Thursday, October 9, 2008

ups & downs

Sigh... finally able to update my blog! I've been dealing with a severe attack of pain this past week and had to spend time at the docs to try to get things straightened out.
I had stepped down off a stool just hard enough to throw my hip 'out' which threw my whole spine out, causing some thorasic ribs to be 'out' and rotated. Thus, causing a severely stiff neck. which caused constant headache, causing me to be downright irritable! The weekend was spent in Detroit doing final cleanup of our double-wide and to say last good-byes to the place that has been a financial burden in our backside for many years.

During the week I went up 2 pounds. ugh. Now the major part of the flare is down to functioning level, I am back down to 165.2.

The Marine Corps Birthday Ball is scheduled Nov 1st. So that gives me 23 days to get some more fat off! I am getting GEEKED!! A little scared because right now I've got such loose fat, I seem more fat than I am. If that makes any sense. Everything is jiggling & dunlapping over... very gross to see 'jello' on me! But the happy news is I can fit (tightly) a couple formals I had in Highschool. My bosom is just too big. So I'm hoping my backfat will be down enough to fit a gown nicely for the Ball.

Hubby is considering doing another round to get a bit more off so he fits his uniform even better. He's also noticed he feels better while on protocol! Energy-wise & IBS issues too. So I'm thinking he's dealing with some allergies while off protocol. Time to go to a doc & find out! My food allergy tests are in, but the doc hasn't talked to me about them yet. She works with another doc that has a method of getting rid of those allergies/sensitivities, which I am excited to know about.

Sorry for being MIA. I forget about everyone that is following my blog! I feel blessed to have so many interested in my journey! I am so used to being a nobody that I have forgotten about you all. For that, please forgive me!

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