Friday, October 31, 2008

strawberries are my lifesaver!

Just wanted to post this out there before I forgot. My body LOVES strawberries. I seem to lose better & have less issues with cravings & deviations! I realized today that I started protocol during strawberry picking season & I did very well my first round.

These last could of months have been apple season and ... well.... I've not done well at all. Hunger all the time & I had a lot of cravings.

So I stopped the apples & decided to spend the $$ on strawberries and I can go ALL day without eating much! YES!!

I've noticed there are others on the hcgjourney group that have the same thing happening to them. Some people are the opposite.. can eat apples but not strawberries.

Some cannot eat beef 2x a day & some cannot eat cabbage & lose. It's such a unique journey it's hard to know unless you write down what you are eating & how you feel after & how well your losses are in general.

I spent a wonderful afternoon with my 3 daughters at the mall today. I had to use my cane to save my hip for tomorrow. I remember last winter doing the same. Even though I didn't hurt the whole day, if I didn't use my cane & had to do a lot of walking, esp days in a row.. it would make my hip flare much worse & for longer. So when I use the cane & give it a break, I don't do as much damage.

It is very embarrassing to be 34 years old walking with a cane though. But I've got a good rhythm and can usually walk a fast pace with it ... that is until one of the kids cuts me off! LOL! Then they get 'caned'! LOL! I found a nice pair of black satin strappy shoes for $19! Whoot for the sale! And a little black clutch purse for %5 that will fit my camera, gloves, face powder & lipstick. And I broke down and bought a lipstick that will last for 15 hours and (FINALLY) in a color that looks good. Sadly, it was ..eeek...$25. But I've bought so many other colors & brands at the store only to get it home & say .... YUCK! or have it wear off as soon as I take a drink of water. So I guess the money I saved on all the other things, I used up on lipstick!

Tomorrow I pack the kids to a sitter & get my nails before we drive out to Lansing for the Ball. Here's our schedule of events:

1500 : get to hotel
1800 : Cocktail starts
1850 : Seated
1900 : Ceremony begins
1945 : Diner served

Then dancing the night away in my Gunny's arms!!

So that's my blurb for this evening. I'm sure you really don't want to hear all about my shopping & Ball planning.. but that's ok. Welcome to my life! LOL! It must be somewhat interesting because I get a LOT of hits each day! WOOOHOOO!!

Thanks for tuning in! Have a blessed weekend!

goose egg

I'm the same today.. 162.0
Hubby is down 151.8

Today is the final shopping for the Ball tomorrow!! Gotta find a lipstick and maybe black shoes. I have silver ones hoping to find silver gloves.

If I don't get the black shoes I will not wear the ivory gloves. I tried on the gown with gloves & with the 2 wraps. Hubby & I agree that matching the gown with the wrap looked better than matching the gloves with the wrap. Initially in my mind I thought to match the gloves, but since it is a strapless gown, it was too much of one color on top & bottom. The wrap matching my gown looked very put-together.

I also need to get a little purse. And then I'm done. Nails will be done tomorrow before we head to the hotel. We arrive in Lansing at 3 & I'm not really sure what time the dinner begins.. gotta call the Master Sergeant and find out!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm saying good-bye to 165!!

ok.. ((still whispering here.....)) I'm down to 162.0 today....yeahhh!! shhhh.. don't tell my body yet.... we'll speak it outloud when I get to 45 lbs lost, ok?? I'm happy to be farther away from the 165 number that my body wanted to stall out on... sheesh....

I'm very happy to be out of that horrid stall! Finally I am (shhh) 40 lbs down and am anxious to see the new 'century' within DAYS!! Oh my goodness!! I'm in what is known on the group as virgin territory!! I haven't seen these numbers for a loooooong time.


Hubby is down 1.4 from yesterday.... 153.8-152.4
I am down 1.0 from yesterday ....... 163.0 - 162.0

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

40 lbs lost today!!whoot whoot!!

Shhhhh.. I don't want my body to know I've lost 40 lbs today... Last time I hit .4 away from the 40 lb mark & celebrated, all heck broke loose & it took me almost 3 months to recover!!

I believe I've finally passed thru this stalling point and have been able to get used to becoming thin and can finally push on to weightloss again because I DESERVE IT!

Yesterday I went to the store to get some thigh-high panyhose for the Ball and was SHOCKED to read that I could buy the S/M size!!! I got weapy eyed when I read the sizing chart! I'm still in a dream-like fog about this whole thing and it seems like a dream come true. Normally only crappy things ever seem to happen to me, so I am so very excited about this immense blessing that has come my way!

The immense jiggle I was dealing with earlier this month is starting to go away and tighten up. YES! I also saw a picture my 3 yo son had taken of me on the computer & was stunned to actually see a decent image of me! Normally my upper arms are so huge all I can see is their fat... this time I saw ...gulp... regular-sized arms!! That really put a smile on my face!

Today I need to get to work and make the wraps and try on the gown again to see if I need to take it in and raise the hem..... 3 days left.... squeeeee!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

down again

My stats: 164.4
hubby's: 153.2

I'm slightly depressed at all my allergies.. but it is helping me keep from the small deviations & from even wanting to deviate. All I have to think is.... that is TOXIC for my body & I can't eat it because of that. Wow.. the power of my mind!

My dilemma that I need some imput on.. I"ll see if I can post a poll...

My gown is a dark navy blue.. my gloves are ivory. Do I match my wrap with my gown or my gloves?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Food allergy/sensitivities

I got the results for my food sensitivities lab back today and here are my results... makes sense since several of the foods I've been eating are on this list & I've not been losing... (eggs, cottage cheese, tomaoto as well as nuts on my off hcg days)

Foods I MUST avoid:

chicken eggs
cottage cheese
peanut butter

Anything containing gluten


green olive

black walnut
sesame seed

soy (tamari)
soy sauce

coconut oil
peanut oil
walnut oil
safflower oil
sesame oil

alcoholic beverages
fermented beverages
black tea
tomato juice
coconut milk
cashew milk

beet sugar
cane sugar
baker's yeast
brewer's yeast

sadly, many of these foods are things I really like. My options left are not many of my enjoyable ones... like....grapefruit, scallop, shrimp, celery, eggplant, ......

sigh. But all on the last 2 groupings are because of candida... which makes sense. I've got a script to kill Klebisellia & one to kill candida and we'll see what happens from there!

I loaded back on hcg yesterday & am still in a big flare I didn't get on the scale today. I also started TOM yesterday as well, which causes a lot of bloating for me.

I should start to do really well on protocol now that I cannot eat anything! LOL!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Break time

I'm on day 3 of no hcg. I've decided to take a mini-break to give myself a..... well ... a break! LOL! I have been very frustrated and needed this. I think I may start vlcd tomorrow with hcg. I've been eating a lot of fats these past 3 days... cheese, nuts, cream cheese-pumpkin-pie smoothie (oh YUM!!) Surprisingly I have not eaten much. But that is to be expected on the first days, sometimes a whole week after getting off hcg. I suppose it is from the stomach used to only small amts of food at a time for a long period.
Well, I'm off to show another gal how to get started on protocol so I need to cut off this post. TTYL!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


AARRGGHH!!!! I'm still going up & down.... 165.5, 164.6, 165.2, 164.4......sheesh! you'd think I'd be over this already. Not sure why, really. I stopped my hormone cream end of last week thinking maybe that was doing something.

Maybe my fall-season flare-up is contributing to this problem.
Probably the chronic constipation contributes..

Mostly it may be from the fact I started daily tanning sessions to get my skin glowing for the ball. I'm using bronzer lotion on my arms, chest & back since that is all that will be showing. I looked at the ingredients & am very surprised that there is NO mineral oil in it! All natural oils, which could be causing these issues.

I'm ok with the weight issues in trade for a glow! I got a package of unlimited sessions for 2 weeks for $19.99! I'm not a coniseur of tanning, but I felt that was a great deal.

Oh the trials & tribulations... sigh... but I KNOW this... I'm SOOO happy for This hCG protocol!

My squishy fat is starting to tighten. My belly looks like a war-zone with all the stretch marks dealing with the loss of fat! LOL! Looks like vertical wrinkles on my lower belly! LOL! I'm happy to see them look like that because that means the fat is decreasing.

So I feel like crap today ... there's stress abounding in the house...laundry is piling up.... kids are not wanting to clean their messes.... concentration on school is nearly impossible... I've got pain and fatigue.... I feel like getting a dairy queen! I guess I'll gather the ingredients to make a strawberry slushie instead.

I found that eating apples makes me hungrier than normal. Strawberries stop my hunger all day.

Monday, October 20, 2008

11 days until the Ball!

Well, my losses haven't been what I had hoped for. But I know something is changing because the gown may need to be taken in already. The only things I have left to do is get a small purse, make a wrap, get the hotel booked, and work on obtaining a better tan without getting burned.

I have wobbled btwn 165 and 164 all week. Up & down. I had a few days of taking a LOT of vitamin C to deal with an oncoming cold and got it stopped immediately. But I think the supplement caused me the slight yo-yo effect. Plus last week I overdid the magnesium and had effects for 2-3 days. Then I dealt this whole weekend.. Fri - Sun with amazing growling hunger. I felt like my gut was trying to digest itself! I spent most of the weekend at the malls to finish shopping for the Ball and spent time with a friend so hubby could finish laying down the parkay wood floor in our dining room & hallway. Had to keep the munchkins busy and out of the way.

I'm noticing that my skin is tightening up a bit and the jiggle is less. Hurray! Good thing to see happening.

Today I am at 164.6
Hubby is at 155.6

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

another day

today I am the same: 164.4
today hubby went up .2: 167.0

He overate calories yesterday, forgetting the portion size of protein and all that is allowed on protocol. It sometimes takes a few days to get back into the swing of things.

I am going thru constipation (still) & ovulation and HOPE & PRAY that I will see 163 tomorrow!!!! I have waited & waited & struggled to get back to the 163's!! That is my official 40 lbs lost mark.

I canned a bushel of apples into applesauce & apple pie slices. One bushel to go. I may wait a few days to get this joint pain down more from the activity & weather changes.

My friend & I are planning to go gown shopping on Thursday morning. YIKES! Ball is sooooooooo close! 17 days away!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

hubby has started protocol

Hubby has started protocol again. We believe this will be his last round. Today he wore a size 32 waist pants. He started at a tight 36! I'm amazed at the transformations even thru his last break. His 'jowels' are decreasing and his fine jawline is strong again! WOOHOOO! We have 18 days until The Ball......!!

Going out with my friend tomorrow a couple hours to look for a gown. I did an egg day today to see if I could push my body a little faster. We'll see what happens in the morning~


I went up a pound on Sunday, but then back down a pound today... I'm hoping it's all part of the yo-yo that happens before a big drop.... I am constipated too. Took a huge dose of magnesium last night with little effect.....

164.4 today...again.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

ups & downs

Sigh... finally able to update my blog! I've been dealing with a severe attack of pain this past week and had to spend time at the docs to try to get things straightened out.
I had stepped down off a stool just hard enough to throw my hip 'out' which threw my whole spine out, causing some thorasic ribs to be 'out' and rotated. Thus, causing a severely stiff neck. which caused constant headache, causing me to be downright irritable! The weekend was spent in Detroit doing final cleanup of our double-wide and to say last good-byes to the place that has been a financial burden in our backside for many years.

During the week I went up 2 pounds. ugh. Now the major part of the flare is down to functioning level, I am back down to 165.2.

The Marine Corps Birthday Ball is scheduled Nov 1st. So that gives me 23 days to get some more fat off! I am getting GEEKED!! A little scared because right now I've got such loose fat, I seem more fat than I am. If that makes any sense. Everything is jiggling & dunlapping over... very gross to see 'jello' on me! But the happy news is I can fit (tightly) a couple formals I had in Highschool. My bosom is just too big. So I'm hoping my backfat will be down enough to fit a gown nicely for the Ball.

Hubby is considering doing another round to get a bit more off so he fits his uniform even better. He's also noticed he feels better while on protocol! Energy-wise & IBS issues too. So I'm thinking he's dealing with some allergies while off protocol. Time to go to a doc & find out! My food allergy tests are in, but the doc hasn't talked to me about them yet. She works with another doc that has a method of getting rid of those allergies/sensitivities, which I am excited to know about.

Sorry for being MIA. I forget about everyone that is following my blog! I feel blessed to have so many interested in my journey! I am so used to being a nobody that I have forgotten about you all. For that, please forgive me!