Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of 2008

Last day of the year and I am down to 156.8!! What a year! I've not been as successful on protocol as I had initially hoped, but then my expectations were very high and I had no idea all the mental issues that needed to be healed during this time. But I am happy to say I've lost 46.2 pounds since May!!

Our family is celebrating he night with our friends and I'm not sure how well I'll stick to protocol, but I'm not too worried. I will enjoy my evening and do my best to keep indulgences low since I am still on hcg and weight is gained very quickly when calories are over-eaten....

I have not gotten the affiliate link to the new hcg supplier yet and will check back later if it comes thru. But we're getting ready to celebrate and there may not be enough time!

Have a HAPPY (& safe) New Year everyone! Thank you for joining me on my journey this year! I know next year will be even more interesting!

Good-Bye 2008!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

new supplier found out about!

I am up .2 today... need to do a dose of magnesium to get things moving down younder.

I just found out about a new supplier that appears to have a much quicker shipping time and the cost of the hcg is cheaper than the 'other' place. Shipping is less too!! Once I get the links, I will update here to share the information by tomorrow!

Monday, December 29, 2008

today's stats

Yesterday I weighed in at 158.4
and today I weighed in at 157.4 ... today is my lowest weight! I've hit 45 lbs lost finally..... woohoo!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Today's weight was 158.6! now... to combat my enemy..... Christmas Munchies.....ahhhhhhhh!!!!

Today our weather is FOGGY & rainy... temps are at mid to high 40's!!! Oh My!! Never heard of that!! Thunderstorms woke us up early this morning and kids, cats & our dog came a running to our room!! LOL! Made me a liar.. the kids always ask if thunder & lightening happen in the winter & I've always said 'it is too cold in winter for that'!! I guess technically, it is not winter temps, so it is 'allowed'!

Friday, December 26, 2008

off a short break

I started hcg on the 24th and called Wed & Thurs loading days so I could indulge in some homemade goodies. I only gained a couple pounds in spite of eating off protocol for that week! We had a quiet celebration with just us & the kids. Thankfully I didn't flare too bad so I could enjoy the days.

We made several goodies using gluten free flour and they were pretty yummy!! I'm sensitive and I am highly suspicious we have other family members sensitive.... now to get hubby off the wheat is going to be a challenge! It's a new way to think of meals... no more noodle or bread options as a quick meal for the kids! I'm hoping our food stamps application is accepted so we can afford to stay away from those bad foods.

This week I also finished the Cipro antibiotic (for possible klebisellia gut bacteria) and started a new antibiotic (Fluconazole) for candida. These two meds tend to dehydrate so my theory is that while on hcg I may have slower losses due to my body retaining water because of them. This antibiotic will be a month long session.

Today my weigh-in was 159.4. TOM started today so there's bloat involvement as well. I'm praying for strength to stay faithful this cycle!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Our professional Ball pictures came in! You can click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

We've had SNOW upon SNOW upon SNOW here. ugh... got snowed in all weekend because the plows do not take care of side roads until several days later. Our van was stuck until hubby shoveled it out. And we're expecting another 10 inches or so.. so far we've gotten several feet or more and our area is very sheltered and nothing blows away.. it just all collects!

I've decided to take a couple day's break since we had a small fellowship party at our house on Sat and I wanted to eat tacos & a few other goodies. My weight is at 160 this morning and I completely expected that. I am not sure when I'll go back on protocol.

Hubby is at 153 and bounces btwn 153 and 149 so that is a good sign that he's stabalized pretty well.

Monday, December 15, 2008

ON the losing streak again!!

yesterday I was down 1 lb to hit 159.0 again.... and today I went down 1.4 to 157.6 ....

157.6 wow!! that number is very exciting to see!!!! Funny thing is my belly seems to be the LAST place to lose! I am seeing/feeling the losses in my ankles, knees, everywhere EXCEPT my belly!!! ugh!! I'm just geeked to be losing again!!

I am down 45.4 lbs total!! Maybe... just maybe I'll be down 50 lbs by this time next week... wouldn't that be something?!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Sleepless in Michigan

I was down yesterday to 159.0 but went up to 160.0 today. Which proves that lack of sleep can cause gains while on protocol!

Hubby was informed that he's included in the round of lay-offs next week. This was completely unexpected and is causing some exhaustion from stressed dreams and insomnia! I will probably take a nap later today and hope it helps for a loss for tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Here's a comment from a viewer I wanted to post to answer for all to read:

Hey Congratulations on your losses! So, I hate to be a downer but I'm a little frustrated... Yesterday I was only down .4 and today I was the same. I am only on day 8 so it's a little discouraging to see such a slowdown so early on...

Yuck. I’m totally frustrated this morning… The only thing I can figure is that the lady from Community Chiropractic wrote some info on my “food sheet” that might not be totally accurate. Like she said you could have ½ head of lettuce. Apparently you can only have 3 ounces of veggies- I think I’d been having a little more than that. And also- I had forgotten that the 3.5 ounces of protein was BEFORE cooking it- I’d been measuring cooked chicken to 3.5 ounces. And I don’t know- maybe my apples have been too big? Or maybe my HCG has lost it’s potency. All I know is that I’m totally frustrated. I’m going to cut way back today and make sure everything is 100% accurate and if I don’t have a loss tomorrow I’ll call community chiropractic and find out if the stuff I have is crap- it says it dosen't expire until 3/09 so it should be Ok, right? I always keep it wrapped up in tin foil and in a baggie in the fridge...
Oh- and I HAVE been drinking tONS of water too. So can you see my frustration?

Ok... Here's the deal. You cannot ever possibly be consistent in HIGH losses. Your body needs time to adjust and it takes time & water-weight to break down the last of those fat cells. The hcg first empties the fat cells in a certain layer of abnormal fat ... after it's gone thru a layer, it has to break down the outside of the cell. This will cause a slow down, stall or even a slight gain as the hcg will retain water to do that final cleaning. And then you may see a big loss.

As much as we all want to believe the '1 pound a day' advertisement, Dr Simeons said the AVERAGE daily loss to be expected is .4-.6 a day. It's not always a straight line of losses... It is cyclic... chart your progress and you'll start to see the pattern. The first week is usually the best in each round. By week 3 losses are much slower. That's why I do short rounds... 3 weeks on, 1-2 weeks off. Just to give myself a mental break & keep from the week 4 temptations.

The hcg is good untio 2009 in it's powder form. Once it is mixed, it loses potency in about a month, sometimes longer. You can get a dollar store pregnancy test and put a drop of your solution on it to see if it shows positive or not.

3 oz of lettuce is NOT enough. Half a head is more like it. You can eat a LOT of veggies. Fruit needs to be more exact but don't worry about it. Dr S says 1 large apple is better than 2 small ones because there is more calories in 2 small ones. 1/2 grapefruit is considered 1 fruit. And weighing your meat raw is best. Some people cannot mix their veggies at all. Some people cannot eat a specific food.... Some do better when they eat beef only once, etc. You have to keep trying things that work best for you. If you join the hcg group I have linked to the right, you can post your daily journal what you eat & the mods can see what's going on & give you advice.

Some people have to eat ALL allowed calories to lose weight, some have to eat a little under (skip the fruit for example) .

Another biggie... constipation is a factor that does cost weight! Taking magnesium or smooth move tea can keep things moving for you.

Also, low thyroid issues do make for smaller losses in general because thyroid is intimately connected to how you hold onto weight. Make sure you're taking your thyroid meds while on protocol unless your tests are showing that you don't need them during protocol. Always watch for hyper-thyroid symptoms when taking thyroid meds on protocol. Some people do have that change while on protocol.

I hope I've been able to comfort you.. how much have you lost total so far in 8 days? Day 1 of vlcd is considered day 1 of diet. If you've lost a lot your first days, you will slow down for your body to adjust.... AND losses are faster for those that have more to lose ... those that had over 100 lbs to lose that started when I did have lost 70-80 lbs already, where I've only lost 43. Those that have only 20 lbs to lose will be slower to lose too. The last 20 lbs are slower to come off.


My stats today: down 1 pound! I am now at 159.2!! woohooo!!

I went to my doc yesterday & got a steroid shot and she started me on Cipro antibiotic for helping heal my leaky gut syndrome. And I got 2 different scripts for my pain. I ended up puking last night... very strangely & suddenly with no fever. I am thinking I had a reaction to one of the meds but not sure which one. I was surprised to see such a loss since 'sickness' usually causes your body to retain water to heal and deal.

I am exctatic to see the 150 numbers on the scale! I have waited soooo long & have been stalled in the 160's thru a lot of healing! I am GLAD to be over that!!! whoot! whoot!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

can't think of anything creative

HA! Can you tell by my title of this post that all creativity has been lost for the moment!

Today I was up .2 so no biggie. It seems that I am feeling ovulation pains so that could be the culprit. Or my body wants to continue to mess with me by hovering just above 159! I'm in the frame of mind I don't really care right now.

I had a doc appt today and got different meds. She wants me to do 2 antibiotics.. one to kill klebisellia pneumonia and another to kill candida. I also got a steroid shot in the rear to hopefully tone this flare down. And several new pain scripts.

And today I resigned myself to getting a handicapped placard for my vehicle. It is quite a blow for me to officially admit that I am disabled. I haven't gone out much because most places have parking that is filled up all the time and I'm terrified to walk more than a few steps when it is icy out. Esp when I'm on the cane. So hopefully this will help.

For those that are interested... spondylitis is of the Lupus family and very similar but spondy attacks where the tendons meet the bone so visible inflammation isn't there. The end goal of the disease is to fuse all joints solid. The main place the disease manifests is tailbone (SI joint), hips and spine. Some people have a finger get fused, some their teeth, or jaw, etc. It is an odd disease for sure! Here's an explanation written by a gal with Lupus that works for many similar cronic diseases... called The Spoon Theory ...


Monday, December 8, 2008

again! almost there!

I went up .6 yesterday and then down .8 today, so my final weigh in this morning was 160.0. I was shocked to see that since I did not do well yesterday.

today is a completely bad day for me physically and I have no hunger because of my intense pain. My hubby stopped thru a Burger King today and made me eat a plain burger with no bun just to get something inside me as he drove me to an appt today.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

almost there

today I am down ... to 160.2

We'll see what happens as this storm blowing thru continues to intensify my flare. Swollen joints add weight.... I was shocked at the number this morning. I got on saw the 160.2 and my brain thought it said 161.2, which meant a slight gain. I moseyed to my paper to write the number down before I forgot & was stunned for a minute ... there's no way I lost that much! SO I jumped back on the scale and sure enough.... it said 160.2!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008



162.4 - 161.6 = down 0.8

I'm hoping for a much deserved GOOD round this time!! I've been daily ingesting strawberry smoothies (frozen strawberries, ice, water, splenda) which greatly curbs my appetite. I don't even have hunger to eat much of anything else so I'm hoping this is a good sign of moving on!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More questions!

I'm answering another question here because I'm sure others are wondering as well....

1) Do you follow a workout program? I have heard conflicting things regarding exercising. Some people say it's OK to continue IF you have already been doing something- but don't start anything new? Do you have opinion on this? I lift weights everyday and do cardio 3 x a week...
2) Have you ever heard of anyone who the diet has NOT worked for? I guess i'm just so paranoid that I'll be that one person in the world who will follow it to the T and not have it work.

I do not follow a workout program and my hubby does not either. I have spondylitis... a spine & joint disease that prevents me from doing much of anything, esp during the fall & winter. Once this flare settles down & I'm at my goal weight I will work at something as my body allows.

Most people on hcg do no exercise program because as you exercise, your muscles retain water to 'heal' and you will not know if the gain you encounter is water from exercise or not. So most just relax and enjoy their time without exercise. Exercise does NOT speed up the losses.

Some people do light exercises like yoga, stretches & walks. It is best to have started these things before protocol. Those that were running & weight training before protocol find they don't have enough energy to continue

The diet has not worked for some people. They've gone on p3 and gained everything back that they lost. The main reason is because they have not changed their eating habits and continue to eat the junk that has made them fat. Some also gain because they continue on a no-fat diet which is not good for our bodies. We need good fats. All the low-fat & no-fat foods have additives that are toxic to us and cause weight gain very quickly. When we eat toxic chemicals (hydrogenated oils, msg, aspertame, and all those huge words I cannot pronounce) our body has to deal with them in the only way it knows how... it stores it away in our fat. If you have no fat to store toxins, your body will make more fat to do just that. It is all part of our survival mechanism.

Some gain weight becuse they have not completely dealt with their eating issues that cause them to gain. Those that have a lot of cheating/deviations during p2 typically have problems keeing their weight off during their resting phase 3.

Another thing to remember... the hcg may take your body to a weight you didn't even think about. As we women have babies & mature, our bodies change. I know I've lost a LOT of muscle these past years. When I was in the Navy I weighed 150 lbs and a size 6-8 pants which is considered overweight for my small stature of 5'3", but the Navy said I was within normal body fat measurements so I was not overweight because of my muscle mass. I initially thought I'd be fine at 150 lbs but looking at my body right now at 163, I realize I will get to a weight even lower than I expect. Heck, I may even see the 130's! That would be freaky!

So for those going on protocol... don't limit yourself to a weight. Many have thought they'd hit, say.. 120 and they become upset when the hcg stops working at 128. So they push the protocol to get to that los 120 number at the expense ofmuscle & structural body fat. If you try to push it, your body will gain it right back and you will suffer the effects of being on a 500 calorie diet and your body may possibly go into starvation mode and start storing fat again! So you have to also deal mentally with those issues as you get close to the end.

I hope that was explained ok for everyone!

Today is my day 2 on vlcd. I was 163.4 yesterday and today I am 162.4 for a loss of 1 lb. My loading weight is nearly gone.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Back on hcg

I took a week break & started hcg again yesterday with a slight loading day. I've kept withing 2 lbs above my last hcg dose so that is great! Today I started VLCD day and am feeling very focused. I had a difficult time last week on p3 because I am not supposed to eat dairy or eggs because of food sensitivities. I decided to eat the dairy to help with fat intake but I found my appetite was not good all week. I am hoping after next payday I'll be able to go to my doc and get some of my allergies cleared so I can eat more variety while on my next p3 during Christmas!

My weight today was 163.4 .. that was 1 lb gain from my mini-load day.