Monday, October 20, 2008

11 days until the Ball!

Well, my losses haven't been what I had hoped for. But I know something is changing because the gown may need to be taken in already. The only things I have left to do is get a small purse, make a wrap, get the hotel booked, and work on obtaining a better tan without getting burned.

I have wobbled btwn 165 and 164 all week. Up & down. I had a few days of taking a LOT of vitamin C to deal with an oncoming cold and got it stopped immediately. But I think the supplement caused me the slight yo-yo effect. Plus last week I overdid the magnesium and had effects for 2-3 days. Then I dealt this whole weekend.. Fri - Sun with amazing growling hunger. I felt like my gut was trying to digest itself! I spent most of the weekend at the malls to finish shopping for the Ball and spent time with a friend so hubby could finish laying down the parkay wood floor in our dining room & hallway. Had to keep the munchkins busy and out of the way.

I'm noticing that my skin is tightening up a bit and the jiggle is less. Hurray! Good thing to see happening.

Today I am at 164.6
Hubby is at 155.6

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