Friday, December 26, 2008

off a short break

I started hcg on the 24th and called Wed & Thurs loading days so I could indulge in some homemade goodies. I only gained a couple pounds in spite of eating off protocol for that week! We had a quiet celebration with just us & the kids. Thankfully I didn't flare too bad so I could enjoy the days.

We made several goodies using gluten free flour and they were pretty yummy!! I'm sensitive and I am highly suspicious we have other family members sensitive.... now to get hubby off the wheat is going to be a challenge! It's a new way to think of meals... no more noodle or bread options as a quick meal for the kids! I'm hoping our food stamps application is accepted so we can afford to stay away from those bad foods.

This week I also finished the Cipro antibiotic (for possible klebisellia gut bacteria) and started a new antibiotic (Fluconazole) for candida. These two meds tend to dehydrate so my theory is that while on hcg I may have slower losses due to my body retaining water because of them. This antibiotic will be a month long session.

Today my weigh-in was 159.4. TOM started today so there's bloat involvement as well. I'm praying for strength to stay faithful this cycle!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Trudi
I was just reading your blog and I am very impressed. I live in Southfield, MI and was considering going to the Energy Medical Clinic in Ann Arbor,MI. I have a hypothyroid condition. As of right now my tests show that my hormorne levels are well within the normal limits. I am on a 100mcg of synthroid. Is the hcg diet ok for me to do? If so, I would love to keep in touch with you and follow your menu and progress. Please email me at Also, I would like to congratulate you on your weightloss.
Thanks a lot

Trudi said...

Thank you Sonja! I am definitely not a shining example of faithfulness on protocol! LOL! But we all have issues and shortfalls that makes us each human & failable!

Many with hypo thyroid are on meds while on protocol. The tendency is you may lose on the slower side, depending upon how your thyroid responds with your meds.

You can also do protocol without going to a clinic if you want. There are no 'dangers' in doing this yourself. Many people (myself included) start with a clinic and quickly found the support online is far better than their clinic (not all) & the cost of clinics can be spendy.

You can click on the link on my blog for an awesome support group and you can view people's journals and information there as well...(the link is here too)

Allicia said...
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Allicia said...

I'm just starting the HCG diet and I can't wait to lose! I'm hope I can do as well as you. I'm blogging my experiance also stop by if you like
PS I'm a DS mama! That's where I found your link!

Trudi said...

Welcome Allicia to the wonderful journey of hcg protocol! I stopped by your blog to say HI... but couldn't post any comments....