Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More questions!

I'm answering another question here because I'm sure others are wondering as well....

1) Do you follow a workout program? I have heard conflicting things regarding exercising. Some people say it's OK to continue IF you have already been doing something- but don't start anything new? Do you have opinion on this? I lift weights everyday and do cardio 3 x a week...
2) Have you ever heard of anyone who the diet has NOT worked for? I guess i'm just so paranoid that I'll be that one person in the world who will follow it to the T and not have it work.

I do not follow a workout program and my hubby does not either. I have spondylitis... a spine & joint disease that prevents me from doing much of anything, esp during the fall & winter. Once this flare settles down & I'm at my goal weight I will work at something as my body allows.

Most people on hcg do no exercise program because as you exercise, your muscles retain water to 'heal' and you will not know if the gain you encounter is water from exercise or not. So most just relax and enjoy their time without exercise. Exercise does NOT speed up the losses.

Some people do light exercises like yoga, stretches & walks. It is best to have started these things before protocol. Those that were running & weight training before protocol find they don't have enough energy to continue

The diet has not worked for some people. They've gone on p3 and gained everything back that they lost. The main reason is because they have not changed their eating habits and continue to eat the junk that has made them fat. Some also gain because they continue on a no-fat diet which is not good for our bodies. We need good fats. All the low-fat & no-fat foods have additives that are toxic to us and cause weight gain very quickly. When we eat toxic chemicals (hydrogenated oils, msg, aspertame, and all those huge words I cannot pronounce) our body has to deal with them in the only way it knows how... it stores it away in our fat. If you have no fat to store toxins, your body will make more fat to do just that. It is all part of our survival mechanism.

Some gain weight becuse they have not completely dealt with their eating issues that cause them to gain. Those that have a lot of cheating/deviations during p2 typically have problems keeing their weight off during their resting phase 3.

Another thing to remember... the hcg may take your body to a weight you didn't even think about. As we women have babies & mature, our bodies change. I know I've lost a LOT of muscle these past years. When I was in the Navy I weighed 150 lbs and a size 6-8 pants which is considered overweight for my small stature of 5'3", but the Navy said I was within normal body fat measurements so I was not overweight because of my muscle mass. I initially thought I'd be fine at 150 lbs but looking at my body right now at 163, I realize I will get to a weight even lower than I expect. Heck, I may even see the 130's! That would be freaky!

So for those going on protocol... don't limit yourself to a weight. Many have thought they'd hit, say.. 120 and they become upset when the hcg stops working at 128. So they push the protocol to get to that los 120 number at the expense ofmuscle & structural body fat. If you try to push it, your body will gain it right back and you will suffer the effects of being on a 500 calorie diet and your body may possibly go into starvation mode and start storing fat again! So you have to also deal mentally with those issues as you get close to the end.

I hope that was explained ok for everyone!

Today is my day 2 on vlcd. I was 163.4 yesterday and today I am 162.4 for a loss of 1 lb. My loading weight is nearly gone.

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Amy Ohlson said...

Thank you, Yes! you answered everything perfectly! So I did 2 gorge days (somethings I read said to do 2 but others said 3 so I wasn't sure and didn't want to over do it.) so gorge day #1 I was 165.0 and day #3 I was up to 167.8 and now 2 days later I am 163.2 so I'm already almost 3 lbs under my STARTING weight! Yea! I choose to take some time off from the gym and i'm glad i did. I don't think I'd have the energy to continue the program I was doing. maybe I'll start mixing a little at a time next week. I do still get hungry at night though- which sucks but I'm dealing w/it. Lots of water & tea. I do great during the day- but come 8 at night I get hungry. Oh well. I just go to bed a little early now.

thanks for answering my questions. i'll update and checkin in a few days! Ggood luck to you!