Wednesday, October 29, 2008

40 lbs lost today!!whoot whoot!!

Shhhhh.. I don't want my body to know I've lost 40 lbs today... Last time I hit .4 away from the 40 lb mark & celebrated, all heck broke loose & it took me almost 3 months to recover!!

I believe I've finally passed thru this stalling point and have been able to get used to becoming thin and can finally push on to weightloss again because I DESERVE IT!

Yesterday I went to the store to get some thigh-high panyhose for the Ball and was SHOCKED to read that I could buy the S/M size!!! I got weapy eyed when I read the sizing chart! I'm still in a dream-like fog about this whole thing and it seems like a dream come true. Normally only crappy things ever seem to happen to me, so I am so very excited about this immense blessing that has come my way!

The immense jiggle I was dealing with earlier this month is starting to go away and tighten up. YES! I also saw a picture my 3 yo son had taken of me on the computer & was stunned to actually see a decent image of me! Normally my upper arms are so huge all I can see is their fat... this time I saw ...gulp... regular-sized arms!! That really put a smile on my face!

Today I need to get to work and make the wraps and try on the gown again to see if I need to take it in and raise the hem..... 3 days left.... squeeeee!!

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