Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm saying good-bye to 165!!

ok.. ((still whispering here.....)) I'm down to 162.0 today....yeahhh!! shhhh.. don't tell my body yet.... we'll speak it outloud when I get to 45 lbs lost, ok?? I'm happy to be farther away from the 165 number that my body wanted to stall out on... sheesh....

I'm very happy to be out of that horrid stall! Finally I am (shhh) 40 lbs down and am anxious to see the new 'century' within DAYS!! Oh my goodness!! I'm in what is known on the group as virgin territory!! I haven't seen these numbers for a loooooong time.


Hubby is down 1.4 from yesterday.... 153.8-152.4
I am down 1.0 from yesterday ....... 163.0 - 162.0

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