Monday, December 15, 2008

ON the losing streak again!!

yesterday I was down 1 lb to hit 159.0 again.... and today I went down 1.4 to 157.6 ....

157.6 wow!! that number is very exciting to see!!!! Funny thing is my belly seems to be the LAST place to lose! I am seeing/feeling the losses in my ankles, knees, everywhere EXCEPT my belly!!! ugh!! I'm just geeked to be losing again!!

I am down 45.4 lbs total!! Maybe... just maybe I'll be down 50 lbs by this time next week... wouldn't that be something?!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your successes, Trudi. I am so thrilled for you and I have loved watching your journey. Can't wait to see another round of pictures! If DD weans before I get pregnant again and I still have weight to lose, I am going to try out the protocol, just so I can more comfortably recommend it to others. I have lost ~70 on my own (including pregnancy weight).

I am sorry about your husband's job. :( I will pray that you all find a way to make it through.

Edens_mom from DS

Amy Ohlson said...

Good Job! Do you think it's hard this time of year? I kind of do, but also am so busy that I don't sit around and think about eating. ya know? Anyway- just wanted to update you. I'm' doing pretty good. Today was day 18 (I think) and am down to 155.8. So I am 5.8 lbs away from my final goal! I went into my clinic today and they suggested taking a couple weeks off (doing low carb) starting on x-mas eve and then start again after the new year. That is- IF I still need to lose a few (which I probably will, I doubt i'll lose 5 lbs in one week) I paid for the full 40 day protocal anyway so I might as well finish it out.

anyway- keep up the good work and keep the updates coming!

Happy Holidays!

Trudi said...

Thanks Edens-mom! congrats on your own losses! And thank you for your prayers. I know the Lord will take care of us all. Sometimes it is scary to not know His ways.

Amy.... I'm soooo glad to keep up with your progress too! It is really neat to be connected with 'strangers' that are not strangers! Ya know! I'm surprised your clinic is having you stop at 18 days as Dr S says even those with only 10 lbs to lose should do at least 23 days. But maybe it isn't an issue like Dr S thought. I know I have put a short break in my current round before the 23 days.