Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Here's a comment from a viewer I wanted to post to answer for all to read:

Hey Congratulations on your losses! So, I hate to be a downer but I'm a little frustrated... Yesterday I was only down .4 and today I was the same. I am only on day 8 so it's a little discouraging to see such a slowdown so early on...

Yuck. I’m totally frustrated this morning… The only thing I can figure is that the lady from Community Chiropractic wrote some info on my “food sheet” that might not be totally accurate. Like she said you could have ½ head of lettuce. Apparently you can only have 3 ounces of veggies- I think I’d been having a little more than that. And also- I had forgotten that the 3.5 ounces of protein was BEFORE cooking it- I’d been measuring cooked chicken to 3.5 ounces. And I don’t know- maybe my apples have been too big? Or maybe my HCG has lost it’s potency. All I know is that I’m totally frustrated. I’m going to cut way back today and make sure everything is 100% accurate and if I don’t have a loss tomorrow I’ll call community chiropractic and find out if the stuff I have is crap- it says it dosen't expire until 3/09 so it should be Ok, right? I always keep it wrapped up in tin foil and in a baggie in the fridge...
Oh- and I HAVE been drinking tONS of water too. So can you see my frustration?

Ok... Here's the deal. You cannot ever possibly be consistent in HIGH losses. Your body needs time to adjust and it takes time & water-weight to break down the last of those fat cells. The hcg first empties the fat cells in a certain layer of abnormal fat ... after it's gone thru a layer, it has to break down the outside of the cell. This will cause a slow down, stall or even a slight gain as the hcg will retain water to do that final cleaning. And then you may see a big loss.

As much as we all want to believe the '1 pound a day' advertisement, Dr Simeons said the AVERAGE daily loss to be expected is .4-.6 a day. It's not always a straight line of losses... It is cyclic... chart your progress and you'll start to see the pattern. The first week is usually the best in each round. By week 3 losses are much slower. That's why I do short rounds... 3 weeks on, 1-2 weeks off. Just to give myself a mental break & keep from the week 4 temptations.

The hcg is good untio 2009 in it's powder form. Once it is mixed, it loses potency in about a month, sometimes longer. You can get a dollar store pregnancy test and put a drop of your solution on it to see if it shows positive or not.

3 oz of lettuce is NOT enough. Half a head is more like it. You can eat a LOT of veggies. Fruit needs to be more exact but don't worry about it. Dr S says 1 large apple is better than 2 small ones because there is more calories in 2 small ones. 1/2 grapefruit is considered 1 fruit. And weighing your meat raw is best. Some people cannot mix their veggies at all. Some people cannot eat a specific food.... Some do better when they eat beef only once, etc. You have to keep trying things that work best for you. If you join the hcg group I have linked to the right, you can post your daily journal what you eat & the mods can see what's going on & give you advice.

Some people have to eat ALL allowed calories to lose weight, some have to eat a little under (skip the fruit for example) .

Another biggie... constipation is a factor that does cost weight! Taking magnesium or smooth move tea can keep things moving for you.

Also, low thyroid issues do make for smaller losses in general because thyroid is intimately connected to how you hold onto weight. Make sure you're taking your thyroid meds while on protocol unless your tests are showing that you don't need them during protocol. Always watch for hyper-thyroid symptoms when taking thyroid meds on protocol. Some people do have that change while on protocol.

I hope I've been able to comfort you.. how much have you lost total so far in 8 days? Day 1 of vlcd is considered day 1 of diet. If you've lost a lot your first days, you will slow down for your body to adjust.... AND losses are faster for those that have more to lose ... those that had over 100 lbs to lose that started when I did have lost 70-80 lbs already, where I've only lost 43. Those that have only 20 lbs to lose will be slower to lose too. The last 20 lbs are slower to come off.


My stats today: down 1 pound! I am now at 159.2!! woohooo!!

I went to my doc yesterday & got a steroid shot and she started me on Cipro antibiotic for helping heal my leaky gut syndrome. And I got 2 different scripts for my pain. I ended up puking last night... very strangely & suddenly with no fever. I am thinking I had a reaction to one of the meds but not sure which one. I was surprised to see such a loss since 'sickness' usually causes your body to retain water to heal and deal.

I am exctatic to see the 150 numbers on the scale! I have waited soooo long & have been stalled in the 160's thru a lot of healing! I am GLAD to be over that!!! whoot! whoot!!

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