Monday, November 10, 2008

some thoughts about being on a low calorie diet protocol

I have posted on myhcgjourney this response to a concern/question about being on a low calorie diet with hcg. People are often concerned because we're 'taught' that low calories are bad and are my words:

Yes, we ALL have been indoctrinated to question the low calorie diet. In fact.. I have GAINED weight by reducing calories too much these past 12 years. I've starved myself FAT! My alternative doc suggested this protocol for me because I asked her how to get my body out of starvation reflex mode. I've done EVERYTHING... even took out sugars & starchy veggies out of my diet for a year with NO change in weight.

One of my friends is a HUGE , burly man who does extensive outdoor labor and is borderline diabetes because of his weight. His wife got the hcg & started him on it inspite of his 'fears' of such reduced calories. He started day 1 of VLCD on Monday.. has moved his belt 3 notches and is doing physical things he hasn't been able to do in years. Today we met up with him & he couldn't stop talking about how much more energy he has inspite of his VLCD. His heart palpatations are gone and some sort of cronic headache is gone too. He couldn't stop talking about how he felt on the diet.

My hubby's confirmed the same thing. Everyone poo-pooh's his 'diet' as so unsafe, but he is always eager to get off the p3 breaks because his fatigue is non-existent on protocol.

I'm the same way. As are most people. The traditional theories and teachings on abnormal fat and how to get rid of it is just a theory .. it is still a mystery that nobody really can explain. I think Dr S had divine inspiration & insight to the problem. Our bodies are still a mystery, no matter what 'science' says. Being in alternative health, this should make sense because alternative medicine often times goes against the traditional medicine school of teachings.

Think about this.. if our system of weight loss as we know it is so 'right on'.. then why are there more & more obese people? I understand the dynamics of society's lack of exercise and proper nourishment.. but HOW do we FIX this problem once it is messed up? Diet and exercise DO NOT work to fix the underlying problem.

Yes, some people are not obese and do the protocol. But they are doing it to stop the problem before it gets out of control. Call it preventative medicine, if you will.

This protocol slaps each one of us in the first 2 weeks. It shows us our emotional eating behaviors as well as teaches us that eating is not a past-time or recreational event. It also helps detox us from the chemicals & sugars we're addicted to. With the help of this forum, people are taught about healthy choices for their future.

This protocol is a cleansing of the mind and body. It re-sets a messed-up system to get back on track. The same way I take Armour Thyro meds ... to give my thyroid a rest to see if it will re-set on it's own. I take progesterone to help my hormones get in balance. I will also be going thru a NAET program to re-set my body's sensitivities to foods before they become a worse allergy. And, since I have 2 autoimmune diseases (one with no real treatment I am willing to go thru) I will probably start taking low dose naltrexone that has shown to re-set a messed up immune system.

I see the hcg protocol the same way. Yes, we whoot & cheer & make it look like an 'easy fix' of our abnormal fat problem. But really, it is a DEEP & DIFFICULT thing to go thru. A lot of willpower and tears goes into each pound lost. Each person emerges a different person as they deal with past traumas and fears as they lose each pound.

And the best part about this protocol.. nobody.. NOBODY is making millions of dollars on people's abnormal fat loss. All the other programs out there are backed by money greed, if you want to get down to the truth of it. The 'diet industry' is billion dollars large and they teach their own ideas of losing weight. Because their food will then need to be eaten or their exercise program needs to be followed to be successful. As long as we are still fat and still wanting to lose it, THEY will be making money. They really don't want us to lose. Look at Oprah or Kirstey Alley..... their programs do NOT work to deal with the root of their problem. They are putting a bandaid on a broken leg.. and then jumping on a trampoline. More damage gets done.


michael said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Trudi said...

Thank you!

Babyfon said...

I accidentally found your blog 2 days ago, while i was searching for more info on hCG.

I went back to read all your posts, starting from the beginning. To see how much a person can lose within 6 months is really inspirational.

I am only my 4th injection (or 2nd diet day) today and still have mild hunger from time to time. I really hope that the 'estatic' feeling will kick in soon and i won't be listening to my stomach growling again ...

Best wishes to you. Hope you achieve your goal of 150's soon ...