Tuesday, December 9, 2008

can't think of anything creative

HA! Can you tell by my title of this post that all creativity has been lost for the moment!

Today I was up .2 so no biggie. It seems that I am feeling ovulation pains so that could be the culprit. Or my body wants to continue to mess with me by hovering just above 159! I'm in the frame of mind I don't really care right now.

I had a doc appt today and got different meds. She wants me to do 2 antibiotics.. one to kill klebisellia pneumonia and another to kill candida. I also got a steroid shot in the rear to hopefully tone this flare down. And several new pain scripts.

And today I resigned myself to getting a handicapped placard for my vehicle. It is quite a blow for me to officially admit that I am disabled. I haven't gone out much because most places have parking that is filled up all the time and I'm terrified to walk more than a few steps when it is icy out. Esp when I'm on the cane. So hopefully this will help.

For those that are interested... spondylitis is of the Lupus family and very similar but spondy attacks where the tendons meet the bone so visible inflammation isn't there. The end goal of the disease is to fuse all joints solid. The main place the disease manifests is tailbone (SI joint), hips and spine. Some people have a finger get fused, some their teeth, or jaw, etc. It is an odd disease for sure! Here's an explanation written by a gal with Lupus that works for many similar cronic diseases... called The Spoon Theory ...


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