. Nothing against it, but that's how I am. The good thing is I don't look boy-ish at all so it shocks people.

Hubby & I spent some time on the eliptical just for kicks and giggles. actually, more like sweat. But that is not our focus because long bouts of cardio will make us go backwards.

Anyway..... Today was a harder day of HIT and I definitely need an appt with my myofascial release therapist to put things back in place. Last weekend I sprained my ankle, which threw everything out and I'm feeling a lot of joint pain again, esp in my tailbone & hips. I don't want to become crippled again...... So today I wasn't able to do everything on my workout list.

My weight is finally stabalizing and slowly going down as I build muscle. I am hoping things start moving a bit faster... you know... fast results is expected! LOL! No matter what, I am glad to be getting a good foundation.

We signed up at SNAP fitness in our local village. It was either that or Curves or drive 30 minutes for something else. We found out SNAP is open to us 24/7 via a security key which is fantastic! Curves is hardly ever open. Snap is small and not many people are there, which is great for us.

Hubby is having a blast working out too. He's hitting the first day of 'I don't know if I really want to go today' like me, but we determined that was the big indicator to be going. Maybe this is the beginning of the changes in our bodies.

We've been able to add weights to most exercises each day. For example, today I was able to:
~ squat press 115 lbs on my shoulders,
~ bench press 95 (failure was at 8 reps though)
~ bicep dumbell curl at 25 lbs (I'm so VERY weak in my arms!)
~ Lat pulldown at 80 lbs (I think.. I'll have check that one)
~ Abductors at 115 lbs....

My rib keeps popping out, so I have to stop often to have hubby put that in for me.

Our order of creatine came in today as well as our stacked amino acids to help muscle rebuild thru the night (pituitary & other glandular support)

On another note, I want to share my most recent sculpture:


More pictures and information are on my sculpting blog.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

So Scared last night!

I hopped on the scale just before bed for kicks & giggles. I had about 10oz of protein smoothie about 10 minutes earlier.


I was terrified! The scale said I was going up & up in weight!! NOOOOOOOOoooooooo

I went to bed HUNGRY.
And concerned.

Today at around 2 pm I hopped back on the scale.


The difference between last night and this afternoon was minus 8 POUNDS! What the heck? Normally by afternoon, my weight is a couple pounds heavier than first thing in the morning.

I am inspired that something good is going on... FINALLY..... I hope...

My hubby has been taking a stacked amino acid supplement to support his growth hormone factor each night and he's had very little muscle pain the day after working out. We are nearly out so I am going to order more and take it again for myself. I've not been in nearly the amt of muscle fatigue pain I expeced and experienced other times I worked out vigorously.

My order today will include that supplement plus an order of creatine. I've been reading up on creatine and found that it has been proven to help slow/reduce the effects of parkinsons'/ALS & a few other degenerative diseases. Since my hubby is a Gulf War Vet, his risk of developing ALS is increased drastically. Something about those Nerve Agent Pills, Anthrax vaccination & other things they were forced to take, I suppose are the culprits. I am excited to have just one more thing in our arsenal to help his body stay strong & healthy!

I almost want to do the HIT every day, but don't want to damage myself. The program is likened to developing a callous on your hand. Too much work at one time and you'll get a blister. Enough work with adequate rest will result in a callous and your hand can accomplish more as the callous toughens.

Tonight is day 3 of HIT. Hopefully we can make it to the gym: a blizzard is passing thru the area and we are on the edge of the snow-belt. A couple miles N, S & W gets a fraction of what we get! Last Friday we were hit with 14" of snow, everywhere else got 2".

Today is also a day I must work very hard to eat carbs & sugar. I'm trying very hard to get my calories up to a normal 2500 or so in a day, but it just hurts too much. The protein shakes have been helping me in that area. But today I need to accomplish a sort of 'loading day' on carbs & sugars. Hmmm... I think Dairy Queen will have to be on the schedule!! Nothing better than a Peanut Buster Parfait for me!! ;-D

Ta, Ta for now!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 2 of HIT

Updating today as official Day 2 of HIT at the gym. I really pushed myself today and I am surprised at how I am not quite so wobbly. I haven't walked down the stairs yet so we'll see if my legs give out again or not! LOL!

WE decided to hit most of the machines and some free-weight exercises to max out to keep things simple and to hit each muscle group a couple times. Some exercises strangely stressed odd body parts. The ab & back machines and the Roman Sit-ups (reverse sit ups) really put pain in my groin areas. Groin pain is symptomatic of a true hip joint pain. So I need to be careful of those for now. I have osteoarthritis damage in my hips and have dealt with severe pain and I don't want to become friends with a cane or crutches anytime soon!

I'm a little concerned about the amt of 'weight' I will gain in the beginning as I increase muscle mass. I KNOW that as muscles gain, I will gain in girth and weight until things start burning the fat. I just don't want that in-between time to be too long because my clothes are already not fitting properly. How long that will take is a mystery to me and I am anxiously awaiting to see that result.

The neatest thing I have learned so far from this program is that there are no warm-up exercises. Today really showed me that the exercises, when done slowly, are a warm up & stretch all by themselves! It felt really great to stretch out those muscles that were a little tender/sore from Sunday's workout.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Began today!

Today, my hubby TOTALLY surprised me! I suggested to go to the gym today and he AGREED! WITH JOY! So today it took us an hour btwn the two of us to find all the equipment and figure everything out. We are hoping that after this week, we'll have a routine down pat and the time will go quicker. The goal is to do this routine in the wee hours of the morning before hubby goes to work. He has to leave for work at 5:30 am!!! GAH!

But the excellent part is that we both feel ALIVE and are encouraged to continue! Not bragging, but I was highly impressed with my ability to lift many times the same weight or very close to what my hubby was lifting. And he looked AWESOME as his muscles rippled while working out.. WHOOT WHOOT!

So tomorrow is a day of rest to allow our muscles to relax as a whole and recoup for the next HIT!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Root Beer

Lacto-fermented style! I had worked on my ginger culture for a week now and had set it in the oven to keep it warmer with the pilot light thru the night since it is getting COLD in our kitchen. Well, my 2nd daughter is learning how to cook and learned the hard way that the #1 rule of baking:

CHECK the oven BEFORE turning it on!!

Needless to say, the culture was cooked. Everyone was disappointed but we decided to use kombucha culture to see how that works. In 3-4 days we should have some bubbly root-beer flavored beverage! This is a fermented food which is VERY healthy and fills our bodies with probiotics and enzymes which help keep our immune system strong.

Today we enjoyed seeing the first hugely fluffy snowflakes as we found our small 3' tree and decorated. My goal was to have the basement finished to have a full sized tree there, but the project is taking much longer than anticipated. *sigh*

Tonight I am motivated to go to the local gym and sign up...... schedule permitting. I've been reading that the form of HIT (high intensity training) will show results in 2 weeks.... I cannot wait to go at it full force!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Feelin' great

Just wanted to update that things are looking good and I'm feeling great. Lots to do and it's quite a challenge to find the time to do it all. I'm finding my small hand weights are quickly becoming obsolete and I'm not doing well with the squats exercises I'm doing to work out my thighs/glutes/legs. *sigh* gotta find some $$ to go to a local gym to get into a better routine and get this done the right way.
AND I need some time away from the role of 'mommie', even 30 minutes every other day would be NICE.

It is cute, though, to see my youngest boys (5 & 4) putting together the hand barbells and picking them up and copying me! So cute! Thankfully, my kids are not even remotely on the 'fat' side of things. I have worked very hard to keep them 'clean' from all the things that (I believe) cause obesity, the main one being vaccinations, second one being formula, thirdly is our lack of raw & fermented foods (like raw milk).

Sadly, I didn't 'know' until later about the dangers of formula. My first 3 kids had several months on the stuff because my milk went dry and I didn't know what to do to increase it thru the growth spurts and stresses of moving.

My first two were vaccinated a few times before I learned about the truth, and then realizing my autoimmune diseases started after mass vaccinations in the Navy. They screwed up my body and now I suffer in so many degrees, it's not even funny. And by looking at trends, we are the fattest generation... the 10's/80's was when the health industry started mandating vaccinations. I can't 'prove' anything and if you decide to leave a nasty comment about how horrible I am for not vaccinating my kids.. I will delete it because I do not tell anybody they are abusing their kids by sticking poison into them so I don't think I deserve to be told that either. I've done my research and am CONFIDENT of my choices.

My other thought about foods is also important. We are the first generation to have never tasted raw, unpasteurized/unhomogenized milk! Those processes were needed for the time they were developed, but not anymore! Our bodies are missing out on so many prebiotics & probiotics by our standardized sanitation of ALL our foods! Even our 'fresh' veggies are radiated to kill all nutrients and good things our bodies NEED for health. Mass production has also caused a lot of this to happen too. Instead of fermenting our own kraut & pickles in the healthy way, companies use vinegar instead and then COOK the nutrients out. So sad. The biggest part of our immune system is in our GUT. Once our gut health is compromised, we are defenseless against many germs and diseases so that now, e-coli is considered life-threatening!
A lot of our foods and containers also have artificial 'stuff' in it that created havoc with our hormones which help to create obesity and other health issues. We are now dependent upon manufactured drugs to put things straight, when nature had it all along.

Oh dear... I went off on this post! LOL! I was planning a quick update and started meandering. I am just amazed at how much I have learned over the past years in my personal search for health. Even in my recent research on exercise, I'm finding the 'normal accepted rules' are WRONG! GAH!

But it is freeing to walk to a different beat!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


YES! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Cheating day 1!

Today, I ordered the unique promo package that is detailed (p4 approved) on how to work on getting my body out of starvation reflex mode and dealing with the hormone Leptin. Tomorrow is the last day of 1/2 price and all the extras. Then the price more than doubles and I'm not sure if the extras go away too. Hubby said to order it so I did!!

Today I also started a very basic version of Fat Burning Furnace Workout Program .
It felt GREAT! I only was able to use hand weights so I focused on what I could do with them. WOOHOO!!

Time to get everything printed out and studied. This all makes sense to me and is SO far away from main-stream thinking... right up my alley! LOL!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Cheat your way thin

Cheat Your Way Thin

This website is PERFECT. Exactly what I have suffered with over these years. It talks about how we put ourselves into STARVATION MODE. Sign up for their free emails of tips on how to get out of starvation mode to start losing weight.

Another thought is to always remember to eat nutrient dense foods. Stop eating empty calorie foods that do not nourish your body. My goal, while off hCG is to start eating more than 1000 calories. My doc yesterday told me about an aloe juice that works great for tummy issues like gastritis. Every time I eat, I feel nausious and cannot eat much. There are many days I only eat 500 calories a day! Not good, but I always figured it was a good thing to help me keep weight off. Little did I realize that it was the reason for me gaining weight. Enter: Starvation mode.

I've gone 3 years now with this information and have not known how to defeat this problem. This is why I started the hCG protocol and it worked until I have to start eating again. I don't eat and then I gain. ugh!

Again... this is NOT for anybody to do during holidays that are on p2. If you eat off protocol while on hcg, you WILL gain.

Make sure you visit that website to receive the emails of great information: Cheat Your Way Thin


Thursday, November 12, 2009

80/20 rule

have you heard of the Pareto Principle before? Also known as the 80/20 rule states that 80 percent of the results you'll get out of anything in life comes from 20 percent of the causes.

I believe I've initially heard this principle this way... 20% of the people do 80% of the work. I'm usually that 20% doing the 80% of the work. My days are filled with stuff to the point I have no more time.

I was floating around on the internet a couple months ago and stumbled across a blog by Tim Ferris (his egg peeling video is what brought me there!). He is living a life of experiements and especially on the 80/20 rule. One of his articles was on gaining muscle mass and losing body fat very quickly and the technique is very much NOT mainstream teaching. Why not? because the typical work out teaching is a billion dollar industry, so of course there's a good chance it is slanted to keep us spending our money on something that only works mediocre. His explanation is brief but very intriguing and I was searching all around for a more detailed description of the technique he used, to no avail.

So I forgot about it, thinking that I was not to be involved. I was sad because I wa anxious to try something with dramatic results. When I work out, I LOVE to feel the burn and know that I actually did something. I do not like boring, light weights & repetitive things.

Then an amazing thing happened the other night. I was bumbling around online, trying to get sleepy. I clicked on a very long flash show describing one couple's challenges with the traditional system of gaining/losing weight. Honestly, I almost stopped the viewer because it was pretty drawn out and I am a 'get-to-the-point-already' kind of person. The discussion was finally over and it said... get the secrets now, so I clicked it, wondering what the price of all this secret information was about.

I googled around on what people's comments were on this program and did not find anything against it. In fact, most people that tried it to prove it doesn't work were astounded themselves at their success. Going back to the site, I found the price and determined my hubby would not be too happy about me spending $$ to find out more. I clicked out and a pop up appeared that said for a limited time, I can get the info on a trial basis for a cheaper price! So I did it and found out it was a DETAILED explaination of the technique Tim Ferris had done!!!

I WAS GEEKED! The information is quite impressive and detailed to the point of receiving videos of the exercises and logs to print out to keep track of your progress. It even has variations of the exercises using different equipment and even how to use your own body weight if you don't have equipment available. WOOHOO!! I can't wait to get going on this! I actually started a little bit after reading Tim's blog using my balance ball and have noticed my strength increasing quite quickly while doing pushups, crunches and other exercises.

So, I decided to share this info with my readers for those that are still struggling or just want a more effective way to increase your fat burning metabolism. It also teaches the myths of doing cardio workouts/traditional work-out methods. I even upgraded and got more of the program, praying my hubby would not be angry! LOL! The next morning he saw the info and said .... Good! I hope this works for you! (if only he realized I am going to convince HIM to try it too!)
With no further writing, I now give you the Fat Burning Furnace link:

I will be posting my results here as I work out. I developed an infected abcess on Monday that is pretty serious and it's healing progress will determine when I start the program.

The main thing that excites me about this program is because my biggest problem is that my metabolism stores fat no matter how I eat. Even while on hcg, I have hit a stall weight and cannot get beyond it. A lot of factors are involved and I'm targeting each one individually. The biggest one is that I have lost serious muscle in the past 5-6 years. When I went to the gym 3 days a week, I was doing great, lost a lot of fat and had gained a lot of muscle back. Since then 2 pregnancies happened and a huge spondy flare, plus hashimoto's developed into severe hypo thyroid problems.

A lot is stacked against me, but I am serious about pushing thru all this to become healthier and in turn, maybe reverse some potential damage (osteoarthritis can be slowed by weight training, and if I am to fuse later in life, having strong musculoskeletal system can slow the process and keep things from getting brittle!)

So if anyone here decides to try this program with me, lemme know and maybe we can swap stories!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

That time of the year... already?!

I know that Christmas is a couple months away and this year I'm trying to start Christmas shopping BEFORE the last minute. I succeeded a couple years ago and it was great.... even though I forgot a couple gifts I purchased early & I was looking around online and found this neat idea!!

(there was supposed to be a video, but it is not working... sigh.. oh well.. here's an image you can click!)

I am happily feeling less pain now that I started the myofascial release therapy and a new supplement. I can tell it is working because within 30 minutes of taking it, I get very VERY warm... meaning my body's thermostat is heating up. This is good.

I also got approval from my VA doc & their Voc Rehab system to get an eliptical machine to start working out. I'm not sure how long until I get it, but I can wait! It's free for me!! Now... to see if I can ask for something to do with weight training and I should be in a good place. I have this deep desire to start working out seriously again. I think that may be the final thing to get my body fully on track.

Also... the links in my post about alldaychemist are working!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

out of hcg!

Well, I didn't make it to 10 lbs this short round. My hcg ran out yesterday so I am on my 3 days of vlcd. I'm looking into trying homeopathic hcg to see if there's a difference for me. Until I decide, I will hang out and try to get to my LIW this round. I'm in the 'ovulation-gain' period right now and not getting enough sleep, so my body is retaining water... bleck......

Saturday, October 24, 2009

New supplier posted

This supplier is trusted to be human hcg (not animal) and shipping is decently quick and they guarantee your shipment to show up. If it doesn't, contact them and they will work things out.

My referral ID is 58876 ... please make sure you list me as your referrer!

one vial 5000iu

3 vials 5000iu

5 vials of 5000iu

This supplier is trusted to be human hcg (not animal) and shipping is decently quick and they guarantee your shipment to show up. If it doesn't, contact them and they will work things out quickly. Often the shipments arrive within 2 weeks (not always, but often!)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

no loss

NO LOSS today. that is fine with me since I am in week 3 and just had a 1 lber loss. I need to work on drinking more water though. I realized those pants that were not fitting right... were a smaller size! Gah! oh well. My regular pants are falling off again. Someday, I hope they make them to not fall off. Or maybe I need to get a butt!! LOL!

Friday, October 16, 2009

down 1 today!

Shockingly, I was down a whole pound today! I didn't expect it at all.

I started taking the nightly supplement to stimulate my growth hormone the other night and to make it work, you have to do some weight training right after drinking it and right before bed. I'm not doing anything major because I don't want to make my body flare. I'm doing some work with my exercise ball: pushups, thigh work, pelvic things, etc.

I got my n-aceteltyrosine today... YEA!! I am also taking Fucothin: a seaweed supplement to help increase metabolism too. So btwn those 3 supplements and the thyroid meds, plus the bioidentical hormones I think I've got a winning combination! I am getting hot flashes again! Not like menopause, but ones that are telling me my internal thermostat is heating up. I don't like being cold ......eeeeee.....

I was thinking that nightly exercise and supplement would have made me stall or gain, but maybe that was my issue a couple days ago when I stalled. Or it could have been TOM. Hard to say. I'm happy for my loss and am looking forward to tomorrow's weigh-in!

My hcg is nearly gone and I'm going to have to order more.

The odd thing I've noticed this round is the re-distribution of fat seems to be going ALL into my belly! The pants I was wearing 8 lbs ago are too tight and painful in my waist! That is something to ponder for now.....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 16 VLCD and I am down about 8 lbs (including the 2 lbs of loading weight). I forgot to write down the poundage when I started so I'm not exactly sure on numbers here, but am more worried that I am going DOWN instead of exact weight. TOM started so things stalled a few days there.

I ran out of my n-acetaltyrosine last week and the doc said their shipment should be in this week. I was hoping it would have been in on Monday but I have received no call yet. ARH!! I Miss what that supplement was doing in my life! LOL!

The Marine Corps Birthday Ball is in a couple weeks and I still haven't decided if I want to go or not. I feel like a total blob and not at all pretty enough to go. There was one special gown I saw last year I wanted for this year, but it looks like I won't fit it properly this time either. Very upsetting me, but then I need to remember that I should be happy where I am at and stop whining about everything I cannot control. So... I will give myself a good talking to and see what hubby wants to do this year.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

going down!

Today is Saturday, day 5 of this round (I loaded Sunday & bridfly on Monday)and I am down 5 lbs from my beginning weight (not counting the pound and a half I gained while loading). I woke up STARVING this morning.

I am not sure if I want to go to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball this year. I feel like a fat pig, even though I really am not. I guess the excitement last year was from losing so much thru the summer and I felt superb! This year, I've not lost any more and am disappointed that I am not at goal for this year's ball. There was this dress I wanted to try... sigh.... oh well. If I keep losing 5 lbs a week, or there-abouts, maybe.. just MAYBE I will fit into it, if they still have it at the store.

Things are looking like the hormone therapy is helping, along with all the other supplements that my body is lacking. I hate taking so many 'pills' but like I've told my kids... if I don't take them in supplements, I'll be taking just as many in prescription meds. At least this way my body will hopefully heal some of it's issues.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

starting another round

Today I am loading again. I also started the testosterone, progesterone & estrogen supplements on Friday. I've been on sulfasalazine (a DMARD) for almost 4 weeks and I am noticing results. My pain is less and I am able to do some exercises without the severe pain & long healing time afterwards. I've been able to do quite a few workouts using an exercise ball and am very geeked with my success.

So.. hopefully all the pieces of the puzzle will fit together to get these last pounds off. Sadly, I have to re-lose 10 lbs again... but that should go by pretty quickly if I look at my previous history of losing. Can I lose 20 lbs in the next 5 weeks? OhhhhhhH! that would be my fantastical goal! Since my pain levels are down considerably, I am not craving the ice cream I usually crave when in high pain. So my deviations should be non-existent!

My main problem is to eat enough calories when off protocol and my appetite is so very low, my body stores everything as fat. Dairy is the only thing that really appeals to me. I am hoping by the end of this round, I'll have my body straigntened out hormonally and maintenance should be better. I've noticed my body temp is up... normally I'm cold, cold, COLD all the time. The past few days I've noticed I'm quite a bit warmer. This is good news because that means my body's thermostat is higher... meaning burning more calories and working better! WOOHOO!

So.... depending upon how hungry I am tomorrow will determine if I 'load' again tomorrow or not.

Friday, September 4, 2009


It has been a struggle for me these past many moons. Trying to get ahold of my pain and weight has been the battle. And I seem to be the loser!

I found out, via a friend, that there are other hormones that can be deficient and those symptoms are:

~ abdominal obesity
~ fatigue/low energy
~ reduced muscle strength
~ depression or anxiety
~ collagen 'disorders' (aging skin/joints/bones)


Those are the ones that stuck out at me. And I remembered that it has been only recently where I have no muscle strength.... adding to that this problem where I cannot lose the belly fat and the fatigue. The pieces are adding up.

I suppose it could all be just related to the spondylitis and osteoarthritis in my hips. Maybe it is from the hashimoto's thyroiditis. Or maybe there is a missing piece.

As I think about the whole picture of makes sense: If my thyroid levels are low, my progesterone, testosterone & estrogen levels are low.... why wouldn't my growth hormone/pituitary function be low too? They are all inter-related in a complex way.

My doctor agrees with me and took many vials of blood to see where I am at and has given me the OK to start on some specific supplements to get my pituitary working at a better level. Maybe THEN I can get these last 20 lbs off my gut for good! And have some energy. And maybe my joints can gain a little health in the process too.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Update on drug website! has a new name and is now called!

I have updated the links on the right with the new and easier-to-remember domain name to make sure you are able to get your hcg from a very reliable source at affordable prices.

Don't forget to use the coupon code 100354 for a discount price!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Still on p3 break and ...

Very very stable! pfwhew! I am SOOOO glad to be stable. I think the LDN really had a lot to do with my issues these past few months. It boosts the endorphins which takes away my appetite for most foods except soothing dairy. ohhhh yum!! I am thinking about starting p2 again next week but am not sure yet. I am very much enjoying a different menu and am hoping to get the LDN in my system a bit longer before I quit again.

On a good note... my good friend who is a homeopathist was over last weekend and determined I have some scar tissue in my gut which could be slowing things down in the digestion area. The good news: I have been having moving success since starting the appropriate muscle salt remedy! woohoo!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Discount continues for hcg, but a little different

New up-date from the hcg supplier:

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

hcg on sale now until the end of MAY!

Happy Birthday Hubby!! I'm glad to have found such a great guy to marry & raise a family with! Giving you lotsa hugs my Gunny hunny! MUAH!

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Guess what! We now carry HCG Mixing Kits? Finally, you can purchase all your supplies at the same time! After much negotiation we are now able to supply you with yet another new brand of HCG from our Indian supplier. The newest addition to our product line is called 'Ovidac' by Zydus Cadila (a famous Indian manufacturer of the highest standards and quality - more info at:

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Guess what! We now carry HCG Mixing Kits? Finally, you can purchase all your supplies at the same time! You'll find all the details on our website here:


I hope this Memorial Weekend finds everyone safe as they gather in memory of all those Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen & Coast Guard who have served and died for our freedom!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring is Here!!! I think...

The days seem to be getting warmer. I am excited to be feeling warm weather at long last. Forecast says there should be no more frost advisories! I hope not.. heck, we're nearly in June already! sheesh!

I have been on full dose of LDN for 3 days now and have a sense of less pain. I am very hopeful that this will work. Some of the side effects are that I can no longer stay up until the wee hours of the morning. It seems midnight is the absolute latest I can stay awake anymore. I also have a low tolerance for a lot of food or I get nausious. My appetite is really really decreased, which I am somewhat happy about right now. My Bowels seem more regular too, which makes me think maybe the constipation I've suffered with for so long was an inflammation issue related to the spondylitis. My VA physical therapy is still continuing and they've added ultrasound to my rear to try to help my hip. It seems to be working as my pain appears to be decreasing. Not sure if it is the LDN or the therapy, or maybe a combination of both.

SO, back to my hcg journey. Nothing really going on. I'm on break right now and am not sure when I'll be ready to continue. The disappointment of my last round is making me hesitant to do another round. It gets frustrating for me in dealing with this crappy disease which seems to fight with the fat-loss. Hubby noticed he had a gain this morning, then realized it was water weight from being stiff and sore. It is amazing how sensitive our bodies are to weight fluctuations!

Weather is finally nice for working outside in our garden boxes and we've been helping an elderly friend clean his house while he was in the hospital. SO time goes by very quickly now. My house is a mess that is screaming from neglect. Maybe tomorrow I'll have time to do something that resembles housework.

Too much to do. So little time to do it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

hubby's done, I'm not. this sucks.

Hubby finished protocol and is hovering btwn 139/141 pounds! He only has a half-a-pinch of fat on his sides! His muscles in his arms & shoulders are defined like I've never seen before! Very NICE looking! LOL!

I'm still stuck and frustrated but that's what happens when you've got so many things against you. sigh... I've hit another peak of spondy flare which is keeping me down. On my better days I am outside trying to prepare for planting our garden boxes in the technique. Hubby's been an awesome help in putting everything together and keeping me from doing much work. He's started LDN and has noticed some good improvements in his Gulf War Syndrome symptoms. I am so happy for him! I've not changed, maybe gotten worse which often happens. Many people get worse before they get better. I'm hoping that is what is going on because I really, really, REALLY do not want to have to resort to the dangerous drugs that don't always work anyway OR the side effects are horrible (sepsis, pneumonia, bronchitis, deadly fungal infections, etc).

I had to miss a physical therapy session the other week, which caused my neck to flare, which did not do well with the technique of the new therapist.

Back to hcg... I am totally bored and have no appetite to eat any of the allowed foods. My weight is 'stalled' again and I am now forgetting to weigh each morning because it seems to never move! I am losing inches, though, because my belly is ever so slowly getting fat reduced. I wish it would go faster, but the more I try to push it, it seems my body starts to rebel and slow down even more! lol! so here I am. I am working on experimenting on amt of calories to see if I need more to start losing again. Sometimes, as people near the last 10 lbs or so, they need to up their calories to start losing again. Sounds odd, but nobody really knows WHY things happen the way they happen.

I think my issues are because I need to drink more water. My problem is when I drink a lot, I pee a lot. And when getting to the bathroom causes too much pain, I am really hesitant to go there! So I've been not drinking water to avoid the bathroom maneuver.

My goal for tomorrow is to force the water as much as I can. Hopefully that will start the losses again.

Monday, April 20, 2009

rain, cold plus overworked=stalls

This past week we've had some unexpected heavy yard-work that was very physically overwhelming. And a rainy, cold-snap is here and causing a flare. Somehow I have to learn to stop over-working my body! I have appeared to stall with slight gains after those days of physical work of digging and raking for many, many hours to fill some deep holes in my yard has caused my body to retain water.

My hip is in severe pain today so I get to sit and be bored. sigh. I have recently gotten some great books on herbs & gardening and such interesting to me things to keep me busy. Although, the kids are none to happy to see mom sitting on the job! LOL!

I stopped my LDN because I broke out in a rash and didn't want to create more problems with my body healing right now. I am taking Silica (homeopathic remedy) and it's job is to go deep and push out things like viruses, tumors, infections, disease, etc. I started breaking out with cold sores that crusted over as quickly as they formed. Now the 'sores' are on my arms, chest, and slowly making their way down my body. I learned today that we heal from top to bottom and that is how this rash is forming. It itches but not as bad as when I had the shingells. I believe my body is pushing everything out properly and I didn't want the LDN to interfere. I may start again next week.

Otherwise, hubby is the same as me... stalling with slight gains after so much physical work this past week. Well there goes my goal. sigh. someday soon this will be OVER!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

more losses

I lost 1.4 today: 157.8
Hubby lost .6: 143.6 (virgin territory for him!)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

down 1.6 today!

We are both down 1.6 today! woohoo!!

I crashed really, really hard yesterday and did not feel well. I didn't have a lot of severe pain, more mental exhaustion and I was stiff. A pressure change occured which was the source of my pain. I took some Milk of Magnesia to get things moving and they moved very quickly. Day 3 of LDN and I love it because it makes me sleep soooo well. Nothing like when I've taken muscle relaxers or anything. I have great, restful sleep but do not wake up groggy at all! There's a chance that being on LDN will help my weightloss. I am crossing my fingers!!

I believe my weight 159.2 is back to my last hcg dose. I'm down 5.2 lbs since last Tuesday when I started loading.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday Deviations

Easter Sunday had some deviations. We were weak but knew we'd gain or stall because of it. we both are up 1 lb today. No biggie. We deviated but very, very little.

I'm on day 2 of LDN and am doing well with peace of mind. Pain is lessened ever so slightly and I am excited to continue therapy. Here's a video about LDN for anybody with auto-immune problems:

Part One

Part Two
Part Three

TOM started again today... sigh... hormones out of balance, or it could be a side-effect of hcg too. Only one week of no bleeding.....hopefully it will settle down after I am finished with protocol.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

18 days left

Today I am down to 159.4 ... that is a loss of .6 today.
Hubby went up .2. We are busy moving loads of soil around, digging up huge roots and a lot of labor outside. Hubby did most of the hard stuff and I just raked mostly. We figure hubby gained from so much hard work.

My youngest is sick and I was not able to sleep very well. He is very, very moody when ill so it takes a LOT to deal with him! Thankfully my homeopathis friend was home so we chatted awhile to figure out what remedy to give him to get his body on the right path towards healing. We also talked more about LDN and she agreed that I should try it and continue my silica remedy and see what happens. I need relief from pain in a major way and this is the only option for me right now. All other options are too damaging in the long-term and I am not willing to go that route. So far silica has been reducing my abdominal pain (gall bladder area), it's been making my intestines start moving more (YEEEHAW!!) and helping my mental stamina. I am very excited to see these changes for the better! I'm also getting grips on more childhood healings that have been holding me back in life & on protocol.

I am so very thankful!
18 days let of p2! trying to make 15-20 lbs by then!

Friday, April 10, 2009

BIG loss! woohoo!!

I loaded to 164.4 lbs (YIKES!)

Yesterday I was down to 162.2
Today I weighed in at 160.0

I don't recall hubby's stats but he is losing well too. I'm really surprised he is going so far now. Initially he wanted to stop at 150 and then 'work out' to get the rest off if he needed. Now his goal is to get ALL his abnormal fat off! gah! too funny! lol! I keep looking at him in shock at how small he has become! I think this is the weight he was when he was in his early 30's and running 10 miles a day in the Marine Corps.

I did some EFT yesterday to help myself get over the sabotage issue I keep having. I've got issues of getting close to finishing and can't seem to make it. I realized that as soon as I wrote a goal down, I'd never make it. So I stopped making goals of weightloss. Yesterday I realized why this is my problem. It stems from a crazy childhood. My mom would allow me to be involved in things, but never let me finish. I'd take a class but was not allowed to take the test to get the certification. Or I'd start a project for competition and she'd take it over and finish it for me. My ability was never good enough and I never realized how it has held me back in my adult life. I didn't even finish my 6 years in the Navy!! And I still have regret & dreams of going back to finish. Fear of success and fear of failure are also a biggie for me. My friend is a homeopathist and we FINALLY figured out my constitutional remedy of Silica. This will help my mental and physical issues as well.

I am praying and striving to not deviate already. I am so dry I drink TONS of water and am still thirsty! Funny thing is water does not taste good to me this round. Normally I LOVE water! It could be some more healing going on. We stopped NAET tx because the last of my VA back-pay ran out so now we're determining what next to do.

We are working slowly on our back yard to get the old huge garden dug out. It was a box garden with crappy soil and too big to grow anything in. Too big means too many weeds to keep up with. We are converting everything to square foot gardening to conserve space, time, energy, produce, etc. I am very excited my hubby is on board to this paradigm shift of planting! We are also gathering scrap wood to build a shed-of sorts for our outside rabbits & chickens. Sigh.. the work never ends! I am happy that warm weather reduces my spondy flares enough so I can push thru & get some work done!

It is nearly noon and I've wasted half my day already! gah! get back to work already! LOL!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Loading day 2!

Loading day 2 for me.. first day for hubby. I am soooo dehydrated I cannot drink enough water!!! YES! A good sign that I am losing some FAT! I loaded today on a taco salad...a bowl of cheerios.... a small piece of birthday cake & ice cream.. and not sure what else I will be eating today. It is almost 9 and thankfully I am only thirsty, not hungry. My thyroid is flipping my heart out today again... bleck... I hate when that happens and I am hoping it won't mess with my losses this round.

The whole family is processing some germs that include symptoms of sore throats & a cough. I feel scratchy and the kids are coughing on occasion. I hope I was able to treat everyone in time to not break out in full sickness! We spent too many nights visiting friends and not getting enough sleep last week. It was all worth it to see old friends again!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

still up on p3

I'm consistently weighing in at 160!! ugh! I spent 6 days with a friend who's family is going thru a specific detox diet that only allowed raw fruits & veggies & nuts plus occasional lentil soup. So we ate SUPER healthy all week and I did not lose a pound. So I am thinking that the weight training has caused muscle gain instead of fat gain. I am right on track with not being over 7 lbs last hcg weight.

Looking at a p3 break of nearly 4 weeks I am amazed at how long I have been on this phase! This is the longest and I have really kind of enjoyed it. I am happy that for the first time I am not anxious about moving forward quickly. But my birthday is coming soon and I am thinking I'd like to get down to 150 or lower by then for a b-day goal. I started protocol almost a year ago and am disappointed I haven't reached goal yet, but looking back, I think I've done well esp when considering all the things I have gone through on this journey. A lot of healing happened too!!

so... hubby and I are discussing when to start loading for possibly our final round. It will for sure be his final round. I may need one more after this, but who knows.. I may surprise myself an have a whopper of a good round this time!! lol!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

workin' out!

We worked out again yesterday. Sadly, we've only been able to make it once a week. Timing with the gym and when we can leave the kids in their appropriate places is difficult. We did well. I recently read somewhere on the forum about those trying to maintain and work out at the same time. The words of 'wisdom' were that expect to have gained at least 5 lbs when working out muscles... water retention AND muscle mass increase. So, add that 5 to the allowed 2 lbs above our last hcg weight and it looks like I'm well in the 7 lb limit. I was 158.2 this morning.

This is the first phase 3 where I am happy to be here. Normally, I was anxious to get back on p2. We are not sure how long we will maintain here... it all depends upon how NAET, working out at the gym & our attitude as things get warm & we feel the need to lose again! lol!

I am looking thru my info & will be posting the info I've found on sourdough recipes and lacto-fermented foods. These are excellent, healthy ways to get our bodies back on a good track to health. My kids who were gluten sensitive were able to eat the sourdough pancakes with no problem! They are sooooo yummy & fluffy! We usually eat them with our homemade blueberry or peach jam (I use honey as sweetener in my jams).

I'll post later when I have something else to say!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

hubby's still maintaining

hubby's maintaining quite well on break. I am too.. but about 4 lbs over last hcg date.. not sure why, but it could all be from my gym workout and a flare from horrible places happening this week. I'm just so tired of this I am anxious for the summer heat to help me feel better. I'm no way antsy to get back to p2 which is very odd for me but I am just so tired of not going anywhere right now and I am quite happy to eat. Although, nothing seems tempting or even a tease for me right now. Well, just the hotdogs we got at Costco.. 100% pure beef, no preservatives or chemicals! wow!! yummy!! We've been drinking a lot of fruit smoothies with frozen berries, cream cheese, cream, raw eggs and yogurt to help get the fat content up. They are quite filling and yummy too!! woohoo!

I filed for vocational rehab with the VA and was approved for independent living care. I am anxious to work with them to see what can be done to help me on a day to day scale. If I can keep my flares down, maybe protocol will not be so up & down for me. The hot packs of physical therapy work well to loosen me up & reduce some pain.. but by the time I get home the effects wear off. sigh. I think I need a whole house sauna! LOL!

Well, I've gotta let the bunnies out awhile and maybe take a snooze and drink lots of water...... too much to do and not enough time to get it all done.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

to the gym and we have bunnies!

Yesterday's visit to the gym went wonderfully! I found I'm not nearly as weak as I was last time I was a regular gym attender about 7 years ago! Pfwhew! At least I could keep up most of the time with hubby! I was worried about injuring my weak joints, esp in my hips ... but today I felt fine and not too sore! YES!! I noticed that today I do not have nearly the energy I would have liked... but I feel some kind of bug coming on. Flu-ish feeling hitting me in the lungs & other places so I took several doses of Airborne & Emergen-C fizzies to combat it before it gets out of control. Hubby was sick the other day with fever & achey so I'm working so I don't get it!

Today we finally got the house bunnies for the kids! Not exactly what we were 'planning' on but everyone is happy with our choices. Our 95 lb dog and 2 semi-feral cats are doing well with their new house friends. One cat is terrified and will not go near them! LOL! One is supposedly a french-mini-lop (not sure if they really know, though) one is supposed to be a mini-rex and the other little one is supposedly a satin but I think it is a mini-satin because it is so small. But that last one (Polly) is a brave and curious little gal! Not afraid of the dog who's nose is bigger than she is! I grew up with rabbits outside & showing for 4-H and never thought about having them run around the house. This is quite the experience even for an ol' farm girl like me!!

Weight-wise, I forgot to weigh today so I don't know where I am at in that department. I expect to gain like crazy while my body increases muscle mass. I had ovulation pain this month, the first time since Thanksgiving, I believe so that is causing me to swell today.. ugh! Hubby & I have been doing very well on not indulging too much into the sweet cravings. We have eggs & bacon (nitrite-free kind) in the morning, fruit smoothie that includes a couple raw eggs, cream cheese, yoghurt and milk. And we've been on a fish kick lately. Mostly because we recently went shopping at Costco and got a lot of fish! And because we're pretty tired of chicken and beef.

I am happy that my craving for ice-cream is nearly gone. I've given in to the habit a couple times, but found that I didn't need to eat a lot. There were times I'd eat and want more & more. But not anymore. I think it has something to do with the NAET sessions.

My last NAET showed I did clear the cold & pressure changes FINALLY!! My Monday's list was chemicals in relation to my joints, ligaments & tendon weakness:

small pox,
PVC plastic,
terylene (is a polyester fabric or a PET plastic)

I seem to be too sensitive for accupuncture since every time he's applied it, I go into a flare. I may be sensitive to needles..

Well, I could write a book about my other family member's NAET tx as well, but I am really, really tired and am anxious to get to bed. This is like a miracle for me! My normal bed time is 2 am or later! It is nearly midnight and I have been struggling awhile now to stay awake. I was having too much fun with the lop bunny who was starting to make her way around the dining room with confidence.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

busy month, no time to blog

Sorry it's been so long since my last update. This month has been over-flowing with 2 NAET visits a week for 4 of us in the family and 2 visits a week for me to physical therapy sessions. It all wears me out immensely! The cold front that came thru this week threw me into another spondy flare.. .. ugh... messes up my losses too!

I seem to have gotten most of my sensitivities taken care of except pesticides and cold, pressure changes, and possibly our cat & dog. I am wondering if I am sensitive to splenda since every time I eat ice-cream that has some in it I get a drippy nose! It is either the artiicial sweetener OR the cold. My doc says cold dampens the fire in my belly (which does not help my constipation issues) add sweet to it and it creates problems for my spleen... sigh... oh well. Finally, ice-cream does not have the same 'pull' on me it used to have.

My 10yo daughter has finished with all the NAET and it is wonderful to see her pink and smiling again! She's been so withdrawn and pale/grey colored I was getting worried about her. My 7 yo is slowly getting her sensitivities straightened out and her nose is not quite so stuffy anymore! So we are onto a good path of health even for her! Hubby has gotten over his sensitivities to food & vegetable fats and recently has been treated for eggs, food color and food additives (msg, etc... which we already knew about).

I tried accupuncture again and have finally realized my body is rejecting treatment. It causes me such pain in the areas... and seems to cause a flare! so we will be looking into the possibility that I am sensitive to needles or metal at our next appt. Doc also suggested I start EFT on dealing with my disease on the cellular level and on the level that I forgive myself for any 'thoughts' that I deserved to be sick.... after physical therapy on Friday, I really felt the urge to do some EFT while driving and I think I got a breakthru cuz the tears were flowing! I definitely need some more 'work' in some areas!

As for protocol... hubby & I are taking a break since it's been 3 weeks. I'm not sure how long the break will be. My thyroid is starting to going hyper again and it is creating havoc with my losses. I am so hungry I feel nauseous and dizzy. So I deviate over calories and end up gaining & losing the same couple pounds. I started Iodine on Thurs., since I am deficient and will see if that will balance things out.

Hubby is 7 lbs under his goal weight and it is amazing to see his muscles so defined!! He looks RIPPED without even working out! woohoo! Our plan is to start going to the gym to get some toning workout going during this next p3 break and see what happens. I am hoping the last of the cold fronts are finished coming thru so I don't get so flared when they happen!

Monday, March 2, 2009

more yo-yo

yesterday I was 155.2, today I am 154.8 ... continually yo-yoing. Often, I've found, this is typical.

Hubby is at 146.6!! His belly just went POOF! only showing fat on the love-handles areas now!

NAET for me: I blew the cold test today so I had to re-do it. I've noticed slight changes for the positive in my whole body and even how I feel after I eat. YEA!!

Hubby went in today and he's got issues in chemical, food & environmental sensitivities. He is a Gulf War Vet & suffers Gulf War Syndrome. His exam showed he's got issues with liver & kidney and had problems with his polarity reversing during testing. He has to avoid all processed sugars, corn and wheat for today. Doc tried to add fish & shellfish, but his body would not allow the extra so that will be another day!

DD#2: still weak on corn sugars and is adding wheat, grapes, cukes, melons (signalling a mold issue here)

DD#3: is still weak on milk and is adding rice, wheat, onion, food colors & additives.

New information today: Bromide family of 'ingredients' is highly toxic. Food companies have used it to replace iodine... they are the same family on the periodic table, but Bromide coats our nerves and mimics iodine...end result is our bodies do not get the important nutrient iodine and we get sick. Fluoride is the same family too and does the same as bromide. Odd thing here... hubby (& other gulf war vets) were given NAP pills.. (Nerve agent pills) to build up their body's tolerance for if they become exposed to nerve agent... guess what the main part of the pills were??? Bromide!! Hubby is going to do a 'chelation' of sorts using iodine which in high amts will push out and clean out the bromide that is 'stuck' in his body.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

a new day

I am down 1.4 today
hubby is down 0.8 today

Feb 26, 2009 Allergy Elimination Technique day 4 (Thursday)...

For some reason, I've been having 2 cycles a month and we are working on trying to figure it out.

During NAET, the doc showed my liver & pancreas was not 'right' which contributes to more blood flow of the uterus. He balanced that so we'll see what happens!

I held all my recent 'allergies' ... woohooo!! and no sign of candida!! yes! We talked about my flares & the biggest causes seem to be weather changes and cold. I don't flare nearly as bad in the summer and when I do, I lay in the sun on my deck & it makes me feel better. So the doc tested me on cold & pressure changes with my joints & ligaments & cartiledge and it showed I was weakened during those times! (He used a glove blown up and I squeezed it to represent pressure change and filled another glove with ice to represent cold. I tested fine with the glove).

Lots of odd things working together today and I have to avoid pressure changes & cold for 24 hours... The best I can do is keep as warm as possible and do not breathe cold air and we'll see on Monday how my body responds!

Here's an explanation he gave me about this whole process...... using Lead as an example (my dd tested weak with lead & he balanced her)

.... our bodies are full of energy... everything has an energy signature. When our body is at one frequency and something else like Lead, or wheat, or nuts, etc.. is at another frequency, our body recognizes it as 'bad' and rejects it, stuffing it somewhere so it doesn't have to deal with it. (this is why allergies come out as joint pain, sinus problems, fatigue, weakened organs, glands, tissue, etc)

What NAET does is forces our bodies to accept the offending item/s as 'OK' instead of 'invader' so it can properly deal with it. It helps create harmony between our body & those items.

I know that one big side effect I'm noticing is a greater sense of peace inside me. Hubby's up for an appt on Monday.... muahahahahaha

Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 3 of allergy elimination (NAET)

Today was visit 3 on NAET... all my previously treated allergies were stable! whoot! I noticed that when I ate some wheat & dairy, I did not get drippy nose anymore.

Today I tested weak on
all pesticides (we will take care of them at another time),
melons (could be a mold connection)

the nightshade family:
bell peppers
(nightshade is notorious for causing joint pain..hmmm...)

I think there's a couple I left out but I cannot find my paper right now! ugh!

and all those allergies above do cause issues with my tendons, cartilage and ligaments and nothing else in my body (no organs, glands, etc).

Since the accupuncture needles caused me pain in most places, the doc used a maching using microenergy.. or whatever.. that he uses on children or people afraid of needles. He did treat my belly with needles.

I am very anxious for my next appt!! I am also having my 7 yo start treatment next week. I'm very curious to see what will come up with her. She is toxic with lead, mercury, etc but her body does not seem to be able to absorb nutrients to get her physically strong enough to go thru chelation.

My 10yo daughter went thru first tx and found she is deficient in minerals but they make her weak, so we have to get that one taken care of before we can build up her body to accept the minerals! So she has to drink distilled water, no bathing, no touching water or metals or eating of anything grown underground (peanuts, potatoes, carrots, etc). The doc also showed her how to go thru EFT to help her deal with some emotional issues relating to some of her pain.

That's my blurb for today about NAET....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I lost 2.2 lbs today after 'loading' on hcg for a day... I went up to 159.8 and back down to 157.6. Since hubby started, I felt it would be easier to cook for him and me instead of us separately. He doesn't do so well when he cannot eat, but I can...

Hubby went down to 150.2 (WHOOT WHOOT!)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

hubby is such a LOSER!

hehehehhe.... his last loading weight was 154.4, yesterday he was 153.8 and today he is!! He hasn't been on hcg since Thanksgiving!

His losses are making me anxious to start again. I've been off hcg for a week and would like to go longer just for a rest from protocol, but I'm scared to stay off hcg for much longer because I am not stable and cannot get back to where I stopped. But I also started a higher flare this week too.. yesterday I could hardly move so swelling causes weight too.. sigh... I just wanna be DONE already! LOL! Patience is soooo hard sometimes, eh?!

Friday, February 20, 2009

hubby is loading

Hubby has been loading for the past day and I believe, will start VLCD today. He has gained about 10 lbs since Thanksgiving. I think his weight this morning, after going thru loading, is at 157. Once he comes home, I will update his ticker with the appropriate weight.

I may join him after next week's allergy elimination sessions. I notice all my sensitivities now that candida is completely under control in my system! I have an immediate drippy nose within minutes of eating something I know I am sensitive to (that haven't been treated yet). I have dealt with chronic sinus pain for 12 years and that is now healed. I'm sure it has something to do with the Candida causing my sinuses to flare!

I am very excited about this new journey towards health. My sensitivities being dealt with for 24 hours after treatment: milk (again), wheat, nuts, floride, beans, alcohol.... I cannot touch or eat those items for 24 hours after treatment.

I notice after treatments this week, I don't have nearly the bloating and pain in my gut I used to have. It makes sense that the foods I was eating would cause so much pain & problems in my body's digestion & absorption of food...which probably caused me to store fat as a protective measure! Everyone on our group that has gone thru allergy elimination has had greater success maintaining and losing on protocol. And their horrendous cravings have gone away!

Monday, February 16, 2009

1st day of Allergy Elimination

Today was my first appointment to start the process of allergy elimination. The accupuncturist determined, thru muscle testing, the general things that cause weakness in my body. Looking at my history he said that since my symptoms cross every area, that typically means food sensitivities. Which is the only thing I did test positive.. foods! Today was the first round of milk, eggs, fish, candida, bacteria, parasites, wheat... and I cannot remember anything else.. lol! I was weak with candida, milk, shellfish, fish, brewer's yeast, and soy. He did his thing to balance my body and I have to avoid touching those things for 24 hours and repeat the process 3-4 times within the next 2 weeks to get the best long-term results. He also agreed with me that caprylic acid and grapefruitseed extract are two of the BEST candida killers! woohooo! I was right in my research!

My next appt is on Thurs. I've never done accupuncture and found that part of his treatment quite interesting. He did some points along my hip & spine to try to relieve some of my pain. The jury is still out and we'll see what happens!

As for the hcg protocol.... I did not weigh myself this morning and am not going to be concerned for a couple days. I know I'm losing inches because I went bra shopping a couple weeks ago and they fit totally different than when I tried them today. I was happy enough with the fit that I bought a couple. What a difference a couple weeks makes!

That is all for tonight. I am excited to be seeing my belly roll continuing it's decline!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Video on YouTube!

Below is a video put together by our support group.. showing the changes some of our members have made using this protocol! I am the 3rd & 4th picture (the second set). I cannot believe the CHANGES of everyone...especially in ME!!! (I cannot believe I had any fat pictures of me anywhere! LOL! I usually deleted them or refused to be photographed!)

I am going to go on break awhile.. again.. now that I don't have to worry about any particular physical or anything coming up. I believe my recent issues of hunger & stalling are because my thyroid is going hyper. Most people lose weight when they are 'hyper' thyroid... I am constantly hungry and end up eating over calories or off protocol and the hcg is causing me to retain 'weight'. Actually, all that is happening is my body retains increase of water/blood volume to deal with the increase of calories. I am planning on staying on this resting phase until my thyroid gets settled down... hopefully it won't take long.

I also have an appt on Monday to start the process of NAET allergy elimination technique thru my natural doc's clinic. Another gal on our support group has had phenominal changes to her protocol after going thru a similar process because she was sensitive to EVERYTHING... like me. I am very excited to get these taken care of so I can be more successful on protocol & off protocol again!! I'm also going thru,.. I think.. another emotional period. It seems once I fit into the size 6 jeans I started becoming afraid to lose again. I've not ever been under a size 6 or 150 as an adult. I showed pictures in an earlier post of what I looked like at this weight. But now, I have a LOT of abnormal fat & less muscle mass, which means I will get to a much lower weight than I ever dreamed! I am overwhelmed & somewhat 'scared' to get to this next level of 'virgin' weight territory.

Friday, February 13, 2009

nothing creative to title this one!

I know I haven't updated much here, but my journey is at a continued 'stalling' time. Boredom, I suppose.. and the fact I am long overdue for a break.

I had an excellent appt with my natural doc.. she's asked me to send her all the info to start LDN tx ... which is odd for me to experience a doc who trusts my research enough to tell me to send her the doseages, compounding mixture, etc! The LDN (Low dose naltrexone)has been reported as a new treatment for autoimmune diseases. Some tx I can do only stop the pain, but not the disease. Some tx stop the pain, but progress the disease. Other tx only create other problems in my body. LDN is reported to be at such low doses that side effects are nearly non-existent. And this has shown to stop diseases and reverse many (chron's, aids, cancer, hiv, ms, etc). I am very anxious to start this and within 6 weeks, I may be pain free! I cannot imagine what that would be like for me!

My doc also thinks my double monthly cycles (TOM) are from hormones & thyroid issues so we're working on adjusting medications. I have an appt set up on Monday to start the allergy elimination NAET program with her accupuncturist.

I also had a VA psych eval that has finally proved and documented I suffer with depression secondary to my inflammatory spondylitis...and that I am not a psych bastketcase... so. now to get on with the paperwork to get things finalized with the VA...

Other than that I've stalled again for several days at 155.0 and after allergy elimination I may go on p3 break. I don't know. I may just start losing again! I'm just so tired of focusing on food & diet! ugh! I'm not used to doing this outside of pregnancies where my midwife made me keep track of protein intake! LOL! my 'ADD' says 'enough already' on to a new thing!

But I do realize the last 20 lbs are the most difficult as my body adjusts and conquers this fat. I suppose pictures are due sometime soon as well...

Monday, February 2, 2009

moving on

Today I am down again to 154.8 and am hoping I will be onward down again. I am in a big flare now and am disappointed it has started up again. but I am thankful for the nearly 4 week relief of lesser pain! I had a long cycle again. Or I should say a normal one. The first several months of being on hcg caused me to have super short cycles and that made me happy!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

On again

I started hcg again on Sunday, I think.. days go by so quickly recently! UGH! I've been 'stalled' at 155.2 awhile... today I hit 155.0 and am hoping I'm thru this slow time. I'm not worried because I can feel the fat is loosening up around my belly & things are shrinking. It's a period of 'losing inches' that I've been waiting for!

I've decided to not worry about the upcoming needed weight for our new life insurance policy. I am supposed to be at 146 to get a cheaper plan. I have noticed that I seem to slow down as I anticipate a particular weight! So I'm telling my body that it doesn't matter and what will be will be.

I'm still having heart palpatations or something odd going on with my heart or lungs. My heart doesn't really thump.. just seems to take my breath away if I get to moving too much. I don't have the money for a dr visit right now, but on calling her she said it sounds like my thyroid is going hyper and to reduce meds after taking a couple days off to clear my system quicker. I did that and am still experiencing them. It is kind of a freaky experience for me. That could very well have messed up my recent hunger and slower losses. I've also had more pain this week which has always caused slower losses.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

New size in pants today

Today I accompanied my friend shopping today to have a girl's day out. JCPenny's had awesome sale of their clearance things.. buy one clearance item, get the second one free! $55 Jeans were marked down to $14.99!!(so I got the jeans for $7.50!!) I went to the jr section and was looking around as she tried on jeans and though, what the heck, why not try on a pair just for fun. Normally I am traumatized because I have difficulty finding jeans that I like and that fit well. I picked a size 9... thinking it would be too tight, so I grabbed a 13 as well since jr sizes tend to be small. I tried on the 9 and found they fit LOOSELY!! wow!! *insert BIG smile here*.

I went back and thought.. what the heck, let's try on a 6 and see how far I have left to go. I trudged back to the fitting room and was so shocked I nearly fell over. They FIT and I could even button them up with no issues!!! No kidding!! I do have a good muffin top hanging over, but the fat is sooo lose, I could still button up my pants with no pain or issues of strength! LOL! I am soooooooo geeked about this! SIZE 6 PANTS! But then I should have expected it because I have 2 pair of size 6 shorts in my drawer from years ago that I am able to fit too. I didn't know if sizes have changed over the years or not. I really hate these styles where the waistband comes across my hips... the fattest part of my body and makes the muffin top even larger! Oh well.... SOON it will be GONE!!!

That is my update for today. I am still on break. I went up to 155.0 and not sure why other than I need to do some intestinal releasing. I peed constantly yesterday and woke up feeling very thin... it's hard to explain, but there's some days I feel very fat & bloated & other days I feel like I had a good loss. I'm not worried anymore. The more I stress about it, the longer it takes to lose it.

Friday, January 23, 2009

First day of phase 3

Today is my first day of Phase 3 eating... full calories but concentrating on healthy fats, clean protein, veggies & fruits.

I've been dealing with a strange heaviness feeling in my chest that seems to happen when I get moving too much, like cleaning or shopping, or when I get scared. It's like my heart is always a flutter! I called my doc because it hit me that it is probably my thyroid. She said to stop my Armour thyro meds for 2 days to clear my system and then to lower my dose. This is a good thing because maybe my thyroid has had enough rest & support that it is starting to function better on its own! The feeling is very odd and I cannot imagine what people with Grave's diseases (hyper thyroid) deal with!

Hopefully I'll be able to start hcg after a short break. I am waiting for specific support from the online group to see if I am going to try the High Fat Experient or not. Eating a specific ratio of fat to protein to carbs will help me lose to my lowest hcg weight, maintain or gain. I'm not confident to do it myself so I am waiting for help.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

another break

I am taking a break from hcg.. I am suffering too much hunger and cannot eat so I need to stop a bit. I start taking a few bites and feel sick. (I am not pregnant! LOL!) So I am working with my friend, Biz, (off the happily thinner after support group) to get back to my lowest weight on hcg which was 152.8 by doing a 'high fat experiment' as what we call it. It is still in testing phase, but basically, it is testing to see how people respond to a specific amt of fat, protein, carbs, calories, etc during phase 3 to lose that weight above the lowest hcg weight. It is like a glorified steak day Dr Simeon's talks about.

I am hoping this break will give my body a rest and continue the losses. I am hoping to be to 146 quickly because we are getting new life insurance and I am considered higher risk if I am above 146 lbs. Which is sad that they do that. Even when I was 200 lbs, I did not look obese. And now, I look normal to most people, even though my numbers consider me highly overweight. They need to come up with a new system!

So that is my story... the challenge is to do a high fat with all the food sensitivities I have. If I indulge in them, I run the risk of not losing or not losing as fast. I am basically stuck with eating almonds, avocados and olive oil for my fats!! oh joy...! LOL!

Friday, January 16, 2009

I hit the big 50!

Actually, it was yesterday since right now it is 12:30 am Friday morning... egads! time flew today!!

My weight this morning was a constant 152.8 . . .making me 50.2 lbs GONE!!! WOOHOO!!

I have completely lost my appetite. I'm not sure if this candida detox is doing it, but I cooked a steak for me & hubby & I could only eat about 3 bites. I made fish for supper and could only eat a few small pieces. I hope this doesn't damage my weigh-in tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

49.8 lbs lost....

Today I am down .4 and weighed in at 153.2 ..... I have .2 until I hit the 50 lb mark!

I am going to push thru as much as possible because we talked with a life insurance company & I have to be at 146 to get their xtra premier policy. We will have a medical team visit us within 2-3 weeks so I am hoping to get there by then! I may do a mini-load day to 'shock' my system if things go too slow here on week 4. I typically do not do so well after this time on protocol. But each round is different and who knows what will happen.

I've not been eating full protein lately and have had not much of an appetite at all. I am going to work hard today to get the full protein cooked & eaten.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

belly pooch lost more

Today I went down 0.8

I got on & off the scale several times while re-setting it between weights and got the numbers 153.4 and 153.2 several times..... I am so excited to be getting thru the 150's in good time!! MAYBE tomorrow I will hit the 50 lb mark!

I noticed that overnight I lost a pooch on my belly!! woohoo!! Now, with such a loss, it looks like a battle ground again.. loose skin like crazy which is making the stretch marks look like a cat clawed on my belly. But I KNOW it will go away as protocol continues to work and tighten everything up!

I am very glad to see that my belly fat is being extracted now. My waist has not changed for nearly 20 lbs!! But it is known that the older fat in your body is harder to break down and get rid of it. And the last 20 lbs tend to be more challenging to get off too.

Hubby weighed himself today & was STILL lower than me! LOL by .2! He is geeked! For awhile he was getting worried as his weight was going up & down between 3 -4 lbs and one day I did weigh less than him. So he started eating better to keep below me! LOL! the goober!! He said when I hit 150 he will start protocol with me for a final round.

My dilema: I have one day left for this cycle.. I've done better with 3 weeks on hcg, 1 week off, 3 weeks on hcg, 1 week off... etc. It gives me a break and my losses are better. That seems to be the general concensus of many on the support forum too so I'm not alone in that department!.... So... I have not decided yet if I want to push thru the rest of the week and get to 150 or stop at exactly 3 weeks. I am feeling great and have not been struggling with deviations like I normally tend to do. I suppose I will take it one day at a time. I really, really want to get to 150 before stopping. But usually what I want to happen is soo different from what my body wants to do!

Monday, January 12, 2009

home again

We are back home now. I weighed myself this morning and the scale said 154.4 ... or something like that. I forgot the number and jumped back on the scale ... it said 153.8...!!! woohoo!! I'm doing WELL for having traveling issues!!! I'm very dehydrated today & am sucking down as much water as I can to try to get my lips from being so dry. This is a good sign that the hcg is using water to break down more fat. I will see more good losses over the next couple days!! I am going to look for a possible gain as the hcg makes my body retain water to do it's work. Or it may have already happened this weekend when I bounced between 155 & 154 a couple times.

The future looks GRAND!!!! And please... feel free to become a follower of my blog!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

OLD pictures of me at 150

Today I am up a bit.... 155.4 .... I'm having strange spotting again today.. not sure what is going on. I know my up & down weight is from traveling & not being in my own home. I am not worried.

Here are some pictures of me at the beach when I was 20 and weighing 150 lbs.. I know the pictures do not show that much, but maybe it shows enough to get an idea of what I looked like....
Photobucket 1995:150 lbs Photobucket

I will post my fat pictures too.. I was 220 when I delivered my 5th child. I believe I went down to 205-210 within a couple months of nursing. When I get time I will put together a YouTube video showing my changes and get it ready for the final reveal picture of me.

Today I visited some old church friends I haven't seen in 3 years. Most of them didn't recognize me!! It was GREAT!!! Several of them have seen my updated pictures on Facebook and said I looked so much better in person!! I am still glowing from all the praises!! WOOHOOO!!

I got to meet with one of my best friends here who is a homeopath and into natural things as much as I am! She showed me how to do the allergy muscle testing which worked and showed exact same results as my blood test. I am excited because I am able to test my kids without having to waste time with an elimination diet that can take up to 6 months per food item. I have found my one daughter is for sure sensitive to wheat & watermelon and not milk, and my other is sensitive to milk and not wheat and not yougurt! So now I'm going around testing everyone on everything! LOL! Oh what fun I am having!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

breastfeeding question

I've been asked about breastfeeding while on protocol. It is highly suggested to talk to your doctor first.

My thoughts & ramblings.. (I am not a doctor and cannot give medical advice.. what is written are my thoughts)

..... but 99.99% of doctors don't know about this protocol. If you join the group on, you can ask questions and do a lot of research there. We have a lot of veterans with experience & research under their belts to give advice & help. You need 15 posts before you can view the personal blogs & pictures, so say hi & ask questions.

I personally know a gal who did protocol while breastfeeding and had no problems. Yes, toxins are released while losing fat and you will go thru detox symptoms. Some people detox more severe than others. Detox can be anything from headaches to flu-like symptoms.

When you are pregnant and not eating enough for you & baby... you will lose abnormal body fat, just like on this protocol. It is all part of the mechanism of our bodies.

A better option would be to start preparing yourself by changing your eating habits before starting the hcg protocol... start eating more raw fruits & veggies and increase your good fats (dairy, eggs, coconut oils, meats, etc). Stop eating processed foods and junk. It will help you be more successful on protocol in the long haul.

You can always order some hcg now and hang onto it. We've noticed the prices are starting to explode higher & higher so it is best to get it now while it is cheaper. It will store many years before it is mixed. It will also take up to 6 weeks to receive your shipment.

Baby comes first.. you will have a lot of time afterwards to lose the weight. Everyone goes thru times of frustration & stress while on protocol because it will slap you around quite a bit. It will show you your weaknesses, it will take you down some healing paths that can be quite 'traumatic' but good. It will frustrate the dickins out of you.. You will deal with temper tantrums because you can't eat something you want... you'll deal with 'depression' because you deviated AGAIN and the scale found out the next morning.. or the day after that...

It is a journey that could possibly stress you out enough to where you could lose your milk production. If you are ok with weaning now if that should happen.. then go for it. Many gals have weaned their babies to start protocol and were filled with regret but happy with starting to lose weight. Kind of a sweet, double edged sword. But they soon got over it.

If you decide to wait... sit back, join the group and READ, read, read so you can become a pro before you start!


I'm visiting relatives accross the state this weekend. We drove over last night and will be coming home Sunday or Monday. I brought my scale, but it appears the bathroom floor is uneven and may be giving an inaccurate reading.

155.4 is what the scale said here.

We'll see what happens though. I took magnesium today to get my bowels moving. It's been quite a while of no movement and traveling always slows things down too. There's signs that I may be starting TOM already again (WAAAY early). Finances are tight & my food options are limited. I'm sticking to eating a lot of salad and have decided to eat all natural turkey breast slices on my salad. No scale and no other options right now. I'll make due.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Anchor's Away!

down 0.6 am 154.8! Photobucket

Today I got inspired and tried on my old Navy uniforms and was STUNNED that they FIT!!! OMG!!! My waist and chest are larger than back then, but my rear looks.... oooo!! Fantastical in those dungarees!! LOL! I would have NEVER thought I'd say that! Back then they were not the fashion because they are flared legs, but now they look GREAT!!!

I cannot believe it! I AM SOOO GEEKED!!! And feeling GOOOOOOOOD!Photobucket

I joined the US Navy in Feb. 1995... weighing 150 lbs and had to get measured constantly because I was over the weight limit for my height. They'd take measurements of my neck, waist & hips and do some specific math and come up with body fat composition. I always was within the limits at that weight. I'm sure if I went back in now, I'd be over those limits because of the higher body fat I am still carrying! I was trainging to be a hospital corpsman (Navy medic) when I received a medical discharge. (I miss it so much!)

I am 1.8 away from hitting the 50 lb mark... can I do it??

It seems my belly is taking the longest to reduce but I can for sure say that it is reducing! A couple months ago I could get my uniform pants on but there was 4-5 inches before I could close the button. Since my waist measurements haven't changed much since then, I didn't expect to be able to close them!!

Now hcg.. start working on sculpting my belly!! PRONTO!Photobucket

Oh and I am nearing what hubby weights. He's gained since his last hcg dose that was before Thanksgiving. He weighed in at 154.2. He's pretty stable around that weight so we've not been too worried. He's been eating what he pleases and is starting the bad habit of night time munchies. But his body has been doing fine maintaining. Although, he has gained some girth in his belly which is something we & my friend have noticed on hcg. That it seems almost like a bloating in the belly kind of gain. Our theory is that the bloat happens first and if we continue to over-eat or eat all the wrong things, it will start packing into abnormal fat reserves. That is our theory, anyhow. Hubby will start hcg when I hit 150, he says.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

sooo close to 50 lbs!!

I am 2.4 lbs away from hitting the 50 lbs lost!! I was down 1.6 today... my weight is 155.4!! Photobucket

I was hoping for a nice loss after going up & down so much lately!! That is typical as the body gets ready to lose... it sometimes 'gains' first.

I had a question asked about my stretch marks and how they are faring as I lose. I am very pleased with how my belly is changing. While the marks are not gone or will not go away, the fat that surrounded each one is going, and making my belly look smoother. The 'grand canyon' effect is definitely going away!!! Photobucket (this is my emoticon for the day! LOL!) Hopefully that makes sense! I'm not sure how the stretch marks will finally end up but I am hopeful. I was a little concerned awhile when my skin was all stretchy and my belly looked like a cat was using it for a scratching post. yuk!

Once I hit 150 lbs, I will be the same weight I was when I met hubby and joined the Navy. But back then I had barely any fat on me. I did find a picture of me and will scan it to show the difference of my 150lb body then & now. It is obvious that I have lost a LOT of muscle mass since then! Once I get the fat off and I get my flares under control, I intend on working out and getting some muscle mass back!

so one more time now..... Photobucket

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

work to be done

Today is the day we've decided to take down Christmas stuff and put it away. We're going to move the kids' computer upstairs to the homeschool room so we can finish painting downstairs while I have the energy. It's got one wall painted and that is all.. since this summer! I'm tired of a half-finished looking room!

School has started and the kids are not really into it yet so we're working on getting back into the schedule of things, esp with the oddness of hubby being home since he got laid off.

Today I am down a bit and have weighed in at 157.0.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday is today

There is a big front blowing thru... I know... I know.. you probably don't want to hear of my flares .. again. ... but it is here and I hadn't recovered well from the flare from getting sick earlier. Sigh...The roads are very icy here and hubby had to help a neighbor get out of a snow bank because they do not plow or salt our roads. The neighbor said it is like an ice-rink out there!

Today my weight is 157.0. I'm up again. A number of things could be the culprit: inflammation and slow reaction to things I had eaten the other day. Thankfully, tomorrow is a new day.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New year

Today is the 2nd and we had to leave our friend's house last night, a day or two early because hubby & I were not feeling well.... some sort of food poisoning or intestinal illness. We're not sure what happened, but had to go home. I didn't want to puke at my friend's house! Thankfully, nothing came up that way and we left our 3 daughters there with plans, hopefully to go back later this afternoon. I'm feeling better today.. .not 100% but able to move without feeling sick! Sad things is I cannot eat soda crackers to help my stomach!! ugh! I am sensitive to gluten... I'm drinking vitamin water (no high-fructose corn syrup like gatoraide has!) and it feels good and seems to be hydrating me pretty well.

All that happening, I wasn't sure how my weight would be today with all the dehydration going on. hCg tends to hold onto water when you become dehydrated or don't drink enough water. Thankfully, I was down .2 today from the 31st. I am pleased because I wasn't sure what damage New Year's eve would have done to me. I didn't eat much, but had some wine & ate some chips & nuts late in the evening. Plus some fudge... ohhhh yum... FUDGE!!!!! I have been waiting a loooong time to eat fudge!!!

I finally found a couple pictures of me at 150 skinny pounds in a swimsuit... I'll have to scan them and upload to show everyone that I was really skinny at that high weight!! LOL! I look at myself.. only 6 pounds higher and REALLY, REALLY fat when I compare the pictures with me now. The mystery of what weight I'll finally get to is getting more & more interesting!