Friday, October 31, 2008

goose egg

I'm the same today.. 162.0
Hubby is down 151.8

Today is the final shopping for the Ball tomorrow!! Gotta find a lipstick and maybe black shoes. I have silver ones hoping to find silver gloves.

If I don't get the black shoes I will not wear the ivory gloves. I tried on the gown with gloves & with the 2 wraps. Hubby & I agree that matching the gown with the wrap looked better than matching the gloves with the wrap. Initially in my mind I thought to match the gloves, but since it is a strapless gown, it was too much of one color on top & bottom. The wrap matching my gown looked very put-together.

I also need to get a little purse. And then I'm done. Nails will be done tomorrow before we head to the hotel. We arrive in Lansing at 3 & I'm not really sure what time the dinner begins.. gotta call the Master Sergeant and find out!

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