Monday, December 22, 2008


Our professional Ball pictures came in! You can click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

We've had SNOW upon SNOW upon SNOW here. ugh... got snowed in all weekend because the plows do not take care of side roads until several days later. Our van was stuck until hubby shoveled it out. And we're expecting another 10 inches or so.. so far we've gotten several feet or more and our area is very sheltered and nothing blows away.. it just all collects!

I've decided to take a couple day's break since we had a small fellowship party at our house on Sat and I wanted to eat tacos & a few other goodies. My weight is at 160 this morning and I completely expected that. I am not sure when I'll go back on protocol.

Hubby is at 153 and bounces btwn 153 and 149 so that is a good sign that he's stabalized pretty well.


Amy Ohlson said...

what an adorable pix!!! looks like you had a great time!

i totally relate to you wanting to take a couple days off. Yesterday was my last shot so I still have 2 more days of the diet before I can go into phase 3 (or whatever they call it)... anyway- I had a slight gain on Sunday (.4) so I decided what the hell, and did an apple day. I was back down 2 more pounds this morning. For a grand total of 15 lbs in 22 days! Waa-Hoo! I am 3 lbs away from my pre-prego weight but i'm wondering how much is going to stay off during the no sugar/no startch phase, ya know?

I have been looking at recipes online for things that I can make for Christmas. Any suggestions? Do you follow like an atkins type plan? or maybe South Beach? I have done both those diets in the past (between babies 1-2) and both worked well for me so I'm probably just going to follow one of those.

Well- I just wanted to send you an update and thank you for all your help during my journey~ I plan to finish out my shots (still have a little less than 1/2 left) after the begining of the year sometime.

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

I have a question.

I ordered hcg thru the link you provided. How trustworthy are they? I am asking because I tested my hcg solution (already mixed to be ~150 I.U. per 0.5cc) on the pregnancy test and it came out to be negative. I did it 3 times and it still showed the same negative results.

So, i am wondering -- have you ever tested your batch? Or you just go ahead with the shots assuming the hcg is effective? Btw, the expiry on the vial says 2011. So, i have no clue what to do now.

Any suggestion?

I think i'd try pure hcg on the pregnancy test tomorrow. Maybe it'd show anything positive.

Trudi said...

Thanks Amy! I'm so glad to hear of your success!! If you focus on the healthy things and only nibble on the 'bad' things you should be fine. It all depends upon how much your body has 'healed'. Also it depends upon what time you eat it. If you eat something 'bad' later, the chance of your body storing it as fat will be greater because you haven't had time to burn it off.

Follow a high veggie, high fat protocol. Watch the root veggies as they are high starch as well as corn, peas & carrots. Did you know Dr Simeons & Atkins studied together? That's why their programs are so similar.

Best of luck!

Trudi said...

Hi Anonymous.... The link I have posted is condisered the ONLY source for reputable hcg. I have never checked the potency personally but all my forum friends that do have always found it to be valid. I know pregnancy tests need to be used with the hcg solution and not your urine. Also I believe you need 4-5 drops on the test or something like that because it is such a small amt of hcg that the test won't show positive.

Are you testing because you're concerned it will not work before trying? Or are you having symptoms that the hcg is old? You can always contact that pharmacy & talk to them. I've heard they are very good over the phone or via their website.

Anonymous said...

Dear Trudi,

I checked because I'd been gorging (like really gorge) and now i am afraid that i'd been stuffing myself while injecting a non-effective solution.

Thanks for the answer. I really appreciate.

Amy Ohlson said...

Thanks (again) Trudi for your help! I've done pretty good (I think) considering it's the holidays. I made a breakfast caserole that was TO DIE FOR! Using all "no carb breakfast items" and I also made deviled eggs (also no carb) that everyone snarfed up in minutes! I made a 7 layer dip (again, only the no-carb kind) and made homemade chips using low carb (4net) torillas. It turned out fantastic! And Lastly, I made a low carb cheesecake. It was OK- not very sweet. Oh- and my famous sugar-free jello salad too! So if anythin, I would say I maybe ate too much of the "OK" things. I had some cashews too and probably shouldn't have. I also gave myself a couple days off from weighing, I didn't want a small gain to ruin my christmas (and it would have) so I'll start up again in a couple days after I'm back on track 100%. I am thinking that maybe tomorrow or Saturday i will do a "steak day!" just to undo any dammage.

I'll tell you one thing though- I am MISSING the HCG! That stuff makes me feel GREAT! In fact, I told the nurse that and she suggested we check my thyroid becuase the fact that I feel so greaet on HCG could be an indication that I have a sluggish thyroid. So- I'll have that tested before my next apt.

ANyway- Just wanted to drop in and share my Holiday recipes/ideas. It's always nice to have someone to "talk" to that understands- my family just kind of shakes their heads and says "you're fine just the way you are! Eat a chocolate bar!"

Oh- one other thing. i found a website that listed "low carb friendly adult beverages" so i am going to be treating myself to a glass of white wine tonight (only 3 carbs)! I haven't had anything since before getting pg with my daughter over a year ago! I'm so excited! LOL!

Hope you and your family have a very safe and happy christmas!

Trudi said...

Hi Anonymous..... If you are gaining pounds while gorging, then the hcg is working perfectly! Although, I tend to lose on my 2nd gorge day, but I am unable to gorge like many people can. Keep me updated on how things are going! All your gorge weight should come off within the first 5 days or sooner.

Trudi said...

HI Amy! So glad you had a great Christmas! Sounds YUMMY!

Most people feel better on hCG... but if you have a sluggish thyroid that would be good to have it taken care of! Ask for a copy of your labs... anything over a TSH of 3 is considered hypo... many docs have a standard of TSH of 6 or higher and you will go undiagnosed and still suffer.

Also, many people have lost INCHES during phase 3 as their body tightens up the skin and continues to flush out the fat cells.