Tuesday, November 25, 2008

End of round 3 .... officially

I have stopped hcg for a p3 break for Thanksgiving. P3 means phase 3 and means a time between hcg rounds that entail normal amt of calories consisting of no processed foods or starches or sugars. Things like breads, pasta, potatoes and sugar foods are not 'allowed'. High fat foods.. the good fats... are to be eaten as well as veggies & fruits.

This time is to help us re-learn how to eat and allow our bodies a time of adjusting to burning full calories as well. This is a time where we are not supposed to lose or gain more than 2 lbs without correcting immediately AND this is when our skin tightens up and inches can be lost even though pounds are stabalized.

I've not taken more than 2 weeks off of hcg because I am very impatient. I think this impatience is bitting me in the butt and keeping me with slow losses. Sometimes rushing the losses causes our bodies & minds to rebell and slow down. This is such a drastic protocol that it does strange things to us. I will stay on p3 at least a week. Depending upon what happens during that time.

Hubby is on break with me. He's down to his last pounds but hasn't experienced 'the end' yet. I'm not sure if he'll continue a short round before Christmas or not. He almost looks emaciated! But once he starts to work out and build muscle, he'll look better. It is very odd to see him so scrawny... he's no longer 'filled out' anymore! LOL! I cannot imagine what his mind is saying about my changes! hehehehe!

strange thing happened.. TOM arrived at day 24 this time.. and it's different... lasting nearly a week now and nothing heavy... maybe it's because the progesterone cream I've been taking this month is balancing my system out causing a strange cycle... Normally on hcg TOM's visits are very short... 2 days and that is it.

Time will tell. Maybe it is good that I am stopping for a break. Get things settled down. After this break, I will call myself into Round 4 of hcg. There's nothing official in determining what round you are in, though so it doesn't really matter. Dr Simeons says a round has 3 weeks of break btwn them.

Well, if I don't post anything tomorrow, I'll wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving today!! We have no family locally and just celebrate amongst ourselves. Hubby will be heading up North near Ludington that afternoon to go hunting. We usually don't make a big deal of holidays with food because... well... I guess food isn't a big deal for us! And I HATE leftovers so I never over-cook!

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving to all!


Amy Ohlson said...

Hey Trudi- I don’t know if you remember me or not, I posted a couple months back, just had a baby in August etc. Anyway, I took your advice and decided to wait a few months until I started my HCG journey with the hopes of getting my cycle/hormones regulated. I have been working out religiously and following "The Cut Diet" to the tee. I haven't weighed but have lost inches and my clothes are fitting better. I am thinking I am going to do the HCG diet after my next TOM. Here's my question: Do you HAVE to do the gorge days? I have been doing SO well on my diet (NO sugar, NO starches only LOW GI veggies/fruits-spinach/grapefruit and lots of lean protein) and I literally DREAD the gorge days. I don't even want to think about SUGAR/FATS because for me the more I eat of them the more I CRAVE them! As long as I don't eat those I am NEVER hungry. So you can probably see my dilemma... Do you think I could just start the HCG shots/diet from where I am now? Or do you think there is a better way of going about doing the gorge days without eating SUGARS/STARTCHES? Maybe just gorging on low-carb/high fats? Nuts? Bacon? Cheese? Meats? I don't know. I'm sorry to ramble. I just really want to do the diet/shots now but I don't even want to think about SUGAR/STARTCHES. They are my arch nemesis! Any thoughts/opinions/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Trudi!
PS you looked FANTASTIC at the Ball! A real princess! ; )

Anonymous said...

What's TOM?

Trudi said...

Hi Amy!! Congrats on your new addition!! I'm not sure what you mean by 'the cut diet'. But gorge days are supposed to be high fat (meats, avocado, cream cheese, cheese, sour cream, nuts, etc) and not necessarily of sugars/starches so you should be fine there. Natural fats are GOOD for us and will help us maintain after protocol.

I guess I'm not understanding where you are at right now.. have you started hcg or have you just changed your eating habits? I'd highly suggest you join the hcg group linked on the front page because you'll get a LOT of help & advice there & you can private message me if you want.

Thanks for your nice comments!!I definitely felt like a princess!!

Note: TOM: time of month (women's monthly cycle)

Amy Ohlson said...

hey- thanks for your reply! I started HCG today (day 1- gorge) and am sticking to the "good fats" that you had mentioned. I had scrambeled cheese eggs w/bacon and guacamole for breakfast and have just been eating nuts and cheese and sausage, peanut butter etc all day. I even made some s/f jello with real/heavy cream. Ick- kinda makes me gag when I see it all written out. I can see now why people actually look forward to the 500 calorie days! So I have a couple other questions for you if you don't mind-
1) Do you follow a workout program? I have heard conflicting things regarding exercising. Some people say it's OK to continue IF you have already been doing something- but don't start anything new? Do you have opinion on this? I lift weights everyday and do cardio 3 x a week...
2) Have you ever heard of anyone who the diet has NOT worked for? I guess i'm just so paranoid that I'll be that one person in the world who will follow it to the T and not have it work.

I have about 15 lbs to lose. I am 5 8" and 165 lbs. My body is most comfortable around 155 but I (personally) am most comfortable at 150. So I'm hoping this is a good way to get it off pretty quickly.

Anyway- thanks again for all your help/advice. I'll let you know how it goes!