Tuesday, November 25, 2008

End of round 3 .... officially

I have stopped hcg for a p3 break for Thanksgiving. P3 means phase 3 and means a time between hcg rounds that entail normal amt of calories consisting of no processed foods or starches or sugars. Things like breads, pasta, potatoes and sugar foods are not 'allowed'. High fat foods.. the good fats... are to be eaten as well as veggies & fruits.

This time is to help us re-learn how to eat and allow our bodies a time of adjusting to burning full calories as well. This is a time where we are not supposed to lose or gain more than 2 lbs without correcting immediately AND this is when our skin tightens up and inches can be lost even though pounds are stabalized.

I've not taken more than 2 weeks off of hcg because I am very impatient. I think this impatience is bitting me in the butt and keeping me with slow losses. Sometimes rushing the losses causes our bodies & minds to rebell and slow down. This is such a drastic protocol that it does strange things to us. I will stay on p3 at least a week. Depending upon what happens during that time.

Hubby is on break with me. He's down to his last pounds but hasn't experienced 'the end' yet. I'm not sure if he'll continue a short round before Christmas or not. He almost looks emaciated! But once he starts to work out and build muscle, he'll look better. It is very odd to see him so scrawny... he's no longer 'filled out' anymore! LOL! I cannot imagine what his mind is saying about my changes! hehehehe!

strange thing happened.. TOM arrived at day 24 this time.. and it's different... lasting nearly a week now and nothing heavy... maybe it's because the progesterone cream I've been taking this month is balancing my system out causing a strange cycle... Normally on hcg TOM's visits are very short... 2 days and that is it.

Time will tell. Maybe it is good that I am stopping for a break. Get things settled down. After this break, I will call myself into Round 4 of hcg. There's nothing official in determining what round you are in, though so it doesn't really matter. Dr Simeons says a round has 3 weeks of break btwn them.

Well, if I don't post anything tomorrow, I'll wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving today!! We have no family locally and just celebrate amongst ourselves. Hubby will be heading up North near Ludington that afternoon to go hunting. We usually don't make a big deal of holidays with food because... well... I guess food isn't a big deal for us! And I HATE leftovers so I never over-cook!

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving to all!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Answering another question

This is amazing. I am happy for you.

I have questions though.

1) How do know what the right dosage is for us? Is 125 I.U. supposed to be universally working to everyone?

2) Were you hungry when you started? I thought i properly loaded up during the first 2 injections ... yet, i still feel hungry. I am on my 4th injection today (2nd diet day).

Thanks. I really appreciate your response.

125 iu is a place to start. Some do 150, some 175, or whatever. You may experience hunger up to 2 weeks.

But you must also note... is it physical hunger or mental hunger?

Physical hunger growling pains can usually be quenched with drinking a larger cup of water or tea. Most people do not realize that our first hunger pains are actually of thirst. And when we feel 'thirst' that actually means we are in severe dehydration levels.

Mental hunger is the most common problem you have to go thru and re-teach your body and mind about. Do you find yourself wandering the cupboards or fridge at night? That's a signal of boredom hunger. The signals are different for each person but if you stop and think about if you're really hungry or not...you'll soon learn that it is not physical hunger.

Chamomile tea is a good one that helps curb your 'hunger' and helps relax you from the stress of not being able to eat like you are used to eating.

Remember, the hcg keeps your body from starvation mode so you are not going to starve! Make sure you are eating a LOT of the allowed veggies as their calorie count is very low. Write down your food each day in a journal & how you feel. Maybe you do better on a certain food combination than others. I am always hungry after eating apples. So I cut them out. When I consume strawberries, my hunger is non-existent.


My stats today: I am down to 160.8 !!!

This is what we call 'virgin territory'! LOL! I haven't been here in a loooong time! I'm hoping my deviations from yesterday pass over with little damage. I had a super hectic day of dr appts and no time to eat properly. I had to be at an 8 am appt for my VA compensation & disability appointment that was 1.5 hours away and had to take the kids with. So that was an EARLY morning! UGH! My one daughter had several specialist appts when we got back & then an ortho appt. Afterwards her & I spent some alone time and went 'shopping'. She's the middle child of 5 and really needed that time alone! So I drank 2 strawberry smoothies btwn appts had a taco & diet soda (gross!) with my daughter before shopping because I was feeling really dizzy & light-headed. I was worried about low blood sugar. It was great being able to try on clothes & know they will look decent on me. Normally I get severely depressed with how clothes look on me. I got home at 9 pm and ate most of my protein for the day. I lost this morning, but I seem to have a delayed reaction to deviations. All the activity yesterday threw me into a huge flare today. Swollen joints do not help the scales much either!

Hubby is also in virgin territory at 150.0 lbs!

Friday, November 14, 2008

new photos of my losses

so please close your eyes if you're offended by underwear pictures of a fat person! LOL!

I am only 1 lb different from the last 2 pictures. But remember that the last 8 lbs of those losses were when I did not take enough hcg & went into starvation mode. Which packed on all the weight as soon as I started proper protocol.

But it is nice to see the changes & sculpting being done inspite of a protocol malfunction! I have lost inches for sure! I love the fact that my biceps are losing!

HCG really works like nothing else!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


today I am down from 163.4 to 162.4
Hubby is down from 153.2 to 151.0

Finally!! Hopefully we're both over our little stalls. I thin I'm going thru inches losing again because I feel so horribly fat. This is a sign of cells reducing because they are looser & floppier.

I hope I've gotten to the root of my mental issues to get on with the losses. It's amazing how things of our past affect us now. I always knew that & have gone thru a LOT of healing, but I never knew that my BODY would remember things too. My mind was eager & ready to lose, but my body was not. What an amazing creation our bodies are!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thanks to all Veterans!

First.. Happy Birthday US Marines! Yesterday was their official birthday celebrating 233 years! whoot!!

Second.. today is Veteran's Day & I'd like to say THANK YOU to all who have served & to all who have died to make this nation & keep this nation free. Freedom isn't really free.

I'm still stalled at 163 and working on the constipation factor. As well as the other mental factors where I am continuing having mental issues in dealing with the losses & fear of becoming thin. I need to stop punishing myself for things in my past and get over it already! ugh! I'm very ready to move on to the 150's era of weight!

so all who are out there watching & reading... PRAY for me! & send THIN thoughts my way... ok?!

Monday, November 10, 2008

some thoughts about being on a low calorie diet protocol

I have posted on myhcgjourney this response to a concern/question about being on a low calorie diet with hcg. People are often concerned because we're 'taught' that low calories are bad and unhealthy....here are my words:

Yes, we ALL have been indoctrinated to question the low calorie diet. In fact.. I have GAINED weight by reducing calories too much these past 12 years. I've starved myself FAT! My alternative doc suggested this protocol for me because I asked her how to get my body out of starvation reflex mode. I've done EVERYTHING... even took out sugars & starchy veggies out of my diet for a year with NO change in weight.

One of my friends is a HUGE , burly man who does extensive outdoor labor and is borderline diabetes because of his weight. His wife got the hcg & started him on it inspite of his 'fears' of such reduced calories. He started day 1 of VLCD on Monday.. has moved his belt 3 notches and is doing physical things he hasn't been able to do in years. Today we met up with him & he couldn't stop talking about how much more energy he has inspite of his VLCD. His heart palpatations are gone and some sort of cronic headache is gone too. He couldn't stop talking about how he felt on the diet.

My hubby's confirmed the same thing. Everyone poo-pooh's his 'diet' as so unsafe, but he is always eager to get off the p3 breaks because his fatigue is non-existent on protocol.

I'm the same way. As are most people. The traditional theories and teachings on abnormal fat and how to get rid of it is just a theory .. it is still a mystery that nobody really can explain. I think Dr S had divine inspiration & insight to the problem. Our bodies are still a mystery, no matter what 'science' says. Being in alternative health, this should make sense because alternative medicine often times goes against the traditional medicine school of teachings.

Think about this.. if our system of weight loss as we know it is so 'right on'.. then why are there more & more obese people? I understand the dynamics of society's lack of exercise and proper nourishment.. but HOW do we FIX this problem once it is messed up? Diet and exercise DO NOT work to fix the underlying problem.

Yes, some people are not obese and do the protocol. But they are doing it to stop the problem before it gets out of control. Call it preventative medicine, if you will.

This protocol slaps each one of us in the first 2 weeks. It shows us our emotional eating behaviors as well as teaches us that eating is not a past-time or recreational event. It also helps detox us from the chemicals & sugars we're addicted to. With the help of this forum, people are taught about healthy choices for their future.

This protocol is a cleansing of the mind and body. It re-sets a messed-up system to get back on track. The same way I take Armour Thyro meds ... to give my thyroid a rest to see if it will re-set on it's own. I take progesterone to help my hormones get in balance. I will also be going thru a NAET program to re-set my body's sensitivities to foods before they become a worse allergy. And, since I have 2 autoimmune diseases (one with no real treatment I am willing to go thru) I will probably start taking low dose naltrexone that has shown to re-set a messed up immune system.

I see the hcg protocol the same way. Yes, we whoot & cheer & make it look like an 'easy fix' of our abnormal fat problem. But really, it is a DEEP & DIFFICULT thing to go thru. A lot of willpower and tears goes into each pound lost. Each person emerges a different person as they deal with past traumas and fears as they lose each pound.

And the best part about this protocol.. nobody.. NOBODY is making millions of dollars on people's abnormal fat loss. All the other programs out there are backed by money greed, if you want to get down to the truth of it. The 'diet industry' is billion dollars large and they teach their own ideas of losing weight. Because their food will then need to be eaten or their exercise program needs to be followed to be successful. As long as we are still fat and still wanting to lose it, THEY will be making money. They really don't want us to lose. Look at Oprah or Kirstey Alley..... their programs do NOT work to deal with the root of their problem. They are putting a bandaid on a broken leg.. and then jumping on a trampoline. More damage gets done.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

shot myself in the foot today

sigh.. I deviated last night late at TGI Friday's (I ate some ice cream)... and paid the price today.. up a pound.. 163...

I was good today, but ended up shooting myself in the foot. I ate strawberries to curb my hunger and wound up not eating any protein. We had a birthday party to go to & she was serving tacos.. I thought I would be able to eat the taco meat & lettuce but she added the re-fried beans to the meat as I suggested (to thicken the meat since she added too much water). so anyway, I realized what I did to myself as soon as she added the beans.. there went my food!! ugh! We got home too late to do anything about it.

so hopefully I'll be ok tomorrow. Surprisingly, I'm not very hungry.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

the Ball was a blast!


so here's me & hubby at the Ball. Our professional pics will be sent in the mail in a couple weeks and I'll post them when they come in.

The Ball was a blast & quite an emotional event for us. We miss it soooo much... sigh....

Hubby's basically at goal & his uniform was no longer too tight at his neck or anywhere else! Thank YOU hcg!! Here's a better pic of him...


he went from a tight 36 pants to a loose 32 (notice, he wore his belt UNDER his belly bulge so his belly was larger..). From 180 lbs down to 151 lbs. He's going to continue until all his abnormal fat is gone. We don't know what that weight will be but the symptoms will be similar to a body reacting to a 500 calorie diet.

I have finally lost inches overnight. I put my gown on for the Ball & the bodice was LOOSE! Thankfully my waist was tight enough to hold everything up or I'd have popped out of the top! LOL!

Of course the angle of the photo shows me looking pudgier than I do in real life, but that's ok. I've always taken bad pictures that make me look fatter than what real life shows....

So now my size 10 GAP pants are loose and baggy with this recent reduction. We both deviated yesterday & today, as to be expected at such an event. Hopefully it will pass quickly & hasn't thrown me into a stall/gain again. but with the recent loss.. I don't think that is the case.

I felt so confident at the Ball... I was glowing with joy. I can't believe how much excessive weight has changed me. Well.. Actually, getting the weight off has changed my personality. I was always shy & timid, but now (esp since my Boston trip) I feel strong & beautiful & confident! Esp each day that I am able to 'preen' without shame in front of the mirror. I am really considering buying a mirror for my bedroom instead of having to stand on a stool to see half of myself in the bathroom mirror....

...that would be amazing....