Friday, November 14, 2008

new photos of my losses

so please close your eyes if you're offended by underwear pictures of a fat person! LOL!

I am only 1 lb different from the last 2 pictures. But remember that the last 8 lbs of those losses were when I did not take enough hcg & went into starvation mode. Which packed on all the weight as soon as I started proper protocol.

But it is nice to see the changes & sculpting being done inspite of a protocol malfunction! I have lost inches for sure! I love the fact that my biceps are losing!

HCG really works like nothing else!


1 comment:

Babyfon said...

This is amazing. I am happy for you.

I have questions though.

1) How do know what the right dosage is for us? Is 125 I.U. supposed to be universally working to everyone?

2) Were you hungry when you started? I thought i properly loaded up during the first 2 injections ... yet, i still feel hungry. I am on my 4th injection today (2nd diet day).

Thanks. I really appreciate your response.