Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Answering another question

This is amazing. I am happy for you.

I have questions though.

1) How do know what the right dosage is for us? Is 125 I.U. supposed to be universally working to everyone?

2) Were you hungry when you started? I thought i properly loaded up during the first 2 injections ... yet, i still feel hungry. I am on my 4th injection today (2nd diet day).

Thanks. I really appreciate your response.

125 iu is a place to start. Some do 150, some 175, or whatever. You may experience hunger up to 2 weeks.

But you must also note... is it physical hunger or mental hunger?

Physical hunger growling pains can usually be quenched with drinking a larger cup of water or tea. Most people do not realize that our first hunger pains are actually of thirst. And when we feel 'thirst' that actually means we are in severe dehydration levels.

Mental hunger is the most common problem you have to go thru and re-teach your body and mind about. Do you find yourself wandering the cupboards or fridge at night? That's a signal of boredom hunger. The signals are different for each person but if you stop and think about if you're really hungry or'll soon learn that it is not physical hunger.

Chamomile tea is a good one that helps curb your 'hunger' and helps relax you from the stress of not being able to eat like you are used to eating.

Remember, the hcg keeps your body from starvation mode so you are not going to starve! Make sure you are eating a LOT of the allowed veggies as their calorie count is very low. Write down your food each day in a journal & how you feel. Maybe you do better on a certain food combination than others. I am always hungry after eating apples. So I cut them out. When I consume strawberries, my hunger is non-existent.


My stats today: I am down to 160.8 !!!

This is what we call 'virgin territory'! LOL! I haven't been here in a loooong time! I'm hoping my deviations from yesterday pass over with little damage. I had a super hectic day of dr appts and no time to eat properly. I had to be at an 8 am appt for my VA compensation & disability appointment that was 1.5 hours away and had to take the kids with. So that was an EARLY morning! UGH! My one daughter had several specialist appts when we got back & then an ortho appt. Afterwards her & I spent some alone time and went 'shopping'. She's the middle child of 5 and really needed that time alone! So I drank 2 strawberry smoothies btwn appts had a taco & diet soda (gross!) with my daughter before shopping because I was feeling really dizzy & light-headed. I was worried about low blood sugar. It was great being able to try on clothes & know they will look decent on me. Normally I get severely depressed with how clothes look on me. I got home at 9 pm and ate most of my protein for the day. I lost this morning, but I seem to have a delayed reaction to deviations. All the activity yesterday threw me into a huge flare today. Swollen joints do not help the scales much either!

Hubby is also in virgin territory at 150.0 lbs!

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