Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of 2008

Last day of the year and I am down to 156.8!! What a year! I've not been as successful on protocol as I had initially hoped, but then my expectations were very high and I had no idea all the mental issues that needed to be healed during this time. But I am happy to say I've lost 46.2 pounds since May!!

Our family is celebrating he night with our friends and I'm not sure how well I'll stick to protocol, but I'm not too worried. I will enjoy my evening and do my best to keep indulgences low since I am still on hcg and weight is gained very quickly when calories are over-eaten....

I have not gotten the affiliate link to the new hcg supplier yet and will check back later if it comes thru. But we're getting ready to celebrate and there may not be enough time!

Have a HAPPY (& safe) New Year everyone! Thank you for joining me on my journey this year! I know next year will be even more interesting!

Good-Bye 2008!

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