Friday, October 31, 2008

strawberries are my lifesaver!

Just wanted to post this out there before I forgot. My body LOVES strawberries. I seem to lose better & have less issues with cravings & deviations! I realized today that I started protocol during strawberry picking season & I did very well my first round.

These last could of months have been apple season and ... well.... I've not done well at all. Hunger all the time & I had a lot of cravings.

So I stopped the apples & decided to spend the $$ on strawberries and I can go ALL day without eating much! YES!!

I've noticed there are others on the hcgjourney group that have the same thing happening to them. Some people are the opposite.. can eat apples but not strawberries.

Some cannot eat beef 2x a day & some cannot eat cabbage & lose. It's such a unique journey it's hard to know unless you write down what you are eating & how you feel after & how well your losses are in general.

I spent a wonderful afternoon with my 3 daughters at the mall today. I had to use my cane to save my hip for tomorrow. I remember last winter doing the same. Even though I didn't hurt the whole day, if I didn't use my cane & had to do a lot of walking, esp days in a row.. it would make my hip flare much worse & for longer. So when I use the cane & give it a break, I don't do as much damage.

It is very embarrassing to be 34 years old walking with a cane though. But I've got a good rhythm and can usually walk a fast pace with it ... that is until one of the kids cuts me off! LOL! Then they get 'caned'! LOL! I found a nice pair of black satin strappy shoes for $19! Whoot for the sale! And a little black clutch purse for %5 that will fit my camera, gloves, face powder & lipstick. And I broke down and bought a lipstick that will last for 15 hours and (FINALLY) in a color that looks good. Sadly, it was ..eeek...$25. But I've bought so many other colors & brands at the store only to get it home & say .... YUCK! or have it wear off as soon as I take a drink of water. So I guess the money I saved on all the other things, I used up on lipstick!

Tomorrow I pack the kids to a sitter & get my nails before we drive out to Lansing for the Ball. Here's our schedule of events:

1500 : get to hotel
1800 : Cocktail starts
1850 : Seated
1900 : Ceremony begins
1945 : Diner served

Then dancing the night away in my Gunny's arms!!

So that's my blurb for this evening. I'm sure you really don't want to hear all about my shopping & Ball planning.. but that's ok. Welcome to my life! LOL! It must be somewhat interesting because I get a LOT of hits each day! WOOOHOOO!!

Thanks for tuning in! Have a blessed weekend!

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