Saturday, November 8, 2008

shot myself in the foot today

sigh.. I deviated last night late at TGI Friday's (I ate some ice cream)... and paid the price today.. up a pound.. 163...

I was good today, but ended up shooting myself in the foot. I ate strawberries to curb my hunger and wound up not eating any protein. We had a birthday party to go to & she was serving tacos.. I thought I would be able to eat the taco meat & lettuce but she added the re-fried beans to the meat as I suggested (to thicken the meat since she added too much water). so anyway, I realized what I did to myself as soon as she added the beans.. there went my food!! ugh! We got home too late to do anything about it.

so hopefully I'll be ok tomorrow. Surprisingly, I'm not very hungry.

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