Monday, December 29, 2008

today's stats

Yesterday I weighed in at 158.4
and today I weighed in at 157.4 ... today is my lowest weight! I've hit 45 lbs lost finally..... woohoo!


Amy Ohlson said...

Congratulations!!! How many people can say they are at their lowest weight 5 days after Christmas??? Seriously! That is GREAT!!! I'm excited to start again! Who knew a 500 calorie diet would be so much fun! LOL! So I told you I was up 1.8 so I did a steak day and was back down 2.0 today! Wa-hoo! Do you know how often you can do steak days? I actually really liked it! I wouldn't mind doing that once a week as part of phase III...

Keep up the great work!

Trudi said...

CONGRATS!! Steak Days are an important part of Phase 3 & 4, according to Dr S. He says that is the way to constantly maintain for life. Watch your weight regularly and 'fix' with steak days. I like steak days because I can only eat at a steak house!! home cooked steaks are ...bleck! too tough for me to chew so it is a great excuse to go out to eat! "honey.. I NEED to do a steak day today"! lol!