Wednesday, October 22, 2008


AARRGGHH!!!! I'm still going up & down.... 165.5, 164.6, 165.2, 164.4......sheesh! you'd think I'd be over this already. Not sure why, really. I stopped my hormone cream end of last week thinking maybe that was doing something.

Maybe my fall-season flare-up is contributing to this problem.
Probably the chronic constipation contributes..

Mostly it may be from the fact I started daily tanning sessions to get my skin glowing for the ball. I'm using bronzer lotion on my arms, chest & back since that is all that will be showing. I looked at the ingredients & am very surprised that there is NO mineral oil in it! All natural oils, which could be causing these issues.

I'm ok with the weight issues in trade for a glow! I got a package of unlimited sessions for 2 weeks for $19.99! I'm not a coniseur of tanning, but I felt that was a great deal.

Oh the trials & tribulations... sigh... but I KNOW this... I'm SOOO happy for This hCG protocol!

My squishy fat is starting to tighten. My belly looks like a war-zone with all the stretch marks dealing with the loss of fat! LOL! Looks like vertical wrinkles on my lower belly! LOL! I'm happy to see them look like that because that means the fat is decreasing.

So I feel like crap today ... there's stress abounding in the house...laundry is piling up.... kids are not wanting to clean their messes.... concentration on school is nearly impossible... I've got pain and fatigue.... I feel like getting a dairy queen! I guess I'll gather the ingredients to make a strawberry slushie instead.

I found that eating apples makes me hungrier than normal. Strawberries stop my hunger all day.

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